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  1. that's my vikram bha jeeeeeeee... hes the best magician in the whole wide world.. i seen it in real life! hes the.. MAGIC MAN!!
  2. but then uptej kaur (Hadd-Torr Singh) is in town.. and everybody is so excited.. because she is the hottest and cuttest actor in the world.. but the only thing that is wrong is in order to hire her you have to pay half a billion dollars!!!!..and that is how much the studio gave to japnaam singh so they have a huge decision to make...
  3. i have never heard of that be4... why arent we allowed to tuck our kirpans in? we still have it on us.. :lol:
  4. when my brother went to school he talked with the principal.. and they allowed it.. because it was for religious reasons.. i dont know exactly want happened.. but he was allowed to.. then after.. everytime i went to the same school.. the prinicpal changed.. so then we never told the new one.. but some of the teachers still knew about it.. and they wouldnt mind.. at our school.. there are world religion classes.. and they teach about sikhism in them.. so some people kno a lil bit about.. even tho they dont teach that much .. but they still kno a lil bit
  5. yes.. my smagam buddy is from london, england and gupat singhni .. is GUPAT.. we cannot disclose details concerning her parentage ( btw.. OBVIOUSLY her daddy is Guru Gobind Singh Jee.. like mine, but the person that raised her will remain gupat :wub: )
  6. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Kee Fateh!! meet my smagam buddy!.. the first pic :wub: :wub: :TH: :awesome and in the other pic.. its me, my smagam buddy, and my sis because she was feeling left out :nihungsmile: ) so come on and post your smagam buddy pics.. lets see if he/she is as cool as mine :D now people.. only 1 smagam buddy per person Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji kee Fateh!!
  7. not ur bhen jee? ur gonna make me cry now veer jee :D @ :| :wub: :'(
  8. hello... some ppl have school.. *cough* sonofgurugobindsinghji *cough* be a bit considerate!
  9. waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji kee fateh!! i hope everybody can make it to the smagam.. guru kirpa naal! soo.. COME AND GET SOME LAHA!!! Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji kee Fateh!!!!!
  10. i asked someone who lives in sacramento.. and they said that was a figi gurudwara.. full of monae
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