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  1. I have been hearing the same stuff for almost 10 years, learn about options and if your so scared
  2. Honestly to all of you missed out on the stock market boom, it's so easy to fall into hysteria and paranoia.
  3. Honestly if I didn't know, I don't think anyone in my generation gives a <banned word filter activated> either. Your probably in your 20s, so I'll let you in a little secret. Life is such a short ride, people don't really care what caste mayo was, he did something. Dissing jatts or anyone and saying their this that, won't help you succeed either. Not sure why the admins allow a post to diss jatts so easily.
  4. Honestly, not sure what your event talking about, rajputs are a minoeity, I'm talking less than 5 percent in BC if we want to get caste based. Honestly I think mayo Singh was ramghariyaa anyways so not sure what your talking about. I worked with his grandson in Victoria.
  5. Honestly a lot of bad parenting, kalyug da samaa
  6. Fair enough to the people who are saying that I have cowed, honestly I have been successful at work and in life through the grace of Waheguru. The only reason I went to India to get married was my folks knew I wanted to keep my roots, I really valued Sikhism as a kid, and hence my sister thought this one girl that someone recommended would be the right person. The girl has no akaal, wont talk to anyone, sits around watching bollywood movies, and honestly the reason I haven't kicked her out was the shame it would bring to my parents and to myself, going around Guru Granth Sahiab. For some people, laavan is just a 'khel', and to a lot of the brothers out there, I would honestly discourage you from going to India. I think the culture has completely changed and for a lot of the kids, here, who were raised by hard working parents and had good values. Anyways, appreciate everyones comments. All I can say is when you are married to the wrong person, it really messes up your life, gurbani has been literally the only thing that has kept me mentally alive and can't stress that enough to people, that when your marrying someone, sometimes its literally a coin toss, its easy to laugh at someone's misfortune, or say your better, but when it happens to you, you realize no one will help you or can help you WJKK WJKF - mods if you dont mind lockign this post.
  7. Thank you veerji for posting this, I can honestly say I want no one man to go what I have gone in the last 3 years. I was very fortunate that I had very good hard working parents. You are incredibly right, I think this is the way to go. I appreciate your help, I honestly don't know who to turn to.
  8. Veerji, My wife won't do any housework, she does'nt work. She doesn't respect my parents or grandparents. My parents were like, she will change, her parents aren't any help. She has been a cheraal ever since she got to Canada. I honestly put two hands folded to anyone, dont ever find someone in india, be single, dont make the mistake I did. I am from a wealthy family, if I could I would have been able to get married. I dont' drink, smoke, I have good values. I have 1 child on the way, my wife has threatened to leave me several times, I sometimes smile and ask to God, why I was chosen with this person. I have kept praying to God, never losing faith, but feel saddened why I can't leave her. There's days where I have thought of going mental, because I am living in this hell. The only reason I wont' leave her is I did lavan infront of Guru Granth Sahiab. I know for some, it's a just a play, but I took it very seriously.
  9. Dear Sangat Ji, I have been married for about 5 years and have become quite different from when I was single. I constantly have a wife who bickers with me, and fights with me to the point of where I have lost all meaning in my life. I m unable to think striaght, barely keeping my job and sometimes wonder where I went wrong. I had a very simple life, and I dont blame God, but I wonder why I ended up with this partner.
  10. I would stop capitalism, and let people find love and explore what they would love to do. i would stop world hunger.
  11. Any thoughts on sending children to the Khalsa School in Old Yale Road? I have heard that the level of instruction has gone downhill signficantly at the school.
  12. Honestly, the "Nihang Singh" should have never married the kurri. Poor thing is just a lost soul, some of us go into religion to find meaning in our lives and then we meet people who turn us away from it or push us down the wrong path. I married a nutter, and honestly some days, I feel Sikhism is the only thing that keeps me mentally sane, you marry the wrong person, life becomes a living hell and drudgery.
  13. I hope Soorma Singh reads my post, I think he is super awesome. I am 35 year old man from Canada and honestly feel he is an awesome dude, learning a completely new relgiion/language is the upmost respect from me. Love you man.
  14. I saw with it my own eyes. It was a stall that said "love for all .. hatred for none" .,they had books on the life of Mohammed and had 3 Muslim old uncle's with topis on. I was in a car accident about 2 months and honestly stayed at the Nagar kietan for like 1 hour. It was the Delta mosque in tillsbury road. I really regret not approaching them, but he'll there was a brahmkumari stall as well on 128th. I
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