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  1. VJKK VJKF, All the Basics of Sikhi Parchariks were present at the meeting in Birmingham on Friday 5th Dec. The working group of 7 people is currently chaired by Daas Jagraj Singh. Its main focus is Satkaar of SGGSji, Parchar and Gurdwara reform. I've been involved in doing the paperwork to get consultations with Sikh Council for a long term solution in the UK. In terms of Katha, this was the main topic of discussion at Karam Gurdwara Katha, Park Avenue Katha and The Why Guru Course. The compilation video of these three is being edited but was delayed as we're growing and have new people to
  2. VJKK VJKF, Sangat ji, as you have all ready said, this was all Kirpa of Guruji and Guru ki Sangat ji. We were just going about doing our parchar and the muslims guys started to approach our Singhs and questioning them. They were already aware of our "Street Parchar" and also previously they had made a "whitewash" video condemning the grooming which had also criticised as it just defended Islam rather than dealt with the issue. They approached us, they had questions and obviously we didn't want to look like we didn;t want to deal with this. As you saw, they did pick their best man or may
  3. No bro, thats an obvious one... We know a lot will end up wherever, so never do we plan to put any Gurmukhi Gurbani on the leaflets...
  4. we have locks so only those with the key can open it...and because there are "Asank Chor" who will nick everything not bolted down bro!! Try living in Southall! On a more serious note, this made me think about Bhai Gurdaas ji and how people question his explanation of "Vaheguru" Gurmantar Hai.. maybe we need this key to open the invisible locks around "What is Naam"?
  5. VJKKVJKF Bhaji, I've not got any plans for India at all. I plan on focusing on West. If the Indian Sikhs get inspired by Sikhi then they can get on with replicating the Parchar. We're making the "3 facts leaflet" in Hindi and other European Languages. It just needs people to get them printed from our website, hand them out and talk through them. We definitely need the Sangats support as we haven't raised enough to cover ourselves for this year. The link to donate is http://www.everythings13.org/donate and you can use either paypal or "virgingiving (like just giving). Kirpa ji
  6. VJKKVJKF, a friend made me aware of this discussion as I'm away in Canada. Thanks ji for all the kind words in support. We started street parchar as a "Lets just try it and see". tbh, we have much better conversations when the camera is not on and also when its not in someones face. So our filming technique needs work. Less than half of people agree to be filmed so the sangat on youtube only get to see a portion of what we do in street parchar. Some of the best conversations are not on the camera but its those conversations that keep us motivated to keep going. The purpose of the videos is to
  7. Thanks Gupunknown, - brother Palarmux, my first advice would be to have a look at our youtube channel and see if many of your questions are already answered on there. Dont worry too much about your actions (although its good to give up alcohol etc) but focus more on learning and getting to understand Gurbani (the Guru's words). We have gone through an english explanation of the very first prayer all Sikhs should read every day, the Japji Sahib. Go through that. Good luck to you and you can join our facebook group (Basicsof.sikhi) for more info. Sat Sri Akaal
  8. VJKKVJKF, Our new project is called "Sikhi Awareness For Everyone (SAFE)". Its talking to the average person on the street about Sikhi, without the intention to convert, but to raise awareness about Guruji's message. We've made this leaflet called, "3 Facts about Sikhi" and are talking people through them. There are other leaflets planned too. Here are some videos ji, sangat who wish to support us by sponsoring printing material etc can do so at British Couple Learn about Sikhi My favourite one - British women praise Sikhi HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED: (1) Sponsor leaflets and Parcha
  9. With Guru Sahib’s and Sangat’s kirpa, Basics of Sikhi was invited to Calgary, Canada to do katha and deliver our One day course called, “Re-Assessing the Fundamentals – Vaheguru, Guru and You” on Sunday 17th March 2pm-7pm. More than 100 youth and elders attended the course, which was in English and designed build up from core concepts. All the talks from the pilot One Day Course are already on .The talks were: (1) What is Vaheguru? (2) What is Guru? (3) What is a Sikh? (4) The Breadth and Depth of Sikhi (5) The science of connecting to Vaheguru (6) How to unite as a Panth? (7) How could
  10. VJKKVJKF Dass has been asked to speak on this show, dont know if they will call though. We are currently going through the SIkh Rehit Maryada at Park Ave Gurdwara every Sunday at 6pm. The Maryada is very clear on this issue and its a shame that very few people actually read it or talk about it. The English katha will be addressing this point and will be uploaded to youtube at http://www.youtube.com/basicsofsikhi
  11. Vaheguru, Just an idea. How about talking about Actions vs Reactions...Guruji teaches us how to act but also how to react to the world... so dual training Kaam Krodh Lob Moh Ahankaar vs Sat Santokh Daya Dharam and Khema
  12. VJKKVJKF, Sangat ji, Our 12 topic intro to Sikhi course has started to be launched on-line. The 12 topics are: (1) Why Nanak? (2) What is “naam simram”? How do we merge with the One? (3) Guru Angad to Guru Arjan. How did Sikhi develop? (4) Guru Arjan’s martyrdom to Guru Hargobind Sahib. Did Sikhi change? (5) What is inside the Guru Granth Sahib? (6) Guru Tegh Bahadur and the early life of Guru Gobind Rai (7) What is the Khalsa? (8) History of the Khalsa from 1700 to 1850. (9) What is Raag Kirtan? (10) Sikhs under the British and the Singh Sabha Movement. (11) 1947 to 1984 – Was it indepen
  13. A great movie, I loved it and shared it, even more poignant when I learnt it was based on KPS Gill. But I do think that overall, KPS Gill has a fat bank balance and a cushy life planned for himself in India. Him and all the other <banned word filter activated> of 1984 and since. Hoping for regret from them after they benefitted in every way from sucking the blood of our panth is a waste, they need delivering to Gurus darbar.
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