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  1. @N30S1NGH, thanks bhaisahib, glad you liked that one, that one defo needs more views. Have you seen this one? ts not from Gurbani per se, but more of a personal observation...its made when I frist started out making videos so ignore the cheesy effects and graphics..gurkirpa I'm learning on the job
  2. Thanks Unbreakable, here's our latest video. We are looking to step Basics of Sikhi up to the next level, systematically doing parchar at all major universities and Gurdwaras via the WhyGuru Course and other talks. Its all explained in the below
  3. I post here a poem copied from http://sikhanonymous.wordpress.com/page/2/ Its called "Rhyme on Cause and Vision" (more like a rhyme on division) Blinded by a blurring of Vision, the Panth stumbled and created divisions. Rebellious lions roaring without a cause, Ready to strike brothers with sharp claws, We never stopped to pause, Check if this deal was raw. Is this the Real Sikhi Vision? For which shaheeds died and others are in prison, When we do ardaas, do we stop to listen? Or do the words robotically flow like television, Raj Karega Khalsa, isn’t that our mission? Propelled by Vaheguru Fission, Heavenly Bani that we listen, Defeating tyrants with precision. Bringing Heaven to earth, our Cause, Singhs and Kaurs, We’ll change gravity’s laws, The lowly will stand tall, “Great’ empires will fall, Khalsa will rule all, The world will applaud, Freedom, Justice, Equality, and Peace Y’all What we waiting for?
  4. Bhaisahib someone like Jathedaar Balwant Singh Rajoana is an inspiration. They say than imitation is the best form of flattery. So we should imitate gursikhs like Bhai Rajoana who have given their all for the panth and are strong like mountains yet full of love, and through following them, we can also imitate our Guru. Guru sahib bless his beloved Panth to walk His Walk, read HIS words and Feel His Love
  5. VJKKVJKF Have a look at our youtube channel, we made a playlist purely called "Questions for Sikhs" where we answer such things.. Here is a four part series about why Guru Nanak Dev ji was not a muslim
  6. Ji, I'm really just a parrot and very uneducated which is why its called basics of Sikhi. i listen to katha by people like Maskeen ji and Bhai Sukhraj Singh from leeds, books like Professor Puran Singh, and of course Baba Wikipedia and SikhiWiki. Gurusahib's hukamnamas from SGGS, and also the sangat of Southall do massive kirpa by giving me tips and what little I know about politics and philosophy from my degree and reading also helps. I came from a background of not knowing Sikhi but learning western philosophy, but also being quite a usual southall lad, so can relate to the youth and the basics
  7. Sadh Sangat ji, two latest video on how our channel works and also how people across the world can make use of the materials on it If sangat wish to support us in Plan BE13, please see http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/charities/everythings13 VjKK VJkF
  8. vjkkvjkf bhenji, for Katha in English you can try our channel.. as Jasdeep said above, we''re going through Japji sahib right now, also check out English Katha by "Bhai Sukha Singh" and also the youtube channel "SikhInspiration" by Bhai Sukhraj SIngh www.youtube.com/sikhinspiration Also, the Late Bhai Parminder Singh from Guru Nanak Academy in Canada did amazing katha.
  9. I've known Sukha Singh for a long time, first met him 11 years ago. Whatever things we do, if there is one thing we can be sure of, is that Vaheguru is all powerful and all forgiving. Thats why paapis like me are able to come into his sharan. Guruji bless Sukha Singh with seva and simran and all of us too, please help by sharing his videos
  10. Hi there, if you are interested in learning more, please have a look at our youtube channel for videos in english about Sikhi http://www.youtube.com/basicsofsikhi
  11. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh, Sangat ji, this video is a response to www.sikhoutreach.org which is a Christian Missionary website aiming to convert Sikhs. This is not in itself what concerned us, but what did sicken us was the way that they twisted and misrepresented Gurbani in order to convince simple minded folk about Christianity. A Path of Truth should always seek to speak its own truth and not denigrate others using false statements. The claims they make are that Guru Nanak is a sinner whilst Jesus is free of sin. Anyone who has even read the Sikh scriptures at all will see the praise of Guru repeated throughout. This video is an excerpt from the Japji Sahib Katha sessions on our channel, specifically Pauri 26 where we addressed this claim. We have emailed www.sikhoutreach.org but not heard back from them. As is made clear from the video, the aim of this video is not to incite hate or violence towards the founders of that website but to educate Sikhs about an appropriate response to someone making such an argument to malign any of our Gurus. Please use your energy to help us spread the message of Sikhi rather than attack that website. Someone with strong roots and knowledge of Gurbani will never fall for such a flawed argument. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh
  12. Vaheguru ji ki Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh, @Singh559, thanks ji for your promoting the videos, I've never used SikhSangat.com before. As most people are aware, our youth dont have many resources, expecially not advertising budgets. The Gurdwaras who hold our panths golak wont even put up posters or make annoucements, let alone help us financially. This is why every Sikh should share parchar, by any jathebandi or none, becuase in Kalyug, people need all the help they can. Social media is only useful if people share. Our latest video is about an interesting shabad by Guru Ram Das ji about whether we should be like sheep or lions and our true potential on this path. seva parvaan karni ji, Vaheguru ji ki Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh
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