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  1. Agreed, i'm not saying its an easy test to do but I know a few people that have done it and some of them are not the most educated but they all passed first time. http://www.lifeintheuktest.gov.uk/htmlsite/self2_20.html They all got the handbook and said all the questions in the book are the ones covered in the test. just do a 3 month english course, get certifcate , bang thas it. wjkk wjkf ji. or go to hounslow>>>>>get one certificate there and then.
  2. There is no mystery pyareo, God is you, You are God. We all form the same light and meditation will take towards your Guru until this life is over and you again merge with that light. We are a jot, we confuse the outer us. Wahe guru....
  3. I used to start topics like this a while back, interestingly it still such a big issue so many months later. As a bibi with huge brows and a few facial hair, more boyish looking than anything else really, gota say my singh is truly a singh, a gursikh of Guru ji. Guru ji has you in his thoughts no matter what you thinking and he'll see you're ok always. Do your simran............ Leave the rest to Him.
  4. 28 and proud ji, waheguru waheguru waheguru......
  5. Check Out > http://www.mathcats.com/explore/agecalculator. Waheguru i have even more less time to do simran Mine: 338 months old 1467 weeks olds 10270 days old 246480 hours old 1478847 minutes old!! Waheguru waheguru, lets not waste precious minutes whether working, resting or playing.
  6. yeh, il try the truth definately, :D ...i'l do ardas first! I'l let u know if i can go by end of week, till then any1 have more suggestions till 2mow do add em.
  7. Okay issue, please any1 reply quick. Iam going india sept this year for my bro's wedding. I told my boss at work that i can only work till sept 13 cause thats when uni starts but actually goin india. BUT i love this holiday job and the boss given it to me permanently part time during uni. Now prob is i havent told him cause i dont wana lose the job. He been on holiday in Thailand last week and not back yet. i need to go to get my injection done this friday. My co worker syas it'll be cool jus tell him, but me scared. What to do? He's back tomorow, how shud I tell him, what do I say, how
  8. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh ji Early mornings 5am to 7am, go right upstairs to the small room in the corner, very very chardikla naam simran happening. Weekday evenings , amrriage hall singhs, elders doing naam simran, and if you don't find them there go towards the stairs area, you'll find someone japping naam. Waheguru mehr rakhan sangat theh...... WAHE GURU.
  9. waheguru fateh ji, these days havelock gurdwara in major chardikla, come mariage hall in evenings and you'll get the atmosphere where young sikhs and elders all jap naam together for hours .....and then do sukasan together and mornings too....its unmissable basically WAHEGRUU...
  10. Benti to all members, Please focus ONLY on your voice soing the simran Waheguru waheguru jaap, That ois a very important point Other focuses of images etc etc is not going to be reach higher avastha My reference: Akath Katha (Bhai Sahib Ajit Singh) Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  11. Waheguru fateh What i do is smile, look at them but take nothing in. Try it, you'll soon get the practis eof it. You can not obviously avoid the world, take the world on in your stride. If you think its gona affect you then do above, do amritvela and try to get darshan of Guru Granth sahib ji b4 you go to work. Maan jeeteh jag jeet
  12. penji, basically we trying to kill our furneh > thoughts When we think bout random stuff we wasting our swas kunjee....breathe to do waheguru, our job is to luth that kajana...... the treasure of our father and grandfather, see shabad in SGGS JI When we save our swas and use em in naam simran whatever we may be doing at the time at work etc, we doing a truly good thing..... Waheguru ji
  13. Be happy It telling you you'll meet your maker soon one day WaheGuru...
  14. Concentrate and worry more about your simran and avastha, the banis will come and with added pyar and concentration, firstly build that pyar with swas swas simran, keep simran sangat
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