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  1. I Really Am A Loner.... woowwww! Challo Vaheguru Bhalla Karan.
  2. Saadh Sangat.....we all want sadh sangat to move forward and share thoughts and veechar with. True that Sadh Sangat exists when we go the darbar in Gurdvara Sahib and the connection is awesome..No Doubt! But then?? I personally have no sangat around me who I can 'hang out' with. I went camp to make friends ..well...lets just say no one cared to know me. Walking around often I find fatehs excahnged if ones lucky, a half smile and most of the time a complete walk by and blank. Chalo it could be to do with my karams in past life that I being in London!...lol..... .........Still don't seem to find sangat! Do you know though even when these thoughts occur and nothing comes of them I quite happily exist on my own and in Chardkala.....hmmmm.....so what was the point of this post ...Me Such A Fool....LOLLLLL!
  3. Vahegurooooooo ji...... The Sukhamani Sahib paath was amazing....and kirtan too. Everyone who helped out. Most of the singh pajees were friends of bro Jeevan and my cousins bro's Gurpreet and Balraj singh Thanx especially my cousin singhnia who did the screen seva setting up :TH: And a shout OuT to Pritpal, my nephew who lives in Warwickshire...Stay In Chardikala Always little Dude! Here is one photo from the programme..check rest of em on my blog
  4. I always republish it and it says 100% done but why isnt anything else being shown?? damn..im soo sad! coz now it looks like january will go by too with noon seeing the hardwork i did in updates......breathe vahegurooooo....... chalo maybe its for the best...until it does get sorted
  5. thanx balait paaji... ive emailed them before and again 2 days ago..but no reply as of yet.....don't know whats goin on.. yeh and thanx for lonk..seen b4 don't help me what to do... chalo koi na..il just keep blogging..maybe it'll work out (and she wishes. )!
  6. admin...wherre arre juuu?...lolll seriously man i love writing for my blog and its being wasted if none can view anything except december...Pleeease any 1 help me out...eternally greatful to that person
  7. Vaheguroo jeeeee. problem bloggering.. when I enter site only december is showing ...none of the january or february posts..although i can view the updated blog, when making new posts...Don't know if anyone else can see it..My friend has been online and she says she can only see decemeber?!!! @ Its getting tiresome, cause Im blogging and only I can view.. ....!
  8. Two of the most beutiful singhnia i've ever seen....Vahegurooo....may they always remain chardikalaa We need more inspiring youth, especially singhnia/kaurs like Gurpal and Rupjit...RESPECT :TH:
  10. ahahhahahhahahahhahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahahahhha ...................lol...breathe! hHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...... Damn!!!!!!!!!!! funniest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO TOPIC STARTER SINGH !!!
  11. awww...lol..... sure jee the more sangat the better We're at Norwood Green sscom. If ur serious (raj pajee.....loll) then sure Guru kirpa karan to help us takecare and do some seva of sangat jee well. Just will need to let the folks know bout the turn up..hhehe ...im sure they'll be very happy..vahegurooo karan such sangat is hard to find. KhalsaFateh.
  12. Youth Kirtan Darbar last night was A M AAAzingggg!!!! Vaheguroo..so many sangats darshan.....Guru kirpa karan the programmes get more and more bigger! rsingh pajee i did feel a flash in front of my eyes...hope u didnt get a funny one of me....Lollllllllllll.........I forgot my digicam at home.. ..so have told sangat to check out your guys sites on my blog to see em.....But we guna have em and audios here so koool!! Can't wait for nx smagam.....!!!!!!!!!!! vaheguroooo jee.
  13. Vahegurooo jee sangat, Me and Bro will like to invite all sangat to Sukhmani Sahib jee paath and kirtan at our house on Sunday 5th Feb Anyone who'd like to come please PM us and we can sort out details...address etc.. if we're not allowed to mail there then meet us in Gurdvara any time in week and can sort out there. Come down and take laha. The more Guru ki sangat the better! Vahegurujika KHALSA Vahegurujiki FATEH! From Deep Kaur and Jeevan Singh
  14. will me be allowed to start off with simran as usual....hey pajee...... .......I have a different one practised for saturday..... and bump!!!!!!!
  15. Vahegurooo.... .... btw im here to check my email from Gurpreet...lol! You know how hard me is studying
  16. penji with all due respect many of us don't eat out and are very careful about what and from whom we purchase our food. Whats the need of going to restaurants...unless you assist in making the food??.....make your english or panjabi meals at home...and when you go Gurudwara Sahib Guru ji's wonderful langar has always been there....yummmy!
  17. Thas Wickedddd pajee....Cant wait for Saturdayyyy....WooHoo!!!!!
  18. No offence Kandola...If you wanted help with 'such' a coursework why not ask on a site other than a sikhi site..... Abit weird!!!
  19. I was about to reply to this paji..... but Mehtab Pajee (take a bow) youve already answered evrything with such pyar..lol. Only thing I will add is Khalsa Mero Roop Ha Khaas khalsa Meh Huan Karo Niwaas Guru Ji would never say that without meaning it..and then say chalo chalo koi naa (never mind) ladies you do what you want..don't be like me!?! See the word/shabad 'khaas' (special, different, distinct)...means we are not meant to look like everyone around us, the day you do look like others.....Think, I'm no longer the Khalsa Guru ji wanted me to be. When people stare at you with awe, respect, shock, questions, even horribly......Then realise>> I am the Khalsa! Vahegurooooo...! Bhul maafs..
  20. Sorry bout whats happening to your friend penji.... There may underlying issues why she's chosen this way...Media another influence with those super skinny kinda weird looking models/actresses, attracting boys...maybe someone made a horrible comment to her which made her self esteem go down. Try and talk to someone elder who may be in better position to explain to your friend that she needs to ask for help and/or eat a balanced and full diet. Vaheguroooo....hope it goes well penji for your friend...
  21. Toall my penji's and paaji's who feel when they will meet their partner (to myself too) lets not forget the bigger picture and not lose our real aim....marriage is and will happen in His hukum...the time of it only Guru ji knows..we must learn to accept and live in His Will....until that time and not go off in search of love or marriage...our true love is Vaheguru and Our soul marriage will be to the Lord Vahguru too. Gristhii jeevan will come to those who are predestined And/Or Who do enough Bani and simran for a Gursikhi jeevan which Includes a married life. This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 339 gauVI ] gourree || Gauree: mweI moih Avru n jwinE AwnwnW ] maaee mohi avar n jaaniou aanaanaa(n) || O mother, I do not know any other, except Him. isv snkwid jwsu gun gwvih qwsu bsih mory pRwnwnW ] rhwau ] siv sanakaadh jaas gun gaavehi thaas basehi morae praanaanaa(n) || rehaao || My breath of life resides in Him, whose praises are sung by Shiva and Sanak and so many others. ||Pause|| ihrdy pRgwsu igAwn gur gMimq ggn mMfl mih iDAwnwnW ] hiradhae pragaas giaan gur ga(n)mith gagan ma(n)ddal mehi dhhiaanaanaa(n) || My heart is illuminated by spiritual wisdom; meeting the Guru, I meditate in the Sky of the Tenth Gate. ibKY rog BY bMDn Bwgy mn inj Gir suKu jwnwnw ]1] bikhai rog bhai ba(n)dhhan bhaagae man nij ghar sukh jaanaanaa ||1|| The diseases of corruption, fear and bondage have run away; my mind has come to know peace in its own true home. ||1|| eyk sumiq riq jwin mwin pRB dUsr mnih n Awnwnw ] eaek sumath rath jaan maan prabh dhoosar manehi n aanaanaa || Imbued with a balanced single-mindedness, I know and obey God; nothing else enters my mind. cMdn bwsu Bey mn bwsn iqAwig GitE AiBmwnwnw ]2] cha(n)dhan baas bheae man baasan thiaag ghattiou abhimaanaanaa ||2|| My mind has become fragrant with the scent of sandalwood; I have renounced egotistical selfishness and conceit. ||2|| jo jn gwie iDAwie jsu Twkur qwsu pRBU hY QwnwnW ] jo jan gaae dhhiaae jas t(h)aakur thaas prabhoo hai thhaanaanaa(n) || That humble being, who sings and meditates on the Praises of his Lord and Master, is the dwelling-place of God. iqh bf Bwg bisE min jw kY krm pRDwn mQwnwnw ]3] thih badd bhaag basiou man jaa kai karam pradhhaan mathhaanaanaa ||3|| He is blessed with great good fortune; the Lord abides in his mind. Good karma radiates from his forehead. ||3|| kwit skiq isv shju pRgwisE eykY eyk smwnwnw ] kaatt sakath siv sehaj pragaasiou eaekai eaek samaanaanaa || I have broken the bonds of Maya; the intuitive peace and poise of Shiva has dawned within me, and I am merged in oneness with the One. kih kbIr gur Byit mhw suK BRmq rhy mnu mwnwnW ]4]23]74] kehi kabeer gur bhaett mehaa sukh bhramath rehae man maanaanaa(n) ||4||23||74|| Says Kabeer, meeting the Guru, I have found absolute peace. My mind has ceased its wanderings; I am happy. ||4||23||74|| This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 253 sloku ] salok || Shalok: kuMt cwir dh idis BRmy krm ikriq kI ryK ] ku(n)tt chaar dheh dhis bhramae karam kirath kee raekh || He wanders around in the four quarters and in the ten directions, according to the dictates of his karma. sUK dUK mukiq join nwnk iliKE lyK ]1] sookh dhookh mukath jon naanak likhiou laekh ||1|| Pleasure and pain, liberation and reincarnation, O Nanak, come according to one's pre-ordained destiny. ||1||
  22. I got 3....Mannnn Im sooo Boring and Normal kooollll post...I wonder how that happens...weird!
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