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  1. I found dozens of names which start with R here http://www.babynology.com/sikh_babynames.html
  2. Name creates an Identity and stuck in whole life with the person. I don't think if baby name is as father name. You should think again and take some help of baby names websites http://www.babynology.com Hope it will help you out.
  3. Girls: Harveen Nayana Jasmeet / Jasneet Nimrit Simar Raveena Boy: Taran Aman Gagan Jaspreet Manjeet Jagmeet Preetam For more names and meaning, go for Babynology.com
  4. What are the basic differences between sikh names and punjabi names. I found a website for sikh names and punjabi names http://www.babynology.com/sikh_babynames.html http://www.babynology.com/Punjabi_babynames.html Please share your thoughts here.
  5. This is the indication that you will not be happy with him in the future. Before any mishappening you should quit your relationship with him. Its really not easy for you but for teh better future of your and him, end the relationship. As you mentioned here, you have tried many times to resolve problems but any positive progress.
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