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  1. My mom has end stage cancer and doctors said there is no hope but we are giving her herbal medicine from a place in india and alottt of dying people got better from there. If you want give me your email address I can give you their phone number and most of the time they can mail the meds to your address. And it is said as soon as it goes in the mouth it starts working. Alot of people benefited from them. My mom is actually feeling better since she started her medicine from there. May waheguru bless your mom with a long life.
  2. If someone took amrit and is very sick that that person doesn't have much time left to live and can't do nitnem, or follow other rehat, is it forgivable by our guru?
  3. Waheguru Ji blessed us with a baby girl and by hukumnama the letter for her name we got is "d". Can you guys suggest us with a nice, new and unique name for her. Thank you
  4. by giving amrit I meant the amrit we drink at home, where we do path we have placed an utensil of water that is always there and after we finish doing path we drink it and give to other family members. I know the real amrit cant be done without 5 pyaare. and yes I agree waheguru wont be the first word for the baby to hear at that time but atleast we ll be satisfied that waheguru was the first word he or she heard from us because we will be teaching our baby everything after that time so why don't we start with waheguru. or waheguru ji da khalsa waheguru jee di fateh.
  5. Actually before I got pregnant me and my husband wanted to name our baby after a shaheed in Sikh history , and when I got pregnant i was always attached emotionally to that name we picked at that time . we wanted to name our baby after a shaheed so we can teach him/her about the sacrifices Sikhs has done and if we name our baby after them we want them to feel there is a responsibility for them towards the shaheed and gurus. we are thinking when our baby is here the first words he or she will hear from us will be waheguru and we want to put 5 drops of amrit in baby's mouth even before the milk.then before bringing baby home from hospital we want to take our baby to gurudwara. But would it be ok to pick a name and we ll do ardaas before we announce the name to anyone and then get hukumnama.
  6. By hoping for a baby from waheguru when one is not getting pregnant or concieving , are nt we wishing that someone hadnt remember waheguru in past lives and come to this world when we should be hoping that everyone remembers god and do no have to take birth again ? Please help me with this confusion. Are we being selfish ?
  7. If i read nitnem as it is written in gutka sahib and doesn't understand it but if I read the translation in English I understand and enjoy it more. Like nitnem. And now I wanted to sehaj paath for the first time and wanted to ask, would it be same if I just read the translation in English. Please advice.
  8. Can you guys please post any stories that brought you closer to waheguru that can inspire others too please share with us. I was amazed to see that starting this year I have seen so many people becoming gursikhs and I want to become gursikh also. Anything that you think will make me go closer to waheguru please share. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.
  9. How is your sister doing now? Send me your email address if you like I ll send you the number of the doctor my mother has been Seeing and she is feeling a lot better already she had advanced stage cancer and there was no cure for it. More than the doctor our ardass helped her I will definitely do ardass for your sister but that doctor is really good just talk to him once and tell about your sister 's condition. Other people with advanced cancer started to feel the change. And yes that video gurbani ke Kautak is very inspiring and my mother tries to do Simran like that Too. My father has visited thier camp for my mom and he liked It a lot.
  10. My mother has cancer too and she is stage 4. She is in pain most of the time. She cries in pain in night and during the day. I can't see her in pain. Her chemotherapy started but doctors are not giving much hope. But I know and have confidence in waheguru that he will make her cancer free and she will have a long life and will live with us for long time. We heard a lot of stories of other people who took herbal medicines and those meds have made their cancer go away. We are hoping same for my mom. Waheguru te bharosa hai. Same goes for you and your sister. Trust waheguru as he will take care of her as well. Waheguru sache pita apne bachea de ser te kripa parea hath rakh te sare dukh door karo. Waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru.
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