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  1. This thread is getting weirder and weirder.
  2. This thread is very childish singhs who wear turbans have nothing but love for other singhs who wear turbans man........and the same goes for women who wear turbans.....we dont sit around bloody thinkin about weird topics like this man...people need to grow up!
  3. Its not the turban that makes the man/woman, its the man/woman who makes the turban :nihungsmile:
  4. when i used to trim - people thought i didnt know anything about sikhi when i kept my beard - people thought i knew EVERYTHING about sikhi lesson: people are a bunch of bandars dont worry about what people think of you care MORE about what Guru Ji thinks of you and your actions :nihungsmile:
  5. i said majority , so how is that generalising , learn how to read b4 u get ur fake gunz in a twist. I DID apologise or is it that YOU cant read............... lololol i knw i only read it after i replyed , ignore my post init bruv, safe. sorry
  6. i said majority , so how is that generalising , learn how to read b4 u get ur fake gunz in a twist. I DID apologise or is it that YOU cant read...............
  7. 1. I never sed you were naive, im speaking on general terms 2. cant you point out where in the above posts that a user sed something along the lines of what u are indicating......................"ALL sangat are showoffs or auditioning for brothels" 3. Anger is the worst of the panj chor so u shud'nt let such trivial things get to u veer G, accept the things that u cant change or control as hukam and be happy ps.. edit accept EVERYTHING as hukam and be happy :cool: I get your point, sorry if i offended you or anyone else...........you have a knack for calming me down
  8. calm down go grab urself a nice glass of cool lassi :cool: veer G no-one sed they were...........but at the same time it would be very niave to deny that some sangat come gurdwara thinking its a fashion show rather than paying respects to Guru Jee but hey............its all hukam........................ listen im not naive i know what goes on and yes there are men and women who act like they dont care with a serious attitude problem..men showing off their latest designer trim beard and women showing off their latest dresses BUT what annoys me is the generalisation going on here, its seriously annoying........anyway if these people go to the gurdwara think of it as an opportunity to educate them instead of giving them looks and talking behind their back...........gossiping in gurdwara's also p!sses me off! the problem is that we lack the skills to teach our own!
  9. Not EVERY sikh girl dresses like a prostitute and not EVERY sikh guy is a coward so stop bloody generalising!
  10. What............The....................F@&$ is going on man........you know i would expect a thread like this to be like 10 pages long init!!!!
  11. :cool: :lol: :D :D :D :D :<Edited>: :<Edited>: :<Edited>:
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