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  1. Give him a round of applause Who gives a cr ap if sikh or not. Perv is Perv and should be punished, whether in Fiji or jigsaw Singhs house
  2. Just saying that singh can be of different religion. Hope you understand
  3. This singh is from Fiji Just saying https://hif.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vijay_Singh_(Golfer) An Indo-Fijian following Hindu religion, Singh was born in Lautoka, Fiji and grew up in Nadi. A resident of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, he is known for his meticulous preparation, often staying at the range hours before and after his tournament rounds, working on his game. Not saying sikhs can do no wrong though, only recent cases show this
  4. Interesting article http://fitlife.tv/the-amazing-health-benefits-of-juicing-raw-cannabis-marijuana-leaves/
  5. Thank you for your blessings. This person will definitely be getting a thundering readdressing. Dhanvaad for replying, I don't think many others are to bothered about the issue, its shocking! Thank you for your blessings.
  6. Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh Sangat ij I want to bring to your attention the ever growing problem of the caste system not only among punjabi people as a whole but from those who call themselves Amritdhari We are looking for a partner for our relative who comes from an amritdhari family just as we are and we often getting asked our caste and then rejected. I will post a email conversation up that I had recently speaking with a relative of a potential partner. In it the family member says 'we are amritdhari but looking for jatt' I'd like sangats views
  7. Vaheguru Any chance of getting the recoding from today?
  8. Only spoke to him on the phone. Why don't he go to dera?
  9. Terming the incident unfortunate, Lt Col SS Sohi (retd), president of the Ex-Servicemen Grievance Cell, said, "The army fights for the nation, not for a religion or caste. Soldiers like Lt Gen Dyal are rare." Yes the above is true but what about General Shabheg Singh who fought for the country as well and lead India to win the war against Bangladesh. Was he not worthy of respect, did they not think of his achievements while they were removing his scalp and torturing him to death. Shameful
  10. Vaheguru Could smeone please tell me how i can get some money to bhai rajaona or his parvaar? Thanks
  11. Is he doing katha a Ramgharia slough? Seen it on sikh channel ?
  12. Does anyone know someone who could translate these into English? If so get on the case and get them all done Then lets get them reposted?
  13. Does anyone have a link to the Kirtan Sohilla/Sukhasan from Sikh Channel. Its sung beautifully. Its not the Bhai Jarnail Singh one as I have that
  14. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh Cyber sangat Jee Does anybody have full keertan audio of sevatothemax.com? Or even a substantial amount, please let me know...
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