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  1. So much Sangat is coming to the diwaans, even in the week days! The Hayes school programme had unprecedented numbers of Sangat arrive to listen to the Gurmat Parchaar - in the region of 40,000 plus!
  2. Very true. Bhai Bakshish Singh Jee was only recently arrested. Let us pray he remains in Chardhi Kalaa, as well as other lions like him who have been captured by the enemies of the nation.
  3. As Sangat will be aware, after the requests and Benthi done by the Singhs, Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Jee Dhadrianwale attended the 33rd Barsi of Brehamgyanee Sant Baba Kartar Singh Jee Bhindranwale this weekend on Saturday 21st August 2010 at Baba Sang Gurdwara, Smethwick. Please see the following short You Tube clip of the last few minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fM-OrqC38k Very good event!
  4. As Sangat will be aware, after the requests and Benthi done by the Singhs, Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Jee Dhadrianwale attended the 33rd Barsi of Brehamgyanee Sant Baba Kartar Singh Jee Bhindranwale this weekend on Saturday 21st August 2010 at Baba Sang Gurdwara, Smethwick. Please see the following short You Tube clip of the last few minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fM-OrqC38k Very good event!
  5. Dhaas understands this will be available to download from the internet soon over the next two weeks. As Sangat will be aware, after the requests and Benthi done by the Singhs, Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Jee Dhadrianwale attended the 33rd Barsi of Brehamgyanee Sant Baba Kartar Singh Jee Bhindranwale this weekend on Saturday 21st August 2010 at Baba Sang Gurdwara, Smethwick. Please see the following short You Tube clip of the last few minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fM-OrqC38k Very good event!
  6. This information is correct. It is confirmed that Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Jee Dhadrianwale will be in the UK for a very brief visit, staying only two nights. They will arrive around 1pm on Friday 20th August 2010, Birmingham International Airport, and leave on Sunday 22nd August 2010, evening time. They will hopefully endeavour to do two Gurmat Parchaar diwaans at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Well Lane, Wednesfield - the first at 7pm on Friday and the second at 12pm on Saturday. For further information, Sangat can contact Bhai Jaspal Singh on 07831 400 924 or Bhai Lakhjeet Singh on 07910 350 775 (or info@SantRanjitSinghJi.com).
  7. The Independent February 2, 2010 Census 2011: 'Heavy metal's not music. It's a religion' By Jerome Taylor, Religious Affairs Correspondent As next year's census nears, head-bangers are among the groups demanding special recognition The preparation for next year's census is in full swing, but the jostling and politicking about who and what will be counted in the population survey is already causing serious headaches. This time next year, every adult in England and Wales will receive a questionnaire for what is expected to be the longest and most detailed census ever conducted. Costing £500m, it will paint a precise portrait of who and what makes up our nation - which is why a litany of special interest groups, from the serious to the absurd, are agitating for their vision of what the form should look like and which questions should be asked. Sikh groups, for instance, want to be recognised as an individual race and not just a religion. And at the sillier end of the spectrum, heavy metal enthusiasts have begun an online campaign to get their head-banging music genre recognised as a religion. For analysts at the Office for National Statistics (ONS), meeting everyone's aspirations will be all but impossible. A population census has been carried out in Great Britain every 10 years since 1801, except for 1941, during the Second World War. As the cultural and ethnic make-up of the country changed, so did the questions. Following devolution, separate surveys were carried out in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In 1991, citizens in England and Wales were asked for the first time to describe their ethnic origin, with 16 options including a catch-all "other" box for those whose races were not included. Ten years later, respondents were asked their religious affiliation. But not everyone is happy with the way race has been categorised. People of Middle Eastern, Latin American or South-east Asian origin, for instance, have to tick the "other" box. This week, the Sikh Federation will urge the ONS to include Sikhs as an individual race, after their community won a High Court battle in the 1980s to be officially recognised as a race under British law. Jagtar Singh, a federation member, said the request was more than just a point of principle. "Information taken from the census is used by 40,000 government bodies to work out where resources should go and how they can be allocated," he said. "If Sikhs are missed off in 2011 we will have to wait yet another decade, perhaps longer, before we are properly recognised." The ONS has said that because of financial constraints it will only be adding two ethnicity boxes to the census. It has yet to state what these will be but a test questionnaire three years ago included the terms "Arab" and "Irish traveller/ gypsy", suggesting that Sikhs may miss out this time around. Mr Singh said: "We want Sikhs to be included for positive reasons but the Government looks set to collect data or Arabs and travellers to keep a closer eye on them." Opposition MPs believe the census will be too expensive and intrusive. The shadow Cabinet Office minister, Francis Maude, said last week: "How can a cost of £500m, which is double the cost of the last census, be justified at this time of fiscal crisis?" The Government hit back, saying a detailed census enabled future administrations to allocate money more efficiently, adding £700m to the economy. Others will no doubt use the census to cause mischief. In 2001, an online campaign launched by Star Wars fans encouraged people to list their religion as "Jedi" so that it had to be officially recognised. Parliament quickly changed the law - but not before 390,000 "Jedi" adherents signed up. This year, social networking sites could throw another spanner in the works at the ONS. A Facebook group asking for heavy metal to be made a religion has attracted 14,000 members in two weeks. "It's not meant to offend anyone. It's just a bit of fun," said Alexander Milas, editor of Metal Hammer magazine. "But then again, maybe we are trying to make a point." Source: http://www.independe...on-1886350.html
  8. This is a direct challenge to the well-established authority of Sree Akaal Thakat Saahib Jee, and therefore, a challenge to the Khalsa Panth.
  9. Also see reminder in the following topic: http://www.sikhsanga...live-programme/
  10. All Sikhs (especially in the UK) should watch the live programme to be aired on The Sikh Channel (Sky 840) tonight at 7.30pm (UK Time). The special report for the UK Census 2011 has now been released and is available on www.SikhFederation.com for download. It will be discussed during the special live programme on The Sikh Channel tonight.SPECIAL LIVE REPORT ON 2011 CENSUS The Sikh Channel Sky 840 7.30pm This is a reminder further to the following Press Release by the Sikh Federation (UK) in the topic
  11. Dhaas agrees. The new banner is very good. It should set a good precedent for future banners, as well as for other websites.
  12. Joginder Sawney (as well as his wife), and his "Rozana Spokesman" newspaper are one of the main media platforms for the anti-Panthic agencies to propagate their distorted views in Panjab. Joginder Sawney was excommunicated from the Khalsa Panth many years ago.
  13. You will be very safe to assume it is indeed likely to take place on Sunday 6th June 2010.
  14. In recent weeks a number of Sikh organisations have issued statements to oppose changes to the Nanakshahi Calendar. The Sikh Federation (UK) wanted changes to the Calendar. There has been criticism of the Calendar since its introduction. The Sikh Federation (UK) wanted changes to bring an end to the criticism and restore Panthic unity, but maintain the separate Nanakshahi Calendar for the Sikh Nation. We have therefore applauded the decision. We have expressed our concerns to the time taken to reach a consensus decision and the methods used to make the final decision. This shows the whole system needs to be reformed. But one thing is for certain ordinary Sikhs have the utmost respect for the Akaal Takht as an institution so the amended Nanakshai Calendar will quickly become universally accepted. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Times of India are rumnning a story on the views of Sikhs in the Diaspora: Some of the questions posed are: Was the Sikh community of UK happy with the original format of NC implemented in 2003 at Damdama Sahib or the community wanted certain changes? Did the Sikhs living abroad sent their objections, if any , to SGPC or Akal Takht office? What are the major objections, if any? Are the changes made in NC acceptable to the Sikhs living abroad? Any dissatisfaction among community over the method adopted to make changes? Why there is so much hue and cry from various splinter Sikh groups who claims that none of the Sikh living abroad would accept the amendments? Which are the party, according to you, have political and vested interests? Is the controversy over now? The Times of India would like quotes from three to four Sikhs, young and old on the issue. Please email these to info@sikhfederation.com in the next 1 hour. This is a VERY GOOD move by Sikh Federation UK to support the long over due change in the calendar. Only the non established so-called "Sikh" organisations in UK will oppose this move (and go against Dasam Granth Sahib) like the gold medal vale kulwant dhesi and tarsem deol of the so-called two band group British Sikh Council, or punjabi singer award vala Manmohan Singh's one-man Dal Khalsa UK who are only good for giving out paper statements against Dasam Granth Sahib (and supporting punjabi singers lol). These rogue modern day scholar doubting type organisations are not part of SIKHS as they do not accept PURAATAN traditions but would much rather side with the views and people like the omlet eating nutty professor darshan and the kala afgana lobby type. http://www.sikhsanga...ends-of-akj-uk/ - It looks like AKJ UK have also joined the anti panthic groups (gone against the teachings of Brehgiani Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji) along with "Raghbir Singh, Avtar Singh Sanghera, Seva Singh Laali, Gurmej Singh Gill, Onkar Singh, Joga Singh, Kulwant Singh Dhesi, Balbir Singh, Tarlochan Singh, Rajinder Singh Purewal, Jaspal Singh Satvinder Singh, Nirmal Singh, Raghbir Singh, Je Pee Singh". This is TRULY a SAD day for UK SIKHS. To stay PANTHIC the Sikh Federation really really need to stay away from the above groups and people and Kuldip Singh Chaheru needs to clear his own stance as well which I will not bother to go into. I think a leading organisation like Sikh Federation UK in england also need to clear their stance by a press release (like they did with the calendar issue) on whether they are in support of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Dasam Granth Sahib BANI, and therefore the views of SANT BREHMGIANIS like SANT BABA JARNAIL SINGH JI BHINDRANWALE (or Sant Kartar Singh Ji or Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji or Sant Isher Singh Ji or Baba Nand Singh Ji, or even Sants of today like Dhadrianwale Sant and even the founder of AKJ Brehmgiani Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji) would they and all other REAL SIKH ORGANISATIONS rather follow these GURMUKHS OR would they rather follow modern day scholar missionary type doubters like the above and the the Kala Afghana lobby and professor chele lot! Keep up good work Sikh Fed uk! Dont fall for any pressure exerted by any of the above names people and organisations - stay independent and stay true to PURAATAN sikh traditions! (p.s. I dont think my English is good enough for any quotes you asked for above lollll?? Someone else??) In North America at the moment. Around 6 months ago or perhaps longer the Sikh Federation (UK) took out a full page advert (someone may wish to check Awaze Qaum and scan in) clearing its position and on its 100% support for the Dassam Granth and that it will not tolerate parchar against the Dassam Granth. Over 100 Sikh organisations and Gurdwaras from the USA, Canada and UK are taking out a large advert in Ajit in the next day or two before Ragi Darshan Singh is due to appear on 7 January 2010. Again the Sikh Federation (UK), youth organisations (e.g. BOSS, Kauragous, Young Sikhs UK) etc.) and associated Gurdwaras are taking the lead in the UK. Others are at best silent or worse going against the Akaal Takht as an institution - again the main issue appears to be the position on Dassam Granth. Can someone make clear if the 6 'organisations' that make up Federation of Sikh Organisations (FSO) have made their position clear. From the posts it appears AKJ (and Govt in Exile - Gurmej Singh Gill and Seva Singh Laali) and Dal Khalsa (Manmohan Singh) are against Dassam Granth, SFUK as an organisation 100% support the Dassam Granth - not sure about others - SAD (Mann), Council of Khalistan (Amrik Singh). This will highlight to the relevant youth the challenge SFUK face each year in the FSO - primarily re: June demo (turnout for 15 Aug and 26 Jan is usually low). The YOUTH need to come forward and recognise the reality of the situation. My own personal view based upon what I have read is the two co-ordinators of the FSO (Kuldip Singh Chaheru and Joga Singh) are using the FSO beyond the purpose it was craeted for - namely the 3 events - 26 Jan, 15 August and June demos. SFUK and the youth need to think long and hard on the stance they wish to take! Have met Singhs from AKJ (Canada) and AKJ (USA) - they seem to be at loggerheads with AKJ UK on this issue. The advert is now appearing in all the main Panjabi papers around the world. It is also on: http://www.ajitjalandhar.com/20100106/
  15. Known as 'Bapu Jee' in the Jatha, he was one of the Singh's from the Jatha who were shot and in hospital. If there are photos of the other Singh's, please post them here as well.
  16. Good points. So-called "Jathedhaars" like Swarnjit Singh are only good to make videos or write statements. They are the type who will be the first to run when the Panth will call for their service. Those weapons are only for show.
  17. All of these are agreeable rules that make perfect sense and are very much needed. They should be enforced with immediate effect.
  18. An EDM has been raised in Parliament about the Ludhiana Attack (Email your MP) YOUR URGENT ACTION IS REQUIRED NOW (UK) Marsha Singh MP has raised an Early Day Motion in the UK Houses of Parliament: http://edmi.parliame...010&SESSION=903 EDM - 440 :ATTACKS ON SIKHS IN LUDHIANA, PUNJAB That this House condemns the action of police and paramilitary forces in opening fire on a peaceful Sikh protest in Ludhiana, Punjab on 5 December 2009; notes that at least one Sikh was killed and many injured; calls on the Government to condemn this action and raise the issue with the Indian government; and asks the Indian government to launch an independent investigation into this appalling act. Many MPs will be leaving for their constituencies today or tomorrow so write to each of them straight away and request them to sign EDM 440. Using www.WriteToThem.com, those of you who have written to your MPs before can use the following standard letter: Please do this as soon as possible and those who are members of this forum may want to post any progress in this topic. Please also email any replies to info@SikhFederation.com. With your help we should be writing to over 100 MPs in the next 24 hours, although if all take action, then around 250 MPs will be targeted. Please feel free to send this message to other selected contacts around the country who you think will act on this within the next 24-hours. Thanking you in advance! Vaheguru Jee Kaa Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh!
  19. It was the Government of India who were the terrorists and released their terrorism on the nation, not the Sikhs.
  20. Keep up the good work, a huge number of MPs have been contacted in only a few days who have all given positive responses.
  21. This Sathkaarjog Singh came in the first Jatha from Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Saahib (Sant Dhadrianwale), the same Jatha in which Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh came to fight for the Khalsa Panth, and is now recovering well with Maharaaj Jee's Kirpa. His condition was very critical as not only was he shot, but also sustained serious injuries from the Police, even when he was unconscious. A full recovery will take time, but he is one of the last left in hospital and should be discharged in the near future if all goes well.
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