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  1. so with 1 convo with a 18 year old kid she manages to sum up that no injustices are happening to sikhs today in punjab. wat fantastic journalism. and sant ji turned against the govt because mark tully has sum stupid theory that the police burned his book of sermons, and the proof being that he mentions the govt burning our children which is supposed to be the sermons, thats the stupideist thing i ever heard in my life. how did that <banned word filter activated> come up with that? dnt these idiots think the nirankari attack with acid etc on sikh peaceful protestors were state police joined in and helped the nirankaris would have been a more plausable reason? there wernt even a mention off it. i knew it was gna be rubbish and it was. no real reference to the the sikh accusations that the govt picked that day to attack to maximise casualties, no reference to the number of civilians killed, no ref to the fact that govt officials were involved in organising pogroms. or any reference to the numbers killed. that coward sonia deol prob cut all that out so she wouldnt get in trouble with the indian authorities. i hope she never does call herself jasvinder kaur again.
  2. Theyl just end up talking rubbish about sant ji fortifying the akal takht etc, when the average person hears something like this they automatically think that the govt had the right or duty to go in, it ends up making the whole movement look like a terrorist movement. they never go into the details of what exactly led up to it or even talk about the message of sant ji. why dont the bbc ever do a documentary specifically on the delhi pogroms? or specifically on the dissapearances and fake encounters in punjab? they wont do this because then the average person will see exactly why sikhs took to arms and fought for independance. personally i think we shouldnt even be promoting this program because it will be the same as the others that the bbc have done i.e sant ji fortified the takht so the indian gov invaded and alot of people were massacared. that version puts blame on both sides and in some peoples eyes will make the sikhs and the khalistan movement look like terrorists. they would never do a program specifically on the delhi pogroms or on the fake encounters and dissapearences in punjab because then the average person would see why the sikhs fought.
  3. Lucknow, Dec 21 (IANS) Tension gripped Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district Monday as hundreds of Sikhs carried out violent protests over desecration of their holy scripture, police said. Agitated over the burning of the Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhs went berserk in the Fakarpur area in Bahraich, some 270 km from Lucknow, damaging public property, targeting vehicles and clashing with police. “Taking into account the violent protests, additional security has been deployed in Fakarpur and its adjoining areas,” Police Inspector Brijendra Singh told reporters in Bahraich. “The situation is tense but under control. We have already arrested three people, who have been charged with burning the holy book. Efforts are on to nab others, who were involved,” he added. According to police, a group of locals of the same village, who were having a land dispute with members of the Sikh community, burnt pages of the holy scripture outside a Sikh shrine Sunday night. The desecration was noticed by community members Monday morning. As the news of desecration spread, hundred of Sikhs converged at Fakarpur, demanding arrest of those involved in the incident. Read more: http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/uncategorized/tension-in-uttar-pradesh-town-after-desecration-at-sikh-shrine_100292702.html#ixzz0aLSFJWVs
  4. With the grace of Almighty God we intend to make a documentary on the Sikh Freedom Struggle. We intend to make a professionally made program and require the assistance of students or professionals in the field of media studies. Through Guru Grace we are in a position to pay for your services. Please contact me by PM ASAP if you think you can help us with this project.
  5. if funny how jassa english is sumtime not so good and sumtimes excellent. i wonder why?
  6. I heard there was some Gurmat Sangeet happening there, good to see youths promoting the cause! wat gurmat sangeet was this? and whats the cause?
  7. make a effort to come. its a good program
  8. why dont u join the british army or sumin? they will allow you to keep ur sikhi saroop
  9. that all sounds very nice and philosophical but its complete nonsense.
  10. did i say in that post that it matters? even tho it does but thats besides the point. i asked a straight forward question, if u havent got the answer to my question then dont reply! simple.

  12. Listen to his speeches. hear what he said to the people. wen u hear his message ul get to kno the person.
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