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  1. I personally think that if we are not in the age of marriage we shouldnt even think about it. It is because it is a vikaar to think about it and kind of makes our thinking go in those type of things. But yes, it is a procedure like parents talking and deciding. Being marriage definately has to do way more than being cool. It is more about where one is spiritually, understanding and similar goals.
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsaa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! This path, on which we all are on, has many many different and beautiful experiences. We do abheyaas not only to remember him, but to connect with him. This path is very long and as you know we progress through stages. Maharaj ji says eventually calling out Guru Guru, we become like him. But that, is obviously a higher awastha. First is rehet, then comes abheyaas. Abheyaas is when we can progress on this path in connecting with him. In the very beginning it is hard to control our minds, but with Guru ji's Kirpa it is possible. Then, when our mind quites the worldlly thoughts, the voice of our soul is heard. Maharaj ji says only when the mind is silenced, the voice of our soul (soul, which is already Guru roop and wants to experience Waheguru) is heard. With Guru ji's Kirpa, we are able to forget our bodies when we are connecting with him. It is the soul which connects with him, and when it does connects, no thought of worldly things(including body) is there. The reason why you breath quickly is because you are nervous. Many people experience this in the beginning. When you start to get nervous, remind yourself to let your soul go wherever it wants (to Waheguru). Nothing will happen to you, you are save in Guru ji's hands. Guru Sahib ji says if you want to play the game of love, step on this path with your head in your hand (don't try to use your common sense or opinon - give your head to Guru ji instead). And there is no need to stop simran and try to observe it. If you do this, obviously your dheyan on simran would stop. If Guru Sahib ji wants you to sit back and see something, he will himself make you see. Just continue to do simran and let go of worry of what is happening to u Keep on doing abheyaas, and ardaas. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  3. The definitions are what Guru ji provides. Gursikh, who gets up at amritvela, has rehet, does nitnem.
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!! I had a question I have been thinking about from long. I am just trying to figure out how should you really view people. Like if a person is a manmukh, are you suppose to give the same respect, love that you would give to a Gursikh? Guru Sahib ji says that Sab Gobind Hai, which means each and everything is God. So it makes sense that you have unconditional love for everything (not attachment), even for people who are not amritdharis. But on the other hand, there are so many times written in Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji that "Consider a person to be a corpse who does not remember God" or "Don't even look at the faces of people who don't have a Guru". This would mean there is high and low. But how does Guru ji really would want us to see? Sometimes, I would find myself thinking how wrong this person is because they do kurehet or wrong things and feel they are so off path (not in the way of looking down at them, just thinking generally). But sometimes, I think even manmukhs are manmukhs because they are walking of His Will. But how does Guru ji really wants us to see?
  5. You truly can't control anyone. If there are small things like his habits you don't like or his small small actions, you will have to accept them. No man can like if he is controlled. He accepts you with your good and bad and so should you! People who tell you to control your husband are wrong - don't listen to them. True relations aren't made by controlling and forcing. They are made by love and acceptance. But if there are more complex things about big decisions, then proper communication is very very important. You address your concerns and he will express his... then you both try to understand each other and each other's perspectives. And respect the differences! If it is about sikhi values... even then you can't control him. It's all Guru Sahib's play! If you want him to be a better sikhi... best thing you can do is to become a better sikh yourself so he can look up to you and see. Honestly, it truly works! Play Gurbani in your house.. do simran everyday including nitnem. Do ardaas every single day to ask for gursikhi in your house. Do seva! That is all you need to do. You inspire others with love, you can't control.
  6. I just know this site http://www.sikhnet.com/hukam
  7. Wow! Thank you for sharing! This is so awesome!
  8. These are really nice shabads with translations! I love them
  9. GurujisDaughter


    Bhenji, take a Hukamnama Sahib. Guru Sahib ji is the Biggest judge. And let him decide for you too. you are safe in His hands.
  10. Jaspreet, It is the time you should really think about yourself my dear I know you have been through alot and yaa you cann get trapped with this kind of liking. But really, now you have to understand that he can't give you anything. He is not meant for you. Say this to yourself and began to believe this. Because... you have 2 options - keep on thinking about him and live in sorrow or .. SEE THE TRUTH - he is NOT for you! Guru ji is for you! This is the truth. If you choose second option... wht you will gain is... your happiness , Guru ji's khushiya. I know it can be hard to move on and you have tried. But... you have to START TO accept this truth first. Only then you will be able to move on... Step back and see... Jaspreet, do you really think this should be a life death situation? (Althought I know you feel this way because you love him) . There are bigger things going on in life. Look at Devinder Singh ji's case or Balwant Singh Rajowana. THAT is a life- death situation. So.. know that even though this looks a BIG thing to you right now.. it actually is not going to be big once you ACCEPT it which would lead you to forget everything. By the guy's text message, it really looks like that he doesnt want to be what you want him to be. He is a Gursikh and wants to continue living that way, getting involved with such things will cause him a MAJOR distraction. So just let him do what he wants to do. Just forget it.
  11. Kiran Kaur, why dont you just take Amrit on next Amrit Sanchar! Just be strong and go to your grandpa and say.. this is what i want to do, and i am very serious about it. Don't just joke abou it, seriously talk to your family and then they might let you do! And tie a dastaar! Ask a Gursikh to teach you to tie it! There are many vedios on youtube too - type how to tie a dastaar. Do more and more naam simran and Ardaas. Dont worry about waxing LOL it does not bring you pleasure... it is all maya
  12. It is a true that if an Amritdhari does FULL nitnem, no black magic can ever effect them. It is truth. Start doing seva at Gurdwara, do Ardaas to Guru ji for protection, do full nitnem and start doing simran every single day (start from 5 min) Drugs and kaam is bad, you dont want to get near them. Know that these things are wrong and dont let them get near you
  13. I can understand how you might feel. All I can say is... it is really your choice. Who do YOU want to please? God or society. I know its easy saying then doing. Here in the west is worse. People say worse things and don't even recognize you are a sikh, but muslim. But.... Sikhs who have high love for Waheguru, God has also given them high power to deal with these. I am not saying tolerate it... Educate them, ignore them because you know what you are doing is actually right, not wrong. People who are strong in Sikhi have a REASONS to keep their hair. The reasons are Hukam of our Father Guru Gobind Singh ji, Dasam Dwaar, power of Hair in spiritually. We spend soo many lives pleasing people, but when will we start pleasing God who gives us love, food, family, clothing and everything! And one thing I can garunteeee you! A person, who is Amritdhari, does full Nitnem... dark maggic and NEVER approach him/her. It is a fact! I have seen many many incidents! Because the person has power of Gurbani, power of Waheguru... and no magic is abover then His power. This also tells you how much Gurbani has power, and how much power hair has... Gurbani says to keep our hair in many many places! You know Guru Sahib ji always says that in God's Court, the true and the false are separated out, while true Gursikhs go to Sanchkhand, false go to hell. Isnt it true in this world too? Even in this word... kaliyug.. only true once remain intact in sikhi, weak once go off path easily. Choice is yours brother You are from a very good family where Sikhi was blessed to you by birth, here we have to FIND it. Waheguru Ang Sang
  14. But you can get Rehet Mariyaada (things Panj Peyare say in Amrit Sanchaar) in english too. And there are many many english translations on net aswell. http://www.damdamitaksaal.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=80&Itemid=68 Try reading this. You can jump to next page by right hand side index
  15. Waheguru ji ka khalsaa Waheguru ji ki fateh! There is alot on internet about how to sit while doing Simran. What I would really say is... just sit with pyaar. Thats all you need to sit for doing Simran. You will yourself get to know how to sit as you do more and more Simran
  16. Western dresses mostly are not too decent. As far as I know, they show too much skin. Jeans covers your body well. That is just how I feel about it. But again, I do give my full respect to everyone. In my opinion, I have seen Amritdhari girls wear tight leggings which are pretty transparent. To me it just dosn't feel too right. If we dress in too designer clothing, your birtii gets diverted too. I don't know about others, but I have felt that. You start to concentrate too much on your clothes and start looking at people's clothes and start comparing. You can't really continue Naam Simran 24/7 as Guru Sahib hukams. About baana, I have friends who wear bana to university! I am not saying everyone should do that, just wanted to mention because that is so awesome! But I respect everybody!
  17. Oh no I don't say taking Amrit automatically makes you a Gursikh. By Manmukh, I referred to the definition Guru Sahib provides for. A person who constantly talks/desires for maya, driven by mind and keeps on trying to fulfill sensory organs. (Forgive me, by no means I mean I am better than anybody.) I meant if we keep the sangat of these people, what good are we taking from them for our own soul? Rather, take sangat of Gursikhs who talk about Guru, act as Guru says and live by Guru so that by associating with them, we might also get carried across!
  18. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsaa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! My dear sister, I can understand what you must be going through. I know you are aware that those things are not right, but it is hard for you to stop. If you want to stop everything, you have to become a strong singhni. You have to do lots and lots of naam simran, baani, alll the nitnem paath, ardaas to Maharaj ji. Once Guru ji does so much Kirpa, your surti will start to become more and more pure. Waheguru ji is the purest! His children start becoming like Him with more Naam Kamaai. Think about how much Karam you are making! Our karams are already soooo soooo much from so many previous life times! This is your life to kill all those karams and not make more karams! When we look at others and think about maya, we do keep on making karam. In Anand Sahib Guru Sahib says your eyes were not even made to see these things! They were made to see Waheguru ji! There is a saakhi, forgive me I dont properly remember. In the olden times there was a very "beautiful", proudy women. Everyone in te village used to look at her. But Kabir ji was the only pure one there. She would be very proud of her beauty and apply mascara on her eyes and go out. After a long time when she died, Kabir ji was passing and saw a skull in which the sockets where eyes are, were filled with ants. Kabir ji said that once this women used to put mascara in her eyes and on the same places now ants live here. It was something like that. In our generation, we are bombarded by images from adds, media so so much. Guys have wallpapers of cars on their laptops, women can't resist to look at model's posters again while passing somewhere. Try to recognize maya. If we do not know what is maya we keep doing wrong. Maya is all the model's picture we see, the tv dramas we see about relationships, even the non-khalsa colors we see! All our 5 sences are DRIVEN by maya... we take a second breath when smell some scent.. the songs we hear are wrong too. Once Mata Sulakhni ji came to Guru Nanak Dev ji and did not look too happy. She said all the women around her wear fancy clothes, but she only wears white suit. Guru Sahib ji said not to look at them, and stay in saadgi. It is all in our itihaas that Guru ji dosnt like all those decorations. So many time in Gurbani Guru ji mentions jewellery. You are Guru jis daughter, you have to listen to Guru ji. Do you think Mata Sahib Kaur ji wore make up? You should look like your Mata ji! Even thought we are born in such Kaliyug, Guru Sahib still keeps on doing soo soo much Kirpa! I know Gursikhs our age who do not many things because they have FELT that these indeed disturbs your soul alot... They don't watch TV ( Don't even have Tv in their house), don't go to malls (there is SO MUCH disturbance happens to your soul in that place filled with loud noices and SO MUCH MAYA), don't have manmukh frnds ( Kabir jir said what do I talk to worldly people, they don't know about God. And all I talk about is God). Also, we aren't really showing people how Amritdharis are suppose to be. I am telling you how it effects me. Truly, I don't want to be rude with you, my sister, but it really is disturbing for me when I see girls with keski wearing dresses. Please please don't wear dresses if you can. When I look at them.. I just can't seem to see them as Guru Gobind Singh ji's Daughters. I have tried so many times to see them that high, but I just can't seem to do that. I see girls doing Keertan at Gurdwara, my heart kinda sinks. Once I was trying to prove my family that Gursikhs are not suppose to wear jewellery. I was trying to convince my mom to wear them off. After a month my mom came with a Gurdwara calender which had a pic on women with keski wearing a big necklace. I did'nt have anything to say. I work with people and our manager ties Dastaar but does her eyebrows. My co-workers are punjabi aunties, and they talk how Amritdharis are fake. Once me and my friends were doing veechar about khands, and one girl said I am so bad that wen I think about Sachkhand, I think it is filled with bags and purses! I am sorry, my intention is only to explain how people get effected by this, but I really respect you for who you are. Do 1 hour Simran, do Ardaas to Guru ji, then throw away all your cosmetics into garbage. Just do that. You want Guru ji to stand beside you when you go to Dharamraj. You don't want to take birth again and be more separated from Waheguru ji. Also, SANGAT MATTERS!!!! Have Gursikhs sangat and eliminate manmukh frnds who bring maya vibes to you!
  19. I read a story on net. A Singh was in a car with one of his hair-cut frnd. They were driving and stopped at red light. A white guy came and called him names, swore at him etc. After few minutes, the hair-cut frnd asked "Didnt you feel bad when he called u names?" He said well... I have stopped caring what people in the world have opinions about me.. but i rather care what my God thinks abt me. All our lives we spend pleasing people but when do we please Waheguru who has been giving us food, clothes, family from suchhhhh a long time, even at that time when we didnt even recognize him that these are hisss gifts! Also, the very first thing came into my mind while reading ur post.... so if you want to cut your hair... what brought you here? There is Waheguru INSIDEEE you , but very very deep because of why you came here because that is not what should doo
  20. See what your strengths are and what you like doing. At this age it can become extremely frustrating, but trust me once you figure it out, it will all go well! Keep your naam simran and sangat up! Take advise from elders and ask wht u should do. And trust Guru Ji
  21. I think it depends on your rehet People try to follow Guru Sahib ji's hukam as much as they can. Some start by being veg, only eating from Amrit dharis, Sarab loh bibek etc. You willl have to answer this question yourself. Even I had troubles saying no to my manmukh frnds, but then u hav to get it right for urself. Like we hav been pleasing the world for SO MANY LIVES!!! Now is the time to please God
  22. If you think about it, turban has existed even before Guru Sahib. Christans never cut their hair before, even Jesus did'nt. In many holy scriptures of different religions it is written about holiness and Kes.
  23. I do not think simply inhaling smoke on the streets if people are smoking is VERY bad. But it is always good to avoid such situations. But it is definitely not a big sin
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