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  1. What kind of sikhs are these people. Are they good people what do they believe and is it possible they do bad things like magic? When I was in India I went to one of these people's house and the whole family had dreadlocks and on the walls of the house where drawings of the sun and a guru pointing towards it plus one of the elder member o the family couldn't speak and there was a place to bow down and do a meta terk like how sikhs do in the gudwara. Anyone know there way of living and how they are also sikhs ?
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    Yes in in the uk and she is in india Yes need approval from the elders
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    it's for real man yes I'm sure she not using me for a meal ticket thank you for your response i will why do I need that my bad I don't consider her to be that but in my parents eyes she is classed as that I never treated her in that way
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    Chittar <banned word filter activated> you on?
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    Village marriage

    I have checked the blood line we have no connection what so ever, her father just lives in the pend plus my family moved to the pend many decades ago. So is it possible to get married to my one and only love?
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    Does it matter she is from the same village we are not blood related?
  7. Del1

    Village marriage

    Where does it say I can't marry someone from the same village as me in India. We are not blood related but different caste. Does it say in the gurbani? She is a Chohan and I am a pooni there is no bloodline plus we different caste.
  8. Hi pashanks I read your story and I can relate to it alot. I cannot believe in this day in age this kind of stuff is still happening. I really do feel for you. If I was him I would keep begging my family to accept you and I would die trying. The point of the matter is that his parents/family care about the respect they get. There is nothing more they care about. I wish everything turns out good for both of you. I'm in the same situation, I love my girl so much I would anything to get married to her even run away with her if worse comes to worse. My advice to you is keep on fighting and hopefully he does the same good luck god bless. Keep us posted cheers
  9. Why carnt i post a topic, is it because I'm a new member?

  10. Hi how do you ask a question to the community?


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