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  1. Does anyone know what route/ streets the rally will be going through?
  2. Hi, Does anyone know what routes in London the rally will be going down...I would like to join but won't be there at 11.
  3. So...if a smoker does seva at the Gurdwara we shouldnt eat langar?
  4. Why Amritwela though? Why is the union of 2 souls stronger at Amrit Wela?
  5. Ermmm I think this sounds a bit too far fetched for me. If this was the case I doubt we could eat in restaurants etc
  6. Do you have to get married before 12 noon? If so, why?
  7. This is probably the sweetest message i've ever read. I actually cant explain how it made me feel but its so lovely to know that we can and do actually come together as a Sikh family Thank you!
  8. Hi, To be honest, trimming hair wont make much difference, its the health of the hair/scalp. I cut my hair and i have really damaged hair. I suggest the following; Steaming your hair. I know it sounds odd but it adds moisture to your hair/scalp (Will help with both split ends and your dry scalp. Basically, put a oil in your hair (scalp as well), use your fingertips to massage your scalp (dont rub it - that breaks hair). Wrap your head in cling film/shower cap and steam your hair. It works wonders!! Morrocan oil is good but its dry oil. you want to start using a heavy oil (castor oi
  9. Well good luck for your weigh in on Sat!! Stop being so negative..You will have lost at least 3 pounds!!!! Ok, lets aim for a 30 min work out every evening this week!!!
  10. Ooo did you have your weigh in? I only lost a pound this week!!!!! GRRRRRR I think I need a good workout - i've had a lazy week! WELL DONE btw!
  11. Woohoo!! I'm glad you had a good workout I'm dreading my Saturday weigh in - I indulged in 2 croissants and some biscuits this week....with only 3 workouts! Aww, thank you. This is actually really motivating (and made me smile).
  12. hahaha - Thanks! I just had a piece of chocolate -- it tasted so amazing!! Good on you!!!! Its hard to always work out but just do whatever little things you can. I'm trying to walk around more at lunch time!
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