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  1. I don't know it's just confusing and messed up cuz there are so many different ones.
  2. -.- my bad wrong word replace reward with Kirpa ! C'mon Man U know what I'm saying don't u ?
  3. Bhai daya singhs rehat Nama ?? I hate how people have there own rehats and everything and like all those different jathbandis with there own rehat maryada. There's only one type of rehat maryada makes me angry!
  4. Agreed! Amritvela is between midnight and 06:00. Start as early as 1:00 am, this is the premium time to start simran, your rewards will be just incredible, your concentration will be super, your rewards will equal to donating 40 kg of diamonds if you meditate from 1:00 am to 2:00 am, 40 kg of gold for the next hour then silver and copper and so on.
  5. If u do ardas for someone else guru ji gets happy and does more Kirpa on you. Your thinking about others, not just yourself. Only do ardas for good things never bad things, worldly things. It depends on ur avasta too, if ur at sehaj avasta and like ur in surti and u do ardas for someone then I believe it takes away ur kamai. Don't do ardas in surti, it's complex deep stuff, its hard to explain.
  6. It's hard doing it on ur own especially since ur a beginner! I mean it's gonna take time to learn on ur own why not use that time with help from a professional ? Lol
  7. Haha bhenji the first ones I'm guessing were hard for her cuz the dudes fingers were like to professional lol and it and it was hard to follow the last one that's not a beginner shabad! Omgggggg but yeah I listen to that shabad alot lol I LOVE gurbir singh haha. Bhenji, why don't u just go learn from a professional?! Where do u live? I know alot of good teachers like alot and like there good lol. Are you from Canada ?
  8. :O argh u make me so angry dude! I tie my keskee on my head genius I just sometimes tie on my somach or the other way I mentioned when I'm washing my hair !
  9. Yeah I can try what's the entire line for the shabad ?
  10. Wow guys, really ? -.- I sometimes tie it around my stomach like wrap it around like a kamarkasa. I sometimes stick my khanga in it but sometimes I just have a separate shower kirpan with a khanga tied it and a small orange kapra tied as well basically resembling the dastar if u know what I mean? Keeping ur kakars with u in the shower is mandatory guys, trust me.
  11. Yeah, that's an option, what's wrong with it ? I sometimes do it. Nothin wrong with it.
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