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  1. http://australian-conservative-truth.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/gillard-insults-australia-by-embracing.html sorry you had to read that waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  2. Daler kaur, Dayal kaur and congrats veer, i hope this singhnee would live a jeevan of gursikhi and high values good wishes
  3. i agree with you veer but the behaviour is not childish...they are cunning people...they may appear foolish but they are manipulative yea but agree with you for the rest of the bit
  4. http://www.yespunjab.com/punjab/item/28673-centre-to-release-stamp-on-former-punjab-chief-minister-beant-singh now thats more than anyone can handle..they are really playing with our emotions. if they wanted peace they wouldn't have thought about doing this..trying to incite sikhs..
  5. i saw those lines too but we are talking about two different things here...those lines which you saw are on everyone's forehead it is according to the folklore that a devi whose hands are tied at her back writes it...thats why they can't be read....thats how laymen justify it..i am not sure of gurmat perspective...its more of a hindu thing and i am not in favour of this..it is same as getting someone to read lines of hands... the nishaan on the soul is a phenomena confirmed by guru sahib..the soul does get marked
  6. tuhintuhin ji thank you very much...this shabad you suggested is very peaceful...do u know more such shabads please?
  7. do you know the complete pankti veer?
  8. has anyone entered a phase in their life when they want to quit everything...i am in such a position...everything materialistic is going o well but spiritually i am getting exhausted...i keep doing ardaas to waheguru but i keep getting more ashant everyday...i don' know what this is...its suffocating and i want to quit thinking about waheguru but at the same time i think its maya at its best trying to keep me away from Him...today i woke up at 3 am but went back to sleep again, have been missing my amritvela everyday...i did simran but didn't give me the peace it often gives....i can't sleep till 12 even when i go to bed at 10...i want it all to go away but i don't want to be the same person i was before....my mind tells me to dive into maya because waheguru doesn't care...i talk to friends and family but on the inside i am broken and sad...
  9. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh! can anyone explain what sunn samadh is or what samadhi is? what does sikhi say about samadhi... thanks
  10. it happened to me already veer, a week ago, it had confined myself to my room and just wanted to listen to keertan, but thanks enuf to my family they managed to throw me down from my avastha..i think i lost it all, i cannot help it now...a week ago i was in so much pyaar with waheguru and now i am blank and i feel like crying...i can't getup at amritvela, my eyes open at amritvela but my body can't get up, there is no attraction for bania...beware of maya brother...don't listen to others and don't try to explain them why u are like this...i tried and failed...
  11. drink a glass of water veer, it helped me..like the stomach cools down for sometime..
  12. i don't know why parents have a problem when their kids follow sikhi... they didn't have the guts to stand up for their religion atleast they shouldn't stop others from doing it...i am in the same trouble too...i haven't even yet took amrit and they are already making a big deal out of it... well for u brother, all i can say is don't listen to them. u are doing a very good thing...good luck
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