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  1. Mani Singh was no different. He used to disappear for months in order to meditate (smaadhi launi) but in reality went to his hidden home where he became cleanshaven (beard and hair) and then indulge in all kind of degenerate activities, including homosexual relations. You can notice that he always kept his face hidden with a clothe in his later years, in order to hide the regrowth of his beard when he got back in Sangat to fool them. In every pic he has a different beard size. He is said to have died from a disease contracted during one of these escapades.
  2. We don't have to get involved in this matter, nor dispense langar to both sides during their fighting breaks but... We have to keep a keen eye on these developments because this is a relatively new phenomena. The Hindu diaspora has been largely a docile one in history. There are very few instances of such clashes happening before, Hindus stayed pretty silent even when their women were groomed for decades in the UK. Now we have this happening, the clashes between Hindus and Sikhs in Australia (Vishal Jood case) and so on. The Hindutva goon ideology is spreading and will most likely form a menace for Sikhs in the coming future as well. There might be some Indian Govt interference in such instances as well. We have to be prepared for clashes in the coming years on 1984 or Khalistan related remembrance events.
  3. They're not mentioned in there. There are so many sampardas with 'lineages' going back to the likes of Bhai Mani Singh or Baba Deep Singh and they contradict each other on many things. So not a valid argument.
  4. So the oldest reference to five 'takhts' you could find was from 1880 (172 years after Guru Gobind Singh, touching the 20th century) ? Are these takhts mentioned by name in Suraj Parkash or Gur Bilas, or other older scriptures ?
  5. The real figure of Sikhs in East Punjab (practising or not) today is definitely below 50%. There are many things going behind the scenes, the recent declaration by the Jathedar is a sign that panthic leaders are realizing the grave situation we have landed ourselves into without realizing (once again proving the anecdote with differing approaches to a coming storm by the foresighted Hindu, the adapting scheming Muslim and the dimwitted Sikh). Doaba will be the first region where Sikhs will be reduced to a minority below 30% of the population, this will be a first for a district in Modern Punjab. (Barring the exception of newly formed districts like Fazilka who were earlier part of Sikh majority districts). The lower the numbers in a district, the lesser political power and the more chances of religious repression. The Christian conversion is a problem all over Punjab but specifically the border belt, and more so Amritsar/Tarn Taran region rather than the Gurdaspur region which was mentioned in the earlier posts. The Gurdaspur Christian community is historically older (see older census) and not solely related to the new massive Christian missionary campaign in Punjab. It will be interesting to note if (all) Gujjars and other Muslim migrants who have settled (semi) permanently in Punjab are taken into consideration in these census. The combined percentage of Abrahamics (Christians and Muslims) is definitely 10% today in Punjab - a worrying figure. You are already seeing these religions clash with the others in the past 5 to 10 years - these things were unheard of in the 60s 70s 80s and even 90s. "Though Muslims share in the total population of Punjab still remains very low, the number of Muslims in Punjab has multiplied by six times in the five decades since 1961, while the total population has multiplied by a factor of 2.5. In 1961, the proportion of Muslims in the state population was only 0.80 percent; it has grown to 1.93 percent in 2011." Another thing you'll note is how the bottom 5 districts literacy wise are in the top 10 districts with the highest Sikh percentage. Sikhs need to focus on religious and worldly education to combat all obstacles the nation is facing. Akaal Sahai.
  6. WJKK WJKF One of my relatives is getting married and is looking to buy a kirpan that looks like this. Anyone knows where you could get one in London or nearby? https://www.etsy.com/listing/953557841/damascus-steel-blade-silver-work?ref=cart
  7. Does anyone know where I can buy the Maharaja Ranjit Singh piece?
  8. Over 10k likes with lots of Muslims rejoicing. ... only for the Sikh to 'leave' Islam 5 minutes after Shows how genuine their 'street dawah conversion' videos are. They only like to intimidate non Muslims by giving an illusion that their numbers are rising, praying in public places and so on.
  9. Show me historical source which says 'Akaal Takht'. It was higher than Delhi Takht but was not known with the Takht terminology as such. Nor were there four other Takhts during the times of the Gurus or shortly afterwards.
  10. Historically the nomenclature 'Takht' was probably not there in early Sikh history. Even the Akaal Takht was known as the Akaal Bunga until recently. If you believe otherwise, name me the earliest sources that mention the 'Akaal Takht' or the '5' Takhts ? (So to answer your question: Buddha Dal is no takht.)
  11. Few Jathas of Singhs have been camping in the village and feeding the cows. They've openly challenged the Gujjars and said they will kick out Gujjars even if this issue gets settled. Luckily this incident woke up some in our nation. See the Muslims chickening and using taqiyaa to ease the tensions and safeguard their future in Punjab... And foolish Sikhs are falling for it (nearly 7k likes). Also shame on the commie farm leaders who 'regret' the killing of the 2 attacker Muslim Gujjars and are being cucks to these gujjars. 5:21... there you have the magical word coming from the 'Sikh' farmer unionist. Bhaichara.............
  12. Watch bhaicharak saanjh (interfaith brotherhood) Live from Ludhiana, Punjab https://www.ronakmela.com/archives/1396?fbclid=IwAR2qQRIHIvFgo4MEFAsBBdRlGb40TLCX6M6ldLHHZmFTOWr4aYCOkOYZ4KA
  13. Just see how British took our empire and yet used us to be their servants. See how they used the strategy of divide and conquer to make Hindus fight Sikhs, Sikhs fight Muslims and so on. Manipulation that worked wonders for them. Just see how Indian govt uses Sikhs everytime they need them and then kick them in their tattey (balls). Manipulation that works in their favor. Just see how Muslims praise Sikhs when they save them but criticize the same Sikhs when they talk about grooming. Manipulation works. Just see how Muslims present another image when they are a tiny minority and another when they are significant minority or majority. Manipulation works. You talk about Maharaja Ranjit Singh, he was a master manipulator. Many of his actions were manipulative but atleast we got our kingdom for a short while. But the vast majority of our people have been simpletons. Unaware of the wider picture. In 1947, the Hindus had a leader who was a lawyer. The Muslim leader was a lawyer. And the Sikh leader was a headmaster. We got manipulated. We will keep getting manipulated until we become shrewd. Try to read some books like the 48 laws of Power and others to get a basic understanding of how manipulation has always worked, in every age and will continue to do so. The sooner Sikhs realize this the better.
  14. Read my post before commenting. I said that Gujjars are physically fit and can give tough resistance unlike the other Bhaiya or Bangladeshi Muslims. You clearly have not read about politics or chankya niti, Sikhs will continue to suffer till they do not master the art of manipulation. Hindus and Muslims are apt at it, while we have fools like you who are afraid to use RSS or Pak whenever it may suit us because we are afraid 'to get used' or to 'the enemy will become too mighty'. Mark my words. I predicted all of this happening more than 10 years ago on this very forum. I know what I'm talking about, do you have knowledge about whats happening on the ground in Punjab ? About the geo-political implications of every step we will take ? And thats a bad comparison you bought up about manipulation. The 'Sikh' cis-Satluj Rajas siding with a non Sikh to beat a Sikh ruler so they could save their own thrones is in no way what I implied. I said to use RSS - non Sikhs - to subdue other non-Sikhs (Muslims & Christians). Let them do their job instead of feeding your false egoistic 'saviour' image by always siding with the 'minorities' against RSS and thus promoting the growth of Abrahamics in Punjab. By simply allowing RSS to handle them while preparing and strenghtening ourselves we will only come out victorious. By waging a war on 2 fronts (RSS & Abrahamics) we will only lose because our lot lack psychological, social and political skills to tackle these issues. Akaal Sahai.
  15. Oh comeon, Sikhs have been crying about RSS for decades. We have become a joke because it seems we have a psychological fear of RSS just the way Muslims have one from Jews and tend to blame everything on them and fear them for their intellect and shrewdness.
  16. RSS is already there. They are already handling Muslims at their own level. Last time they clashed with Muslims in Phagwara, Sikhs took no time to rush to that spot to support these Muslims. Is this what you want? Embolden Muslims ? The Punjabi Hindu does not have the spine to stand against Sikhs, therefore I do not fear them. But the Gujjar will not hesitate to attack, rape and commit mass murder of Sikhs. Thus I am asking to stop obstructing RSS when they attack Muslims or Christians. Use their cover and do what you have to do as well. If you send Singhs to surround villages here in Punjab, expect similar reactions from Pak Muslims to Pak Sikhs. In '92 Hindus destroyed the Babri Mosque in India. But Sikhs were targeted along with Hindus in nearly every Muslim country (Pak, Afghan etc). Therefore openly doing things and especially posting about it on social media is not a good thing.
  17. It is better to have an enemy you know than an enemy you don't know. While historically we know the Muslim psyche, most Sikhs in Punjab have forgotten what Islamism looks like because they haven't had direct exposure to it since 1947. Their only exposure is the Pak Muslim hospitality when yatrees go to Pak, which skews their perception of reality. On the other hand, RSS, Shiv Sena are known to us because we have fought them for decades. Therefore we will ensure that the Hindu RW does not get out of control. If you let them do your dirty work it does not make them more powerful because you are not aiding them in any way, you are just 'letting' them finish of a common enemy. Next time a riot happens, do not F.CKING side with Muslims - unlike the last riot I remember where our fuddu Sikhs rushed to help their becharey Muslim minority brothers (Phagwara incident was one of the many). Let me put it in another - perhaps controversial - way. A Sikh under the influence of RSS will not stop going to Gurdwaras, will not stop venerating our Gurus because they, but a Sikh gone to Islam and Christianity is lost forever. The son of a RSS influenced Sikh may get back to the Panth but you lose generations once one person converts to these Abrahamic religions. Therefore it is very important to limit the growth of Abrahamics; Hindus we have handled well and they are under control in Punjab.
  18. The easiest and best solution is to get Hindu right wing involved in Punjab. This way you get your work done (taming Christians and Muslims) and BJP center won't say anything. Remember what we were doing when RSS was crying about Sikhs converting to Christianity 20 years back ? We were attacking RSS because we prefered abrahamic missionary religions due to the false notion of being common minorities than letting RSS do their job. We were in fact OBSTRUCTING RSS when they were doing ghar vaapsi of Sikhs who had become Christians. We are a bunch of fools and know nothing about chanakya niti, we are too afraid to manipulate people, qaums or nations. This is one thing that needs to change because even people on this forum do not realize the need to play things smartly. Every single action against the Muslims in Punjab will have repercussions for Sikhs in Kashmir, Pakistan etc. Hence the best thing is to covertly get things done without making too much noise on social media. But as my elders used to say, we Sikhs even take credit for killings we haven't done. That is our mentality which needs a change otherwise things will get ugly (either way if we continue to ignore the situation or if we do things without taking the wider geo-political implications into consideration).
  19. I have warned about this since atleast a decade - the above thread by me is 7 years old. Way before any direct Sikh-Muslim clash happened. Just imagine what will happen in another 7 years if nothing is done. - Make laws which prohibits outsiders from buying land in Punjab. - Socially and economically boycot Gujjars, because they are very well off. (contrary to what one would believe)
  20. Impressed by this mona brothers speech. Pretty clued up for a Punjabi from back home. Watch it at 1.5x speed though.
  21. - Muslims have unity. They always have the 'us versus them' mentality. We are disunited, usually have a secular instead of a panthic outlook on things and most of us do not even believe in the same principles (deravaad and so on). The Gujjars moreover have a tribal mentality and many of their deras across districts are interlinked with each other. This allows them to quickly swell their numbers in case of clashes, as was the case in this incident. We Sikhs meanwhile are busy fighting people of our own village based on their voting patterns lol (akali vs congressi feuds back in the day between villagers etc) - The figure of 27.000 is definitely far from the truth. There are way more Gujjars than that. They have started settling permanently in Punjab because our lot have started selling them our ancestral lands and houses. But many remain nomads and are thus not counted in the census. - Gujjars, compared to other Muslim immigrants in Punjab like bhaiyas (Bihar, UP) and Bangladeshis are physically closer to Punjabs (taller, well built) and are perhaps the toughest partially because of their nomadic lifestyle. They will pose the biggest challenge to Sikhs in the coming decade, not the other non Punjabi Muslims. - The 16 million Sikh population you refer to is an ageing population with few children. The Muslims outrank Sikhs and others in the number of children they have with an overall younger population. The same is the case in this incident where the Sikh villagers are mostly elderly while the Muslim Gujjars were young men.
  22. The alarming thing is that panthic media, barring a few journalists, have largely ignored this incident. We are still not seeing the gravity of the situation and our demographic disadvantage in Punjab. All the Sikhs of the village have gone undercover fearing for these lives as the administration and police are siding with the Gujjars. No FIR was registered against Gujjars for wounding Sikhs, gathering in mobs with the intent to riot, attacking the houses of the Sikhs, saying they would kidnap and rape the Sikh women. The Gujjars are not letting anyone come near the fields to get fodder for the cattle of the Sikhs. All of this is happening in East Punjab, our home. These things will become very common in the coming years. This is the payback for restoring mosques for these people and setting examples of 'communal harmony'... Now is the time for our media to cover this incident, Sikh orgs and Nihangs should go to the village to show our strength otherwise these Gujjars will attempt other attacks on Sikhs in the near future. BTW, one of the Muslim attackers that was shot dead had undressed himself while banging on our doors, shouting that he would kidnap our women. Pehnchod got what he deserved.
  23. Things will get very interesting in Punjab in the coming decade. Rise of Islam and Christians who have become bold over the last 2 decades or so and dwindling number of Sikhs. Open attacks on Sikhi will rise. You can expect: - Rising number of Hindu/Sikh vs Muslim or Christian clashes. A decade ago these were non existant, but slowly the number is rising. Earlier Sikhs stupidly used to side with 'minorities' against Hindus but Sikhs will more and more take a neutral path (if they're smart) and let the Hindus handle the Christians and Muslims. - More cases of love jihad - More cases of Kashmiri terrorists being sheltered in Muslim neighborhoods in Punjab (Gujjar deras, and so on). - More conversions to Christianity by belittling the Gurus, using Sikh terminology to fool Sikhs into accepting Christ. You will see the first cases of entire villages converting to Christianity and Gurdwaras being deserted. - Demand for greater rights by the 'minorities' (Christians and Muslims), including fighting for more burial land (already happening but will amplify) - Sikhs will officially be under the 50% mark if the census is done correctly with the combined percentage of Muslims and Christians exceeding 10%. Mark my words.
  24. Apparently some of the sulley were dating Sikh girls and teasing the Singhs saying look at how your women are characterless and we use them as we want. When they objected they got cornered and attacked. Sadly often our own girls ruin our collective self image by their actions. These girls often don't listen to community elders or the Singhs and talk about 'all religions equal, peace and love' bs but once they get (ab)used they cry foul and get us involved.
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