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  1. https://www.wilsoncenter.org/blog-post/the-paradoxes-polish-ukrainian-relations During WW2, there was a genocide of Poles by Ukrainians But there are issues going back centuries
  2. Spoke to a Polish acquaintance of mine who is from the area in Poland quite close to the Ukrainian border. He hates the Ukrainians. This was quite eye opener for me as I thought these groups were buddies. The media and the politic elites present one view but the reality with the hoi poloi shows another. Slavic animosity
  3. Tax free salaries is what entices people.
  4. To build that kind of armour what kind of materials needed to be used. It needs to be light strong and manoeuvrable.
  5. What is the punjabi word for Shadenfreude?
  6. What is the punjabi word for Shadenfreude?
  7. Just looking at the guys face, his demanour and his phenotype this is a Pakistani This is just a hoax
  8. Counter Claims by Khalsa Aid who are accused for not doing anything in Punjab: https://twitter.com/jindisinghka/status/1519516199016488960?s=20&t=6QI1WA6n258nUzkwiB7AEQ
  9. Playing by rules others break with impunity.
  10. Their mindset is ," You dressed like a wh0re therefore you are fair game and you deserve what happens to you" They only understand one language. It involves doing unmentionable things with such depravity that their orifices and removing of their testicles will comprehend.
  11. Much of the black migration towards California came post WW2. A lot of the migration came from the American South and it seems that now that the South has become more prosperous, a lot of black population are going back to the south. You see the same pattern to some degrees in the midwest and north east where blacks are moving back south.
  12. Compton has taken a demographic change. It used to be majority black but now it is more Latino.
  13. New Yorkers generally are quite a rude bunch. And that is New Yorkers of all ethnic groups. Californians I find a lot more relaxed and laid back (generalisation here) compared to New Yorkers. But your experience could because you were in the big cities. In the smaller cities and towns people tend to be friendlier. I myself had a bad experience at JFK airport, one with an African American and one with an Italian American.
  14. The Hispanics are a diverse group. In Florida (particularly South Florida), they are mainly Cuban. In New York, they are mainly Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Columbians and this varies depending in which borough you are in. California and Texas, they are mainly Mexicans. When I speak to my East Coast relatives, in their opinion the Hispanics are not bad bunch, quite family orientated but when they live with blacks, they pick up a lot of their mannerisms. I think it depends where in the US you go to. When you mix with Americans and from different parts of the US,
  15. There are a lot of African Americans that have resentment towards other ethnic groups if they have certain types of businesses in the neighbourhoods like liquor stores. The liquor stores have detrimental effect and they blame ethnic groups from the Asian communities opening these businesses in their communities. The types of Sikhs that get hit by the black communities tend to be recent migrants who open these businesses and live in these communities. Eventually when these migrants become more established they move out of these areas. I have friends that lived in Flushing
  16. Like I may have pointed out before, this system has a pecking order as to who gets preferential victim status. Sikhs are bottom of the pile.
  17. You could say the only reason India is secular is because it is a majority Hindu. Once it becomes non Hindu, secularism gets thrown away. This type of system happens in a democracy, where there vote bank and numbers count. What could happen to save India from Islamisation is to throw away the democratic structure and enforce a more autocratic system where vote bank politics and breeding become irrelevant.
  18. Secularism in India does not mean the same thing that we know it as the west There is a reason in India Secular is called Sickular. In the west, Secularism means separation of religion and state. In India it means separation of Hindu and state. The Indian secularists are the dhimmis.
  19. You see the similar tactics employed in the UK. Wherever there is a muslim owned businesses, they tend to have a prayer room attached to it and it becomes a defacto mosque.
  20. In Queens, there were areas where a Chinese Laundry guy or an Indian Sikh cab driver would not venture because they would be killed for 10 bucks. These are black neighbourhoods where it was so deprived you would be killed to buy food. This attack is more of a racial undertone. After 9-11 , many of our Sikhs were attacked by whites but not so much by ethnic groups. 20 years ago, this seems to have changed. However like much of Sikh migration in the New York area (Queens), they are moving further east into Long Island.
  21. I nominate you and CaliforniaSardar. Sort them out!
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