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  1. Yet people are leaving in their droves..
  2. @BhForce Here is more stuff: https://medium.com/east-med-project-history-philology-and-genetics/something-is-broken-in-the-uk-intellectual-sphere-7efc9a1f154a
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/aug/06/mary-beard-twitter-abuse-roman-britain-ethnic-diversity
  4. The Punjabi men go back for about six months and then come back to UK for six months. That way they miss out on a lot of the nagging. That is why i think this topic regarding getting older Punjabi people to talk to younger Punjabis is futile. They already have their own families and their social networks. We are beginning to think like goreh as the goreh buddeh are really lonely and would welcome company from younger people.
  5. I guess it is because they need to feel useful Their fear is that the young mum's may usurp them in the langar hall and they will have no use anywhere. Some of the "progressive " older generation will have other interests and hobbies so they would be less territorial in the gurdwara.
  6. Sikh Punjabi version of Last of the Summer Wine.
  7. That is old age for you. They are just grumpy.
  8. What are your opinions on the killing of animals on the mass production of crops and the use of pesticides to kill critters?
  9. Just let her know we don't do bake sales.
  10. The Abrahamic viewpoint is very limited. They have a hard time understanding nuances and complexities.
  11. Not personally, but I know of people who have tried. Apathy is a problem. I personally have no desire or wish to hang out with old timers except my own grandparents. I guess you can hang out with the bizurgs in the langar hall and listen in on all the gossip. It will much safer than hanging out with the bibian who will be on your case as to why you are still not married yet.
  12. A lot of languages are like that. For example, the French speaking part of Canada called Quebec speak an old regional French dialect that was spoken in a part of France several hundred years ago. If you ask a modern French person from France, they will tell you that they cannot understand the Quebec language and when they hear some of the words, they call it "quaint" You hear the same thing with the Afrikaans language in South Africa with the modern Dutch language. Even English in the US use old words that have not been used in England for a couple hundred years. If there was a Punjabi colony that was separate from the subcontinent, you will find the same thing happening.
  13. Hebrew was re-introduced as living spoken language, largely because of the creation of Israel and there being an influx of Jews coming into Israel from all over the world. Therefore a common language was required to unify the country. Hebrew was definitely in use in a religious sense in the Jewish diaspora and it made perfect sense to re-introduce it. However, integrating the various Jewish populations has provided a challenge as they can be very different from the Ashkenazi (German/East European)/ Sephardic (North Africa/Spain), Mizrahi (Middle East), Yemeni and Ethiopian communities.
  14. It is a realistic attitude. You can give the approach a go but it will be futile. There are some ground realities that one must understand, it is only then a realistic solution can be found.
  15. That is going to be difficult because the youngsters will find them or perceive them to be unapproachable. Also, Gurdwarae have become day care centres for the elderly and they normally group together and chat in their own social circles.
  16. Punjabi classes are good learning how to read and write but not necessarily for speaking. That is the problem. People are not as bothered about the reading and writing but more with the speaking. This Punjabi speaking is a perennial problem going back decades, this is nothing new. The best way to learn how to speak is to go back to Punjab for a while and mix in the environment there, you will pick it up quicker and they will judge you less that you may not be that fluent. Unlike some of those smug arrogant types you get abroad who will put down people who are not that fluent. You hear the same old cr*p spouted about how these kids don't speak Punjabi or how these other kids speak beautiful Punjabi.
  17. I think most of Stephen King's books have been turned into movies. I wonder if there is any Punjabi literature can be turned into movies.
  18. I think that some of the Hollywood films should be dubbed into Punjabi. I recall watching the Spiderman films in Punjabi (it was Pakistani Punjabi ) and I thought I wish I could have watched this with my grandparents. Kids love cartoons and cgi animation and there a whole heap of programs and films that could be dubbed into Punjabi.
  19. Thanks. In my experience if your parents are from Punjab and their English is not that good, there is going to be a better chance that you will speak Punjabi. The other scenario is learning Punjabi from grand parents. It is going to be increasingly problematic because the baby boomer generation Punjabis that grew up in the UK in the 60's speak English with their kids. These kids now have their own kids and they all speak English. Every generation that comes after the next is going to be more English.
  20. How good is their English? Do they speak fluently or is it broken English? Sorry for these questions, but I will explain.
  21. Are your parents from Punjab?
  22. It seems that some of our people have this interest in having this victim narrative as their livelihoods depend on it. What you mentioned was said in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's. So what else is new. The reality is that we can fix all these problems and there will still be people who will find something else find oppression over. I do not consider myself gullible, I am perfectly aware of what is going on but I am really tired of this victim narrative. We as a people will never move forward if we keep harping back to the past atrocities. We need to learn our lessons and build on it. You really need to get out of your marxist mindset. I have different opinion to you on certain aspects and disagree with you on other points. I know that you are of that generation that suffered from heavy racism. I understand your generation very well because I have family also from your generation that think like you do. But the bulk of the subsequent generations are not going to have the same mindset as you, neither are the more recent Sikh migrants who are going to be completely apathetic to the earlier Sikh struggles.
  23. Not in a book. But he has written on twitter and on a blog. I will dig up and post. He got very riled up with the BBC about depiction of Romans as well as with historian Mary Beard.
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