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  1. Please can you post the rest of the article or state which newspaper this is from. I can't find it on Ajit Jalandhar online.
  2. Vaar 1 pauris 4 & 20. Also Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj in Sri Bachittar Natak mentions Muhammed by the name of Mahadeen, stating that Waheguru created him and made him emperor of Arabia, but he spread Allah's name through force and forced people to become circumcised which does not comply with Sikh philosophy. This is why Waheguru Ji had to send Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji to spread the truth.
  3. Gurbani tells us to follow the truth which is the naam. Gurbani is for all faiths. Yes to be a true Muslim one must follow the Koran which means (for a muslim) to submit your mind body and soul to Allah. When one takes Amrit from panj pyare one has to do the same (submit to Guru Ji with mind body and soul). The name Mohammad is only specifically mentioned in Gurdas Ji's vaar
  4. Gurbani is the supreme truth and preaches the supreme truth. On page 141 Guru Ji talks about Namaz, on page 1083 Guru Ji tells to keep the Koran in your heart. There are many teekas all with different translations. We have to read them ourselves and make our own conclusions. But all the teekas come down to one thing essentially that is that Guru Ji tells us to meditate on the true naam whichever faith one belongs to. On page 1419 there is a line: Those beards are true, which brush the feet of the True Guru. Guru Ji is actually talking about the mind thinking of Guru Ji's feet not actual beard because not everyone's beard is long enough to touch Guru Ji's feet when we matha tek. See professor Sahib Singh's teeka.
  5. You must remember your sole purpose on this earth is to achieve mukti from 84 lakh joon. If you acheive mukti in this lifetime, only then your life is successful. With Guru Ji's blessing hopefully 5 pyare will visit you and you will have khande di pahul and receive the Gurmantar to start your journey to achieve mukti. I am praying for you...
  6. I would like to ask, When you cut your hair, do you think of Guru Ji? Everyone who wants to gain knowledge has the right to ask about Sikhi.
  7. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, I am new to this forum, I saw this topic and began reading. I don't understand why people are diverting away from the original question: Are sikhs descendent of the hindu god ramchander? I want to point out I am not a scholar on Sikhi but I thought that I should share my thoughts on this topic. Firstly Guru Sahib is not a body and has never been, Guru Ji is the light of Waheguru i.e. Gurjot, which can be found throuogh Gur Shabad. It is this light that was in Guru Nanak Dev Ji from his prakash and it is this light that Guru Ji passed onto Guru Angad Dev Ji and so on until Guru Gobind Singh Ji passed on this light into the Shabad Guru, Guru Granth Sahib in 1708. For Guru Nanak Dev Ji to come to this world to spread the truth about Waheguru, he had to be born into a family. It so happens that yes this family have ancestory that goes back to ramchander but this does not mean that Guru Nanak was descended from ramchander but the family. Guru Ji is NOT human but Light. Also why stop at ramchander, he was a descendent of dasrath who was descended from someone else and so on... this ancestory can go on for a very long time, eventually we will end up that everything comes from Waheguru Ji. Therefore Sikhi is descended from the light of Waheguru, NOT from ramchander. Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj is simply retelling history by explaining why Guru Nanak came to this earth. Bhul Chuk Maaf
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