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  1. I feel so sad. Poor girls , I can't believe the parents of the bride's don't realize how much there hurting there own daughters at least let them turn in 15 so at least there body can resist the cruelty of there new life. I'm happy I'm Mexican and my parents let me do whatever I want with my life.
  2. Well We both speak english and about my sam background. Ill just say ill never marry any Latino.
  3. You're right I shouldn't care but what if my family in law cares about what the community thinks? That's why I ask thanks so far for the answers
  4. Latín Men go for blondes and I don't care they cab take all Latin men they want. I don't see myself with any Latin men its against my values and my taste.I go for Punjabis
  5. He should Larry the one he loves at the end he is goin to expend his last days with her. Why woulndt you expend your last days happy with the one you Love? Good luck to Your cousin.
  6. You welcome , like I told some friends I made if Latinas knew how wonderful you guys are there be taking planes to India but true is that the media persuaded telling us that the best catch are Europeans...... I personally dated lots take me a while to notice they weren't what I want. There not in to marriage and no Charmin I like Charmin man at the end love its what makes you happy. Wish me luck with my learning in Sikh, Punjabi and all the things i need to learn to be with my love
  7. My boyfriend is Punjabi i thought he was Puerto Rican , but he was a gentleman. From all latín countries I don't get along with Puerto Ricans big egotism. So I wad surprise he was nice until he told me he was Indian Punjabi.I was like what? I mean never thought about dating Indian, nothing against its just you guys aren't popular in our community the big deal are the white European. I work in Chipotle you must here about it if you're in USA and have lots of Indian customers big families come all the time and they put lots of hot salsa, I'm not fan of spicy food since I have burn stomach every
  8. I really want to know, be honest in other forum some Punjabi girls and Muslims call us the worst things women could be call. thank you
  9. I'm not a troll I'm a real Latina , I'm been honest. I live in the USA ,with my granparents. work in a restaurant. btw I suggest you to look on Wikipedia "Sikh Punjabi Mexican American "
  10. For been honest I thought he was Latin from how he look and dress like, I was surprised he was Punjabi Sikh. He drinks alcohol I don't mind even if I don't drink alcohol but I'm from the state of Jalisco in Mexico from were tequila comes from ill be very hypocrite If I say something about it since most of my family drink. None to all of that his father looks more traditional except for the sword. I'm barely 22 he is 23 were not trying to marry any time soon. Maybe in 3 more years and we don't bother telling them because is 3 years and everything could happen and since there traditional we d
  11. I'm Latina and I'm willing to convert because I love how family oriented you people are and the values you have.
  12. I know its not my business since I'm not even Indian, my boyfriend is Punjabi Sikh and I don't know about his accent in Punjabi but what I can tell you he has an accent when he talks in English and I like it , he talks in Punjabi with all his family goes to temple when he has too and when he always puts music in punjabi. I'm trying to learn Punjabi and Sikh traditions cause I love him and I respect his family. My point is it depends and in you're family how the teach you values. I was raise in Mexico and I feel the same about Mexicans behavior in the USA.
  13. I'm Latina and love Sikh Punjabi men. I find very interesting and beautiful Indian culture
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