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  1. Did anyone else notice the mandir at the end. That is more important than some lineage. Guru Nanak condemned statue worship and now they're out there worshiping his statue, now that is a kind of hypocrocy.
  2. I have gone to the camp for the past two years and I have to say its the one thing I look forward to my whole year. I'm more exited about this camp than my birthday. If I to pick between my birthday abd west coast, I would pick west coast. This camp is a life changing expeirience. I highly recommend every one to go.
  3. Thanks everyone for the reply. I just wanted feedback from Khalsa to see of anything I was doing May have been anti sikhi.
  4. I have this desire to read the bible, only for recreational reasons. Would that be OK as a Sikh, or would it be wrong. I have always wanted to know what they believe, but again I'll only be reading the bible for recreational reasons
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