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  1. To support the campaign for an Independant Punjabi republic please visit facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Republic-of-Punjab/642347095799974 ...and like Please support this political campaign, it is to gain support for autonomy in the Indian state of Punjab and compris it with the states of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Please note this is a non-violent campaign but a political one and wants to become a distinguished state whilst keeping military and economic ties with India. It is NOT an anti-India campaign hell bent on destroying India.
  2. Nishan Sahib is the Sikh Flag. The republic of Punjab is not Khalistan. Khalistan would be the current day Punjab in India wheras a Punjabi Republic would be the greater Punjab region of india. Please see Facebook page which explains and like if you support this cause: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Republic-of-Punjab/642347095799974 Although the Nishan Sahib is incorporated into the Republic flag it does not mean the same thing. A united, secular punjab is better than NO Punjab at all to wave the nishan Sahib for. Khalistan is not likely to ever be created and even if it was it would not adhere to Sikh principles and would consist of only a small percentage of the land which rightfully belongs to us.
  3. <banned word filter activated>????? Are these guys for real? I can understand why meat might need clarification but Halal??? Thats precisely what Guru nanak stated, "halal mean is forbiden". For GOD SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are non western Sikhs just plain thick or is it something in the water??
  4. Precisely, Punjab should be seperated and then lets turn it into a nation like the developed western countries which Punjabi youth aspire to. It will be a much easier task without the excess corruption from India and also the shady Hindu politics:)
  5. Ye I know, its because of the elephant. Thats why I wanted it re-drafted to be decorated like a war elephant and to be standing, kinda like the the lion on the spainish flag. Thanks for the compliment, I'd like to think it is magnificent, as is the Punjab:) ...please see the flag of spain or mexico they are more compliicated i think, not to mention sri lanka or whelsh flag. I don't think its a complicated flag at all. Besides, the orange flag with the khanda is the flag of the Khalsa, or Dan Khalsa, this is the flag for a Punjabi Republic. A united, secular Punjab. I have started a Facebook page which explains the principles of The Republic of Punjab, over Khalistan. If you'd like to support the cause pls like or Share: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Republic-of-Punjab/642347095799974 p.s. I also think if children wish to draw or represent the flag they can easily use the orange and green background with the khanda only. I'm sure this too would be instantly recognisable without the elephant or lion, I hope so anyway. ...one step at a time my friend:)
  6. the proposed flag of Punjab consisting of: Orange, representing the Hindu color Islamic green The Khanda represents freedom, justice, tolerence and the defending of these values by sword. The flag also depicts a war elephant symbolising Punjabs ancient battle history and a Lion representing the maharaja Ranjit singh The Republic of Punjab, The Punjabi Republic, East Punjab, Independant Punjab Nation, Free Punjab, Sikh Nation, Khalistan Can anybody who is good with graphics create a more detailed version of this flag using richer colors and a more detailed War elephant and Lion? thank you
  7. Please look up the "Punjabi Suba movement" Oh and check out my Facebook page, for a Punjabi Republic: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Republic-of-Punjab/642347095799974?ref=tn_tnmn
  8. OK, I understand the reason why a woman should guard her body but its not true that women feel cheap and used after sleeping with somebody. If she is in a serious relationship I do not think that she will feel used at all. But I completley understand the reasons for chastity. One thing I'd like to disagree with however is when you say it is infinitley worse for a woman to have premarital sex. It sounds very Islamic and I think you mean that it is excusable for a man to fornicate. If you beleive in chastity for a woman than you should also beleive in chastity for men since the guru granth sahib states that men and women are equal. and if you think its wrong for both men and women to fornicate then one cannot be worse than the other since they are both unnacceptable. I think respecting people, treating people how you wish to be treated, is an important part of an individuals philosophy regardless of religion and significantly elevates your Karma and in turn good things happen to people like this... just wanted to throw it our there. thanks for checking out my page. Ye I didn't know what to do so i just thought I'd start out with a Facebook page. There are many pro Khalistan pages but I am in suppport of a Punjabi Republic. I am not for Khalistan. I do not think it is a viable proposition. I wanted to create a page where people can engage in discussion and create a solid doctrine for a feasible solution for a Sikh Nation. A democratic movement which willl demand autonomy for punjab as a soverign state but still have central government, military and economical links in India. If I get enough followers I will think of taking it further. I cannot think at the moment of what else to do to it. It would be helpfull if u can give me a like. I will try coming up with things to make it more engaging. Any suggestions?
  9. Ok, I get your point there has already been some major steps made for the prospect of Khalistan but in my opinion, i'm sad to say, these have been in vain. I firmly beleive that Khalistan is unacheivable. Before the british conquered Punjab and it was annexed to "India" Punjab was an independant Secular state ruled by the Sikhs. Are you telling me there wasn't a punjabi Unity at that time? Course there was Maharaja Ranjit singh had muslims and Hindus in his kingdom who revered him and his principles of secularism and equality. Punjabi unity deteriorated after partition and it is the government of both Pakistan and India who are trying to dissolve the Punjabi Identity. Its the government who carved the states Himachal and Haryana out of punjab to create hindi speaking states that could not be claimed by Punjab/Khalistanis. Hindus selected Hindi as their language because they do not want to be part of Khalistan. What does Khalistan mean? The land of Sikhs! Why would Hindus want to be apart of this Land of sikhs. This is the reason for the Punjabi division! I want to Reinfore the Punjabi Identity. Punjabi is my race and Sikhi is my religion I cannot choose between the two. Its like choosing between my eyes and my ears. My opinion is that the Punjabi state ruled by Maharaja Ranjit Singh can make a come back as a modern day democracy! Its not slave mentality since Sikhs were the rulers when Punjabis were united:) If Punjabis are united we can claim the whole of punjab. If we are divided we can only claim current day Punjab as Khalistan which we will never get anyway. If we are united we have a legitimate claim. I want Punjab to be Identified a soverign Country with complete autonomy but maintain a central government in India which will have military and economic ties with India. Please answer me, which race are you? Which is your native country? Which is your native tongue?
  10. Ok firstly, I am a guy not a "her" and secondly I am a non-practising Sikh but I am taking an active interest in my religion now, i'm still learning/researching, and eventually hoping to become devout. I didn't mean any offense. "Cool water" makes a compelling argument and I agree with your reasoning. You state that athiest women are "used goods" which is why sikh men prefer to marry untouched Sikh women. Do you also think that Sikh men should refrain from fornication?? Cool-water, Jonny101 and DiscoverSikhism I find you to have quite pragmatic and informative answers also. I have recently started a Facebook page, initially for the cause of raising awareness about the Indo-Pak governments trying to destroy the Punjabi Identity but also I wanted to instigate debate and define Sikh principles for people such as myself who are interested in learning more about Sikhi. I find many topics on Sikhi hard to find or ambiguous elsewhere. I plan on updating the page regularly but currently its pretty new. If you have any time could you please visit my page and like or share and keep an eye on it because I think you are the type of people that can provide valuable input. My page is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Republic-of-Punjab/642347095799974?ref=hl
  11. I do not see it as that big of a problem. Sikhism is a religion of tolerence. the way I see it is that this does not mean the end or the decline of sikh people. The only people who think that if sikh women start marrying other men then there won't be any women left for them to marry are narrow minded cave-men-like individuals who think women should be kept on a leash. Sikhi preaches equality of men and women and Sikh men who cannot get other women, can't do so because of thier mentality and attitude towards women. Sikh men can always marry non-sikh women too:) Mixing outside your race is perfectly healthy its a proven fact that the more diverse your gene pool, the healthier the offspring will be. and just because the kids are not full Punjabi doesn't mean they are not Full Sikh! If a Sikh girl marries a non-Sikh man, she does not have to change her religion. she can still be a sikh and the children can decide for themselves whether they choose to follow Sikhi. But If a Sikh man marries a non-sikh women, she does not have to convert to Sikhi but the children will be born sikh. If the father is a Sikh then the children are Sikh since they will bear the fathers surname and the name Singh or Kaur. So if sikh girls choose to marry outside of the faith this is not the end of Sikhs.
  12. Not really, the languages you are reffering to are closely related to Punjabi. They are Punjabi but a slightly different dialect. Its like saying scousers speak thier own languaage because its ot the same english you hear in London. ..and that doesn't change the fact that the regions heritage is Punjabi. They were seperated from Punjab to create a hindi speaking people so that a punjabi seperatists could not claim these regions too, as Himachal borders Kashmir, so the Gov is intentially trying to transition the people to Hindi speakers. the point i'm making is that, muslims, hindu's, sikhs...etc of Punjabi descent want to claim either thier religion or their country as their Identity, indian or pakistani, when really our ethnicity/Identity is PUNJABI!!! Thats the race we belong to and thats our national identity and somewhere between the india pakistan partition we have lost sight of that. I beleive we should strengthen our Identity as punjabi's over the country or religion we belong to.
  13. Why? I feel the need to say "as a sikh" because these are the feelings as a sikh. Why so skeptical?
  14. HI everyone, As a sikh i think it is important that the sikhs have a homeland we can call our own since our Gurus sacrificed and faught so much for our freedom, rights and our land, Punjab, which we have now lost to India and Pakistan. We all need a nation and sikhs, for a proud and militant race with a noble history still do not have one yet. Currently the only option on the table is the Idea of a Khalistan which upon closer inspection seems like a hastily put together Idea in desperation to get a sort of a consolation prize. In my opinion it holds no value and I wanted to know what other intellectual Sikhs thought about it as currently it seems as though the driving force behind the notion of Khalistan is very disorganised and poorly thought out. Please share with me your thoughts, do you think Khalistan is an acheivable or realistic goal? Here are my reasons for critisizing the notion of Khalistan: Punjab is the Sikh homeland and it is here where our religion was born. Sikhism grew to popularity in Punjab in the 16th century in opposition to the Mughal rulers policy for the entire population to submit to Islam. Historically Sikhs resisted forced conversion and faught to defend other religios groups from persecution and submission to Islam also and eventually overthrew the mughal rulers. Punjab was then ruled under sikhs as a secular nation and under the principles of sikh teachings where all faiths and creeds were treated equally and in turn was revered by muslims, hindu's and sikhs alike. So why would sikhs now demand a small portion of Punjab as a country for only Sikhs? This would surely contradict the guru granth sahib which preaches co-existence and tolerence for other religions. When I think of a Sikh nation, I think of the pride of sikhism. An impressive reflection of Sikh values such as tolerence and freedom which would breed a vibrant, clean, non-currupt, multinational/cultural democratic country consisting of beautiful buildings and beautiful statues. I hardly think a sikh-only country demanded by narrow minded individuals will be able to acheive this since there will not be a diverse enough population to draw from in order to progress economic, social and urban development. Sikhs have a legitimate claim to the Whole of the Punjab. The fact that a minority of Punjabi's are sikhs does not mean we cannot claim the whole of Indian Punjab. A sikh country does not mean Sikh-only country, the fact there are many Hindu and Muslim punjabis in India does not mean that they will object to a sikh state if it was secular. I beleive Khalistan will be rejected by the non sikhs but an Independant Punjab has more validity and will be accepted by sikhs and non sikhs alike and therefore increasing the prospect of the state being created. Punjab IS the Sikh homeland PERIOD. An independant Punjab, The Republic of Punjab, will be the Sikh nation which in line with Sikhism will be democratic and secular for all Punjabi, and non punjabi, peoples. I wanted to bring these things to light and start a discussion with real sikh intellectuals rather than with the ignorant people who are mindlessly calling for a Khalistan. I started a Facebook page to make people more aware of these issues if you'd like to support it please like or share it, link is as follows: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Republic-of-Punjab/642347095799974 thank you, I'll look forward to hearing your responses!
  15. Yes, I can beleive this and I too think it is sad that the punjabi people in pakistan have an Identity crisis. Because of poor leadership and politics the punjabi language, culture and Identity has beared the brunt and is fast disapearing. ...but unfortunatley the same is happening in India too. The Indian government also wants to dissolve the punjabi people into hindi speaking Indian nationals.The two states of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana were carved out of punjab for this exact purpose, to erase their punjabi Identity and create a Hindi-speaking people. Whats really sad is that the Indian governments plot is actually working and many Punjabi people have no Idea that haryana and Himachal are actually part of punjab nor do the people who live thier. I recently created a Facebook page in an attempt to keep Punjabi people informed about these issues and try to unite Punjabi speaking people in hope of strengthening the Punjabi Identity since the Indo-Pak governments are both so hell-bent to destroy it. Please check out the page if you are interested in this isssue and like, share or just have a browse. Its called The Republic of Punjab, link is as follows: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Republic-of-Punjab/642347095799974?ref=hl thank you
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