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  1. Actually what I want to point is why indulge in the ritualism ? cannot we spare 2-3 hrs per day to do path ourselves at home if we really want a thanksgiving , we can perform full sehaj path in 10-15 days , and we will really get laha of understanding Baani really .Which in turn make us eligible for more kirpa from the eternal Force.
  2. i am speaking from my own experience , it is not a heresay do you know what Guru ji said about kesh - DHARE KESH PAHUL BINA BHEKHA DHARI SIKH , further - Kahe yo /gobind singh sune he piyare Bina Kes tegang(Gis silent ) karo na didarey ( Rehatnama bhai Daya Singh ) Now it is upto ourselves what we think about it . It is only upto ourselves what
  3. matter & the fact is shouldnot we hate ourselves , that we cannot spare time to listen to Gurbani or recite ourselves , instead we bewhy cannt lieve in ritualism of getting the Paath done , are not we trying to cheat ourselves & guru Sahib ji , our ten Guru Sahibaan taught us to rise above Ritualism and we still fall for it ?Why cannot we spare TIME TO atleast listen the Paath if we want to get it done , do we not have even 2days spare in the name of Guru? biggest shame is on the person who is getting it done by paying for it.
  4. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ?? Parents - pearents do not bother to imbibe sikh traditions to the next generations , in fact they see it useless , saying appe sikh jayega , whilst they take great pains to see the kids perform well at acamedics , also they are not able to set example for the kids Pracharaks - The pracharaks (preachers ) are not trained to respond well to the querries of the generation , the committed ,well read, able to satisfy the querries & educated ppl are not encouraged to take up the challenge as the pracharak class is not well paid , in fact all the gurudwara staff are under paid all around( that is what i have seen & felt ) in india Granthi in village gurdwara are paid even less than minimum wage specified under various Govt schemes - can we expect them to take interest in keeping themselves well informed & updated in knowledge ? There are some educated persons who are working selfless service in this regard , but see what they have to face lot of discourgements & critism from the established Dera People \ Babeys who feel themselves threatened with the approach of such people , going all out to shun their voice . SGPC & leadership- What kind of pracharaks are being prepared by SGPC , less said is better , the syllabus is ageold , they do not teach the future pracharaks comparative religion , logic , philosophy of other faiths ( except ancient indian thought ) result is that such pracharaks are blank when confronted with western philosophy this is only illustrative , can be discussed in details , ABOVE ALL THE TRAINING STARTS RIGHT FROM THE CRADLE WHEN THE MOTHER RECITES GURBANI WITH HER CHILD IN HER LAP , some one may agree or not i have felt it within my family , with all the values given by our mother to us all 5 brothers & sister . And further whoever of us have passed further , is with active participationn of the wives of us Brothers only ( We are 2nd gen into Sikhi , our Father converted ,& the tradition being passed over to our next Generation fateh
  5. Bro , are you not proud to be SINGH? ou r faith teaches us to rise above the casteism , and we still stick to our castes, but claim to be KHALSA ? Please give my suggestions a thought FATEH
  6. We in our family do paath ourselves , if necessary , wherever family members reside (we are all doing Jobs ) ,local sangat joins to help in case of need opting for daytime rauls , the night duties are taken by family members voluntarily . If necessary no is not present , we go for sehaj path , continuing recitation 8-12 hrs daily and performing samapti bhog on fixed date .This way , we get to recite and listen baani and able to understand and imbibe the values taught by Guru Sahib ji in gurbaani . We do not wish to take pride in it , just we are doing what has been taught by our great parents and the MAha purushs we came across in our life , we are just following the way of Life shown by them . REquest sangat to undertake the recitationn of Gurbanii themselves (as far as possible ) or take paathis from reliable pool guaranteeing the life of the paathi singhs , and above all please spare time to listen also , otherwise there is no use of performimg paaths
  7. that guy is talking nonsense , the lines he quoting from Ang 487 /488 is from Shabad by Bhagat Dhanna ji , stating that the Bhagats which hailed from the so called low castes rose in social status due to bhakti , and taking inspiration from these ( KABIR JI , RAVIDAAS JI , NAMDEV JI ) Dhanna also started bhagti and attained the desired goal The reason you raised question is , We have not read and imbibed the sense of Gurbani , had you read the whole shabad , you would have been able to make suitable reply on the spot . meaning that for Waheguru, man made system caste has no relevence for Ang 469 what Guru Sahib Says is quoted out of reference please read the full verse from Jog sabdang gian Sabadang , bed sabadang brahmahah ---- to Nanak ta ka daas hai soi niranjan dev.Again , Bro you have not read so you are not able to understand and reply whereas that guy is quoting single lines and distortingg the full meaning to 180degree My request is , please read and understand gurbani by sparing some time Fateh
  8. Bro , whatever you are stating is half truth & concocted facts . To start with , let me start with what is solar & Lunar Calander and what Bikrami calender is . In India we have 2 calenders in vogue , Saka & bikrami . Saka calender is improved version of solar calender of SAKAS (SCYTHIANS) who were worshippers of Sun . the solar calender reckons one single revolution of earth around sun as one year which is some where around 365.34 days (one day as we all know being time taken by earth in one revolution around its own axis ), to adjust the extra 0.34 day we have every third year as leap year . Now another system is Lunar calender which considers one revolution of moon around earth as one month(it is 29point something earth days for layman like me )now this makes 12 lunar months equal 362 days app which creates anomaly of anniversaries as per lunar calenders coming 10-11 days early in suceeding years in solar calenders . To remove this anomaly the indian astronomers created extra month in every third lunar year called as mal maas in hindu calenders . present christian calender is improved version of JUlian solar calender , which like SAKa samvat of Indian calender is a Solar calender . Government of india adopted Saka Calender as their official calender as dates once fixed as per this calender will never be at variance in comparison to Chirstiann Calender (in vogue in most of the world ) . Bikrami calender , Started by king Vikramaditya of Ujjain upon his ascention on throne is a lunar calender hence any anniversary is celebrated according to this calender may come 10-11 days earlier in suceeding year , which has been happening in Sikh Gurupurabs .The days of puranmasi , masya , panchami , chaudh (14th day of lunar month ), dasmi ikadas etc being observed in most deras also fall under same category To clear this anomaly Dr Purewal suggested adoption of a solar based Khalsa Calender , through which all gurupurabs would be , falling on the same date of Gragorian Calender (Christian calender )every year .It was the duty of SGPC to convince all concerned , if it wanted to adopt this proposed calender , about the benefits of a better scientific and mathematically more accurate calender .If there were some protests the sangat should have been informed about it and proper deliberation should have been conducted to reach an agreement . I presume some deras will always oppose such approach as their system of observing Masya , puranmasi , Panchami , chauth (4th of Lunar month ) dasmi , Chaudh (14 th of Lunar month ) which is not in tume with the views of Gurbani Mahawaak MAAH DIWAS MOORAT(MUHURTA ) BHALE JIN KAU NADAR KAREY. But what the SGPC did , i need not repeat the whole happening s over the years , implemented the calender , wilted under the pressure , agreed to observe some Gurupurbs as per Lunar calender and some as per Solar calender making mockery of whole Sikh Community . if we want to stick to Lunar calender , there is nothing wrong or to feel ashamed of it , See in islam they still follow lunar Calender (Hijri Calender )and also do not add the month (as indian Bikrami calender does ) hence after every 3 years Eid slips one month Back in gGregorian Calender , but they do follow their own tradition . Same way if we want to adopt (our indian Lunar calender is better & improved version )lunar , let us adopt but that will not happen , reason everyone knows , clash of egos, run to show that ours is scientific faith and only notion thatwhat i say is correct (by all concerned quarters) If we stick to the system of Gurmata , the decision making by concesus , dropping our egos only this and so many other issues can be resolved i have put my views only as suggestion without any illwill towards anyone , if some Bro feels agitated , my apologies in advance FATEH
  9. Although i have not heard this before, on seen the above vid, this may be possible as his mother - TEJI BACHHAN hailed from sikh family , still our faith does not give recognition to blood relations of descendents , only the deeds are respected .Hence even if he says so , as he is not following sikhh tenets he is as alien to us as any other person from a different faith
  10. Just search with title nitnem on youtube will find many results, best is by bhai Jarnail sing damdami taksal , also by satnamsingh sethiji
  11. UNDER HEADING http://new.sgpc.net/nitnesgpc & sikhee.com download without charges
  12. also available at sikhee.com under heading prayers
  13. just download from ikirtan.com
  14. Like you said,if you tead onlywithout understanding or following,listen to as many sants,read as many epics you like you are reaching nowhere,thete is nothing requires any comments then
  15. I will not add any more on the subject of mantra jaap & mantra Sidhi , Just request all singhs to study Gian Prabodh by Dasam Patshah ji & understand properly - every thing will be clear about the kind of jaap , havaan & mantra Sidhi Some guys are advocating here bhul chuk maaf WJKK WJKF
  16. This is a good news,we should not forget many more are still in jails even after completing jail term .We shud step up effoRts for these singhs
  17. ok , battles of Naushehra( Hari Singh Nalwa ), Sirhind , Mudki , Chillian wala , Saragarhi , Gudas Nangal , Sabraon (under Sham Singh attariwala), battle of Chotta Ghallughara ,also I'd like Baba banda ji Battle of Samana ( for examplary war tactics where he unexpectedly ambushed the town in midnight to avenge the chotte Sahibzade by taking hold of Zallads who killed sahibzade ) , and last let us not forget Delhi operation under Dal Khalsa under Baba Baghel Singh Ji
  18. Guru sahib ji while meeting Ram Rai said- RamRai guru ka,is ki sangat bhootni(Ram rai is accepted by Guru but his sangat- which was by then out of his control is out of bounds of Sikhi)hence the dictum still holding,further ar dera of Ram rai in Dehradoon almost all the acts being performed are against gurmat hence Singhs do not hve relations with his followers.For further knowledge can refer to history books about what happened wirh ramrai after his meeting with Guru Sahib ji.It is lengthy story,I have just provided hints for answer to the querry rsised by the singh starting thread Feel the question of alias is replied
  19. Battle of chamkaur,battles of mukatsar,saragarhi,the last battle by sikh general Sham singh attari against brit army,the last battle by baba banda singh ji, Battle of chamkaur,battles of mukatsar,saragarhi,the last battle by sikh general Sham singh attari against brit army,the last battle by baba banda singh ji,the lone battle by baba bota singh n garja singh ji
  20. Any mahapurush I ever met never talked about any gurbani termed as Gayatri . that is more than sacrilege.rampur kede wale sant never talked about it.as far i know.neither did mastuane wale mahapurush.do jap any gurbani,be it from SGGS or bani of dasam pita but do not term as gayatri mantra any right thinking singh cannot tolerate this
  21. Dors anybody replies to my objections?are you all agents of RSS? or what
  22. Whatis mentioned inSGGS is- pandey tumri gayatri lodhey(farmer)ka khet khati thi le ke lakri tagri tori langad langad jati thi( rag gond naamdev ji) .Moreover the gauatri in hindu rel was not allowed for socalled shudras. Do we differentiate for any bani?Whoever is doing such acts of bringing brahmanwad in our faith thru backdoor is to be identified ,exposed and vehemently opposed HAM HINDU NAHIN HAIN take it for once &always
  23. N30 do you think any granth in sikhi more puratan than AdSGGS?please do not try to create confusion to prove you correct.We are not nakalchis to coyy names from other faiths.are you a real sikh or using this s forum under pseudonym ?
  24. Jas Singh I share your pov,while most posts do not understand that thru thesr kind of things only the ills of honduism are creeping in our faith
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