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  1. vjkk vjkf sangat. i was wondering if anyone knew of good stores/malls to shop in, in the state of washington. i know alota of sangat from surrey/abby go to the states to shop, and i was wondering if they could tell me good places to shop there. iam looking for name brand things like armani..hugo boss, guess,.. that kind of stuff and i dont want to spend krazy dollars. can anyone help me? thnx. vjkk vjkf. p.s i know there are gonna be people out there that are gonna say that fashion has nothing to do with religion etc... but iam just trying to find good clothes at a decent price, iam not trying to be a model. so u can say all u want, but its not gonna hit me.
  2. i got the chocolate that rogers/fido gives out, i dunno, for this phone it is weird setting up my personal ring tone to it. the steps that you, sitargirl, told me, got me to the right place, but still, it doesnt allow me to set my own ring tone up, my only options are the ones that they phone came with it, i got stuff in my mp3 player on my phone, but i cannot seem to make those audio files to be my ring tone, anyone got the same chocolate i do , LG Chocolate TG800
  3. i was wondering how would u set a ring tune for the lg chocolate, i have tried to figure it out, but cant, can someone help me>?
  4. i have downloaded the punjabi font, the problem is that i cant view pages in punjabi, their are in these wierd english letters/numbers. can someone help me?
  5. just a question, if i do want to listen to chandi di vaar, is there a certain time that i should listen to it, or is there any maryada i should follow when listening to it?
  6. dear sunny_love_ kirtan, i have noticed that me and you have the same taste in kirtaneese. we both like dehli vale, laddi, shant, nirmal junior and there prolly way more too. all i'd like to say is
  7. i was wondering if anyone could tell me what i should get my self ready for, for the punjabi test int grade 12 in BC. since you dont have to take french if you know punjabi and can just take the punjabi test to go into university and i was wondering if there is anyone on this forum that could tell me what they studied and what i should study for on the punjabi test. what should i expect on it? thnx. vjkk vjkf
  8. dear sunny_love_kirtan, i was wonderin if u could just upload that shabad on this site.
  9. sangat ji, does anyone have the shabad kunthay mala jehva raam.(forgive me for my mistakes). if anyone does, pleez can u upload it on this site. thnx. vjkk vjkf
  10. hahha, thanks sangat for all ur help. may vaheguru bless u. vjkk vjkf
  11. hahah, sry, commando; those style of patkays with the piece of cloth at the back, hanging down. hope that helps. vjkk vjkf
  12. vjkk vjkf. i was wondering if a sikh could wear those "comando" style patkas when doin work, or playin outside, ie. football, basketball..... i dont want this to turn in to a "keski as a kakkar" discussion, because i dont think it is a kakkar, but i do belive it is important. i was just wonderin if u could wear those style of patkas for playin sports? PS. Admin Ji, if this turns in some big agrument over kakkars;keski, please close this topic as soon as possible. thnx. vjkk vjkf
  13. jawaddi taksal is a school dedicated towards teaching kirtan, but it is not linked in any way to the damdami taksal. thas all i know :lol:
  14. can the sangat tell me which software should i download for writing articles in punjabi on the computer. i want something that is very simple to use and simple to download/install. thnx. vjkk vjkf
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