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  1. Harjinder?? is that how you address a kirtania of the Gurus Darbar? ....... Bhai Hajinder Singh Jee, He already has Guru jis grace. he lives a very Gurmukh life and are an example of a Gursikh, they are also well versed in Raag. You talk about Raag vidiya? first focus on your jeevan, then when you actually learn something talk about raag vidiya. I hope you will realise that you will never ever be able to stop Kirtania from doing Kirtan in Guru Jis Darbar. Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji is the one who is in control, always has been and always will be not you. The countless number of people who conne
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Dear Colleagues, Re: Attendance to demonstration about injust decision to hang Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana on 31st March 2012. 9.amin Central Jail, Patiala Reminder: We urge everyone to do their utmost in joining the demonstration tomorrow (20th March 2012) outside of the offices of Indian High Commission London between 12.00-2.00pm to highlight the injustices and the opposition to the death penalty. Also: If you have not already done so we request that you urgently print 200-300 copies (or more if required) of the attached letter and
  3. dont worry, just keep doin as much simran and bani as you can.................... the phase your in regarding not wanting to talk to anyone that will pass and change a number of times over the years, its absolutley no problem........you dnt need to go out looking for friends or ppl to socialise with or talk to, or boys to talk to or anything, just do what you sed your doing and make time to sit in the sangat and sing kirtan
  4. i havent got access to tv atm I think if possible then we should fill a few planes and go to show our support. Its not everyday that we need to do this, we spends hundreds and hundreds on coaches on protests all year, but when do you get to support a Singh who is going to be Shaheed? This is in front of our eyes............ oh its online ... done it
  5. Just wanted to know is there any members of the UK Sikh Community or Sikh Organisations travelling as a group or individually to the Shaheedi Asthan of Bhai Balwant Singh Ji for 31st March? Could people post any information or if anything has been organised?
  6. nno one should be going around door to door collecting money, if they are genuine, then send them to your local gurdwara who can then decide to appeal on their behalf. 9 times out of 10 these ppl are cons. all i can suggest is, keep a base ball bat behind your door ..... if you dont do anything then they might end up pushing ther way into a little old ladys home, or your sisters, or your daughter.... wake up singhs!
  7. ok, it seems like you have good intentions but you dont have a clue mate. i dont think we should ever....EVER! forget 1984. first of all justice has not been done, the organisers of the mass murders and rapes of innocents are still walking free. Every human right organisation would agree that until justice isnt done then we cannot move on, until laws dont change, until governments dont provide sikhs the rights, we cannot just forget. Regardles of that, go ask those who lived to see their families get murdered and their mums and sisters raped by groups 5, 10,15 animals and then left for dead!!!
  8. Yes Culcuta Music House is reputable and alot of people buy from them, unfortunately they will still rip you off. They may not rip you off as badly as other places if thats any help. You either need a raagi jatha singh or some one who plays kirtan to go with you thats the only advice, once i had to bribe a kirtania singh and I said I would buy him any vaja he wanted, n when we went to the shop he got a good deal and a good vaja, then I said give me two please :D..... but take someone with you otherwise you will be conned no matter how sweet, innocent, young and old the person looks!! it do
  9. VJKK VJKF SPECIAL DIVAN Gurdwara Khaalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaas Tuesday 5TH July 2011 7pm - 9.30pm Kirtan Darbar Bhai Davinder Singh Khanne Vale Request for all sangat to give us darshan please.
  10. looks like a holy women, many women from pinds in punjab wear a range of colours and their clothes also cover their body maybe you dont see that in the west as much, in fact I have seen many very spiritual women who are sikhs who would look like that ok teekya they aren't wearing a dastar but the picture makes me think of a motherly figure, royal and majestic and yea like a singhni there is so much you can take from that, one could be all those bibiyan who sacrificed their children for sikhi rather than fight on here we should do one chaupai.....(including myself)
  11. Vjkk vjkf please forgive me, I am going to give a general reply.... please dont take offence, I am your younger brother... my advice would be for you to take amrit. We have been given this human life after to many life forms. Maharaj says, heerai jaisa janam hai, kaudi badlai jaaee. This precious life is like a priceless jewel, but it is being lost in exchange for a mere shell. baajh guru dubbha jag saara - without the guru the whole world is drowning. Dhan Guru Granth Sahib ji says bin gur outt n hor ko , sachee outt n kadhae binaasee - there is no shelter without the Guru, the gurus r
  12. GPS from reading this thread, all i see is you doing nindiya and you silly attempt to deface someone. have a break and do something positive with your life i think the sangat shud ignore the gps guy anyway Baba Baljit Singh is doing good parchar, cant wait to go to a divaan
  13. Vaheguru we need this advice so much in this day and age can someone define all the actions and behaviour of the deer which we need to implement????
  14. veer ji no matter what happens, when you are with Guru ji and doing Akhand Paath seva then nothing should matter. Nothing is no longer urgent. The time spent doing this seva is more important than anything else in the world. If you can help it then don't stop reading, or engage in any conversation. I know some gianis keep a bell to get the attention of others when they need to leave. im not sure what the marayada is, but I have been taught that when your doing seva, nothing matters, even if you have to do 1,2,3.....extra hours, this extra time is a blessing and will take your kamai a lon
  15. We cant say that Maharaj is coming to come back , he didnt go any where Maharaj is always here, he takes form of a human and takes form of anything or nothing. he is ang sang, in the future he will be here as much as he is now and he is here now as much as he has been in the past. whatever form Maharaj takes, he is still everywhere, and if he takes human form it does not guarantee his darshan. i think it is only if we live in the Rehit will we be blessed with Guru jis darshan but the comment, will he be back in human form is not really possible to be discussed, as Maharaj hasnt gone a
  16. normally the rally is the first sunday after june 4th?, i think we should stick to that every year. so veerji says that due to some reason it is not possible this year due to an event on the 5th? are you 100% sure its not possible? can anything be done to make it possible? However I trust that you will have done what you can regarding this and if you've went ahead and printed posters well i guess its too late too change this date. whether or not that was the right thing to do.... so if its not in our hands, then let the rally be on the 13th june, that is the sensible decision. How about
  17. like veers have implied, the purpose isn't numeric, obviously the more the better why not try doing one mala properly, with full attention and focus....... if your mind wonders try again.......... keep trying........ do it for the 40 minutes or however long, but dont worry about how many times you do it
  18. one chardikala singh told me a story about the development of committees , ill share it with you, he said that committees were created in the Gurdwara to gain charitable status allowing access to benefits or services associated with registering as a charity. The intention of sikhs wasnt that these committees would run the gurdwara but allow for the benefits attached to having a charitable status. however very quickly it became obvious how easy it was to set up the whole committee thing and before you know it every gurdwara had a committee and the 'panj piyare' became part of the committee,
  19. haha i was wondering when someone would ask that, nah you didnt miss it cos they werent on it, but lets no go there..... Chardikala jatha are an inspiration, the programs have been amazing, the sangat have loved the kirtan, im sure video recordings will be up soon too
  20. both Edinburgh and Newcastle were amazing...... pictures and recordings will be up soon...
  21. vaheguru ji bhai nirinjan singh is coming up north on end of this week. so he is probably in london atm
  22. We have/had alot in common! Guru di kirpa naal, from the sant and mahapurakh i have had the blessings to talk to, they have told me that regardless of our situation, never delay a step in sikhi. my understanding from them has been that.. you should take amrit now!!! :D :D there are going to be many amrit sanchars in the uk over the next week. Infact theres some singhs from north east are going to a amrit sanchar next sunday, do you want to speak to someone or discuss anything let me know and i will give you a contact. regarding the work you do, do ardas everyday to Maharaj that he bles
  23. Vjkk Vjkf Penji how are you?! hope you enjoy your time in the UK If there is any arrangements by sangat from London then ill let you know. There are coaches from Victoria station to Newcastle, but i think it takes around 9 hours The trains run from Kings Cross to Newcastle in only 3 and a half hours, tickets can be expensive tho No one in the south likes coming to newcastle, cos we are so far away
  24. posters been amended slightly there will be sangat from london, and midlands, im only aware of coaches from Scotland. However im sure there is still time to arrange it, if anyone is able to arrange for enough sangat to fill a coach then please contact the number on the poster........ its going to be amazingggg!
  25. I think it is pure ignorance to make conclusions on what people say and make opinions on such matters. this thread has been discussed many times before everyone has a right to their 'opinion', but i think we are not in a position to judge, look at your own jeevan, many probably do more paap with their eyes and mind alone, do you not know the punishment of slandering? everyone knows about the picture, and the allegations, so its not like we need to keep bringing it up. Haven't people got anything better to do, why not inspire people towards Maharaj, why do we always like to highlight and
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