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  1. BEFORE THE SUBLIME MYSTERY OF EXISTENCE, SPACE AND TIME, ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF GOD OUR BELOVED JASMEET KAUR AT THE TENDER AGE OF 14 YEARS DEPARTED FROM THIS WORLD. IN THE FINAL HOURS OF HER SHORT LIFE SHE WAS BLESSED WITH AMRIT AND THE WARM EMBRACE OF THE GURU JI. HER SOUL IS NOW FREE AND UNITED WITH WAHEGURU. A Keertan programme has organised in remembrance of the blessed soul, Jasmeet Kaur. Keertan will start at 6pm till midnight. Saturday 11th September 2010 At Guru Nanak Gurdwara 1 Hadley Park Road, Hadley, Telford, Shropshire TF1 6PW For further information log on to www.akj.org
  2. Veer Jee thank you for your reply. I believe your notion to be incorrect in the context that you believe that animal farming to be correct. Animal farming is nothing to do with mother natures food chain. It is an unnatural man-made method to produce a monetary return. Therefore the whole conceptual idea and the actual killing of animals is only based on a vice, possessed by us weak humans, Guru Granth Sahib Jee describes as Greed. To satisfy the the greed of man, us humans have resorted to the killing of animals in a mass-scale. If we believe ever-prevalient God to exist even in animals, thro
  3. We can see this aurgument from two perspectives: 1. The Bujjer Kurehit is eating the animal itself. But feeding the animal to a dog isn't a Bujjer Kurehit, because you're not consuming it yourself. As stated in an earlier post, it is made clear through Bhai Gurdaas Jee varan that Guru Hargobind Sahib kept dogs. These dogs hunted and therefore eat meat. Guru Gobind Singh had a Baaj, and this Baaj was also utilised to assist Guru Sahib in hunting. This Baaj evidently eat meat. Whether these animals kept by Guru Sahib eat the meat according to their own will, or by the hukam of Guru Sahib is a q
  4. Gurfateh Jee Yes, with Guru Sahib's Kirpa she was blessed with Naam. Only Guroo knows what divine sights she was seeing or feeling. One word to describe her is 'Bholee' she was so bholee infact that I think even if she was being blessed with Waheguroos Darshan at the time of Amrit, she might of just been thinking that everyone is experiencing the same thing! The last I saw the smile on her face was after Amrit in the Langar hall, I looked at her and she just smiled. Thank you everyone for your thoughts a feelings. May Guroo bless you all with Naam Di Daat. Gurfateh Jee
  5. Article has been uploaded on http://jasmeetkaur.blogspot.com please take time out to read
  6. Before the sublime mystery of existence, space and time, according to the will of God our beloved Jasmeet Kaur at the tender age of 14 years has departed from this world. In the final hours of her short life she was blessed with Amrit and the warm embrace of the Guru ji. Her soul is now free and united with Waheguru. Please let your family and friends know about this event to spread the message. I have created a blog and will be uploading an article about our beloved Jasmeet Kaur shortly: http://jasmeetkaur.blogspot.com/ Please bless us with your Darshan at the two day event which includes
  7. Please could the mods remove the link and the singhs addresses as we all know there are a lot of non-sikh people who read this site and may try to use this to their advantage. it would be the greatest shame if something was to happen to the families of these singhs because there addresses were put up on a sikh forum!!!!!
  8. Fateh Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh in Gurmat Prakash writes that all Bhagats met Guru Nanak (whether that be Nirgun or Sargun, what we have to remember is Guru Nanak is Nanak Jyot which as Aad Sach - truth from the beggining). Before they met Nanak Jyot they had ego in their hearts, but as soon as they met Nanak Jyot and became Ik Mikk with the jyot their ego was totally removed. All Bhagats recieved Naam DriR from Guru Nanak as Bhagat Kabeer Jee states: kabeer saachaa sathigur mai miliaa sabadh j baahiaa eaek | Kabeer, the True Guru has met me; He aimed the Arrow of the Shabad at me. la
  9. Aston is a redbrick uni not metropolitan. Main concern for employers these days is experience not University.
  10. Gurfateh Heres a few things that can help: - A quick way to solve this issue is by smiling. I'm no psychologist/bioligist but I do know that when you smile edorphins (sorry if i spelt it wrong) get realised into your body. This hormone (or what ever you want to call it) stimulate the reward pathways which in return make you feel good about yourself. So SMILE SMILE SMILE!! Remember smiling is such an exellent way to bond with people. EVEN BABIES REALISE THIS AT SUCH A TENDER AGE!! Gursikhs who continually Jap Naam have a constant smile on their faces. A smile causes positive energy around us
  11. ***** This is not comfirmed as yet ***** There will probabaly be one in Feburary organised by Akhand Kirtani Jatha (UK) in either Gravesend or Coventry.
  12. Please read the following line from the initail post: "If any persons do not have full Kakars, then AKJ UK will provide them as part of the seva."
  13. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh There is a minor mistake in my post. The Raensubaae/AmritSinchaar is on the 27th Saturday not 28th.
  14. Waheguru ji Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh In loving memory of Jathedhar Bhai Surat Singh "Puran Ji" Akhand Kirtani Jatha welcomes you to join in with the Sadh-Sangat to sing the praises of Waheguru in a Reansubaae (from night to dawn) Kirtan Darbaar. The Reansubaee is in commemoration of Panth-Ratan, Bhai Surat Singh Ji “Puran Jee.” There is also an Amrit Sinchaar taking place during the Reansubaae. A benti to everyone to attend the Raensubaae Kirtan and immerse yourselves in with Laha of Gurbani. Please also let others know of the program and Amrit Sinchaar by forwarding this e-mail. Raensu
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