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  1. 2 hours ago, jkvlondon said:

    remember each maccie D burger has meat of average one hundred carcasses mixed together, imagine the karmic load of just that one burger ...would you for 'cardboard food'??

    Penji I can't understand what you wrote, what was you saying about the cardboard box?

    kinda gone over my head




  2. Again, puranatan sikh did hunt and consume meat agreed. However for today's sikhs my point is if your not prepared to kill the animal because for e.g you haven't got the heart. But your all at the ready to eat it, whether it's a chicken or a cow, then that's simply just a convenience for you within your diet.

    You will only understand what it means to eat meat when you Jhatkaa the animal, skin it/de-feather it's carcass, gut it, butcher it and then cook it. This is when even the meat eater will become a vegetarian because it's this very process which has been removed making it so easy to consume a animal, removing the messy part. 

    That's why there's no daya in mcdonalds or asda...etc meat products. 

    If your Amritdhari sikh and want to eat meat, hunt or kill the animal yourself and perform jhatka.




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    Please do not slander something which you do not understand or have no knowledge on.

    Dhan Dhan Baba Vadhbagh Singh Ji helped and still helps through his shakti today. 

    No where in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji does Mahraj tell us that sikhi is against an exorcism neither does Mahraj ji say that spirits do not exist.

    The Bhooth Preth possess a persons consciousness. Not everyone is affected by this. The majority of humanity is possessed by their own 5 vices.

    However for this percentage which suffers spiritual issues has support base through Gurbani and Dhan Dhan Baba Vadhbagh Singh. Bhooth Pret, Jamm Dhooth and even Dhan Dhan Baba Dharamraj ji have no jurisdiction over a Khalsa sikh....but not everyone in the world is a Khalsa sikh! That's why Baba Vadhbagh Singh assists other people who are lost.

    The blessed guru himself is a relation to Dhir Mal. So please do not tarnish Baba Vadhbagh Singh Ji with tarnished family members. We all have them right?





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  4. Whites never looted anything from colonies. This is a lie. There was nothing to loot as the east was largely agrarian societies. If anything they brought industry to the east.


    LOL? The whites just asked black people to jump on a boat and for them and their future generations to be slaves?

    What history books do you read bro to get to your opinion?

  5. I remember reading sakhi where a Singh was captured and his head shorn and beard cut and they tried to convert him by force but Guru ji said he was still a Sikh because he had not eaten halal and had not done nikkah with a muslim.


    Is that the one where when they even behead him his head flies of the Thalie so the musclemanie wasn't even able to touch his sees after shaheedi!

  6. We should make sure that ALL sikhs no matter what state of their sikhi stop eating at Halal places , this was hukam of Guru ji because that is how the conversion process is sealed if everyone is eating halal/kuttha all they have to do is get people to say/read.write shahada and it's done. It is to ease their conversion process


    100% right!

  7. what I cannot understand why can't they say ok we will let our kids have the veggie and therefore halal option just like the rest of us judaism included it is only five meals after all...cost savings all round and less hassle . My daughter has to carry a colour coded tray was green for veggie then somehow the halal option became the green tray creating havoc ...there are four colours red, blue, green , yellow (non dairy, non- allergenic)


    I think the reason is because Muslims do want to eventually achieve a majority in numbers around the world.

    The halal food method was used in our gurus times where the moghuls only legally permitted halal slaughter- another reason why sikhs still carried out jhatka in defiance of that law.

    Is your kids school in Muslim majority or minority?


    The devte and devia are extra terrestrial beings. They have been known under many names and forms all around our planet over many ages shaping human existstance as we know it today due to the technogy thy posses and the higher intelligence they have than our human form. However they too just like us humans have to battle with the panj chor to attain waheguru.

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    The halal meat industry is a joke here in the uk anyway. The funny thing is most Muslims won't eat halal meat done in uk slaughter houses due to British Laws stating that the animal has to be stunned via a bolt gun before slaughter which is against the halal slaughter method because they believe the animal should be not stunned.

    Sad thing is, halal meat is in uk schools and hospitals without anyone really knowing so it's on a national scale even where there is a Muslim minority.


    Brother, there is only one Amrit and one Khalsa and there should only be one rehat. The jathebandi you should be apart of should be that of Dhan Dhan Shiri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Mahraj.

    If you and this sister were to have Anand Karaj, you should make what I stated above fact and teach your kids of this jathebandi and of the one and only Khalsa.

    The guru gave us sovereignty within ourselves and Khalsa raj first starts within us individually so brother, lead the way the guru and your Khalsa panth intended you to!

  11. Reread what I wrote very, very slowly as you have problems with your reading comprehension skills. If that doesn't get work, get someone to read my post and explain it to you.


    I did read your post accurately, but for the benefit of doubt il read it once again for you as you suggested.

    I'd suggest you read what gurbani has to say about nimrata and how sikhs should address one another. Mithi jabaan will get you along way brother.

    I also think you should read my previous post one more time and maybe consider stop calling yourself a sikh and start calling your self just a jatt and a worshiper of your caste and clan leader. Be an embassodor in what you believe in, not in something half heartedly because to be a sikh, you first have to give your head. I don't think you fit the bill because you can't even give your ancestry up.

    Jatt claim Dhan Dhan Shaheed Baba Deep Singh ji as a jatt and not Khalsa. When will we hear the jatt claiming Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale ji as a jatt and not Khalsa?

  12. I don't need to be a scholar to point out a hypocrite. You don't need to leave your families and jobs to create a movement of sorts to help out the Mazhbi's, my selfish friend.

    "You don't seem to understand very much about the problems facing mazhbis. They aren't in need of money any more than the average Jatt..."

    Spoken like a true fool. One of the major reasons a person leaves one religion for another is because of support and not because their ego was not massaged in their previous religion. You are truly an ignorant bufoon.

    Since when does having your own Gurdwara catering to your communities needs equates to being 'cut off'?. If you're not happy the way Jatts behaving in one Gurdwara, would it not be better if you create your own? There are Ramgharias, Sainis, Dhoabe...and they all have their own Gurdwaras. You don't see Jatts or these other communities complaining that they're being 'cut off' from each other. Why is that? Why the constant complain and whining from the likes of you of not being 'inclusive'? That's because you're suffering from an over inflated ego.

    If you truly are so concerned about Mazhbi leaving Sikhism, why don't you do something? Create a fund from the UK. Help them out. Create Gurdwaras that are 'inclusive' of them. But you're not here to help. You're here to massage your ego. You need to find a bogeyman to attack and make yourself look good in front of your low IQ Pendu buddies.

    Nobody leaves one religion for another just because they were 'looked down' by members of their own community you clueless nit wit. If that were the case, millions of low caste Hindus would have left Hinduism by now. Do you think there are no problems among Christians and Muslims? You are very ignorant as to why one leaves a religion for another.


    Why would you support and suggest a movement to make a gurdwara purely based on caste? How is this in anyway good for sikhi.

    If you wish to continue to carry on endorsing the jatt caste you should not say your a sikh of the guru. Because the guru is against the hierarchy of any caste. There is no justification for your view in gurmat. It is simply manmat.

    As I have said before on this site, you should return fully to your jatt roots and ancestor worship. Light a diva for the jathedar of your clan and be in ore of your ancestors.

    Live and breathe your jatt ancestry, but leave sikhi to the gurus sikhs.

  13. The poster "Quantivus" has highlighted the problem with this very subject within his/her post based on their personal opinion.

    It is not about building SEPARATE caste based gurdware or counting how many Sikh contributors to the faith were of jatt ancestry. That's the point right there. These individuals did it for sikhi and the panth which preaches no caste lol? They gave their lives for the tenets of Sikhi.

    Until we see all our mahaan shaheed as contributors to sikhi and the panth without looking at caste, we can then move on.

    It does not just affect sikh from mazhabi ancestry, it affects us all.

    The usual arguments will come into debate like "who did the gurus marry" and "what caste were they". Fact of the matter and fact based on gurmat is caste has no place in sikhi. Either in marriage or either in contribution. Only when you condemn caste supremacy issues, can you really move forward as a guru ka sikh.

    Guru Nanak Dev ji, denounced his caste by not accepting his janeu. He then in later life adopted farming. Surely this demonstrates that a job is a job. Over time anyone can become professional within their profession. However it sea that over time, we still have not adopted Guru Nanak Dev Jis sikhi and moved forward with him.

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  14. Is anything stopping others doing the same?


    It's kinda sounds like your justifying it due to other groups now doing the same caste segregation. Again other groups segregate themselves onto castes however it is only the jatts what act as supremacists.

    Why don't you just condemn the jatts and the others for doing any caste segration rather than in away say " they do it, so will we"?

  15. Can you confirm if Sikhs of non Jatt background also marry "within caste" or is it just Jatts who do this.

    Does a Sikh of Tharkan/Ramgharia background consider themselves superior to some who is a chamar or Mazhabi background or is it just Jatts that does this?

    Is this perceived superiority of Jatts happen to be due to the fact that Sikhs of Jatt background just happen to be numerous?


    Obviously the other groups you mentioned do.....without going into the usual debate that's the usual caste based issue again. But when have you watched a film with a "Tharkaan sikh" (a contradiction in itself) being the pinnacle of what a sikh should be?

    However no group claims sikhi to be their own more than the jatts. You only hear jatts claiming mahaan shaheed as jat and not Khalsa. Just look at the topic to do with the film "Ardas" a few weeks back...and watch the YouTube clip of ghughi and his views on Shaheed Baba Deep Singh as "Jatt" lol.

    It's not the number of jatts what causes the superiority complex, it's what they think and say before and after accepting Amrit what is the problem. If one believes they are "better" than someone genetically and ethically just because of their ancestry, it's wrong right?

    That's the problem. Alil like the Nazi Ideology of the supremacy of the Arian Race.

  16. Part II of Tisarpanth's Misconceptions Series. Here two main misconceptions are answered:

    1.) Sikhi survived due to the sole efforts of the Jats and,

    2.) Sikhi was a reaction against contemporary economics.

    To quote a few portions:

    'Sikh history, and tradition, substantiates that no lapse was ever tolerated from the faiths ideology. The names of Baba Atal Rai and Baba Ram Rai are only some of the many examples which depict the penalties imposed upon those who, for one reason or another, deviated from established norms. The former resurrected a victim of snakebite and was so sternly reprimanded by his father, the sixth Guru, that he discarded his mortal frame whilst the latter intentionally changed a line of Gurbani and was excommunicated by his own father, the seventh Guru. Summarily we can easily conclude then that it is impossible to assert that the sixth Guru who was more than satisfied to witness his own sons demise, but could not tolerate any deviation from the faiths ideology would concede to any demands made by the Jats.'

    'Non-Sikh records mention the respect with which the Sikhs treated women, even extending courtesy and safety to those who were of their sworn foes. (19) If compared with Jat practices, historic and present, than these contrast starkly as the Jat objectification of women is a well known fact. Secondly, the Sikh ability to unite in face of a common threat historically is a well-established fact. This principle emerged out of two factors namely a channeling of all energies towards achieving a singular goal, and a singular interpretation of the faith. The Jats were and still are avid worshipers of Jatheras or shrines dedicated to some Sisyphean ancestor(s). (20) With each locality, tribe, clan, village espousing a different ancestor any ideological unity and singular channeling of energy is impossible. The establishment of Bharatpur can only be called a miracle as the Jat unity forged for its establishment soon disintegrated afterwards.'



    Yea sounds about right....still today within sikhi the jat strives for some form of supremacy over other sikhs within sikhi continuously taking it back to their leanage. A jatt what took Amrit and became Khalsa will always be considered Khalsa, until they then marginlise themselves as a "jatt sikh" and marry within caste and continue to do so misunderstanding and misinterpretating the gurus sikhi for caste supremacy. Usually justifying it with ridiculous notions.

  17. Show us historical documents by by historians in Punjab from back in the day using the word pistol in their writings. Pistol is not a common word, not even today. The British used words like firearms or flintlocks. Probably used Gun. Go read old books written by the Brits.


    found this vid online by national geographic showing an example of a 16th century PISTOL:


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