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  1. WJKK WJKF I don't think it's a simple as that, yes Tommy Robinson has raised many valid points however he never went round the right way to tackle some of the issues. The monster he created, the "EDL" has not achieved nothing other than a lager lout image which will shout abuse to anyone who is brown. I know this because I was present at a EDL demonstration and racist abuse was hurled at anyone with brown skin. The only reason why the EDL compliment Sikhs is because they believe we are well integrated within white, English society. The EDL wish to demonise all Muslims which can never be done as obviously all Muslims are not terrorists. It's always been the same with panjanbi Sikhs, when a white westerner compliments them, they jump to their side, even after India being robbed and raped by England, pledging their life's for the gains of England and the monarchy. A sikh should stand up for anyone who suffers injustice, that includes Muslims who are targets of abuse. In the end, we will always be a "paki" if we have brown skin with the new addition if "raghead" added on.
  2. Lol, it's the equivalent of a male sikh with no beard wearing a fake beard for an Amrit Sanchar?!
  3. WJKK WJKF The Sikhs who converted may well have in many instances been by force, however the Sikhs which converted as they did not want to lose their financial standing speaks for itself. Sikhs gave their life's for sikhi, Men, Women and Children during the gurus lifetimes and after. Some Sikhs should have remembered that in 1947. However anyone who converts out of sikhi to any other religion only insures me that the weaker links have been taken out of sikhi. In reference to the lady within this partition story, I have not come across her being forced to convert. Again if she converted, why convert back to sikhi and start another family? Then go back to meet the Muslim family. If she suffered forced conversion by the pariwar, why go back? Just leave it at a full stop.
  4. WJKK WJKFVeer ji, In the ardas, we pray to Akal purakh waheguru that "Sikhaa Daa Man Neevaa, Mat Uchee, Mat Pat Daa Raakhaa Aap Waheguroo" meaning "May the minds of all the Sikhs remain humble and their wisdom exalted; O God! Your are the protector of wisdom" What rehat do you live by?
  5. WJKK WJKF LOL, right or wrong lol? Veer you have some serious ego issues. I emphasised my point that devte/devia are of not human form, to which you never replied? Who awards you being right or wrong, or winning a argument in your eyes? Your ego? I find it funny how your disgusted with holi, Khrishna and the devte/devia and "think" they do not exist, yet you hold on to yourself being a "jatt sikh" stongly, confining yourself to a caste, created by the Hindu devte/devia themselves!? Confusing and once again, very contradictory in regards to the points you make on this site in various topic.
  6. WJKK WJKF Great to hear you all had so much fun, however you might want to watch eating in excess for the benefit of your taste buds, it's a good lesson for kids too. Anyway, back to where we left off......
  7. WJKK WJKFVeer Jagsaw Singh ji, I know your probably all partied out with all your christmas celebrations, but as ever, awaiting for your reply, again.
  8. WJKK WJKFVeer ji this beautiful quote of gurbani is talking about Akal purakh being manifest in human form, not shiva, Khrisna or Durga mata. Again, these entities are not human form, but a different creation if how the messenger of death, is of a different creation to us humans.
  9. WJKK WJKFVeer ji, Merry Christmas first of all, I hope you and your children are having a great day. Thanks for the quotes, however gurbani still does not state that the devte/devia do not exist. They are an extra terrestrial race of a different biological and intellectual level than us humans. Their understanding and abilities has lead us to deem them devte/devia and as a result worship them, however worship should be of Akal purakh. Worship and praise are too different things. These beings being deemed much more intelligent than us, still re subject to the five vices. However their presence has been felt through all ancient civilisations in different forms being malevolent and beneficent under many names. Again, gurbani does not state anywhere that they do not exist, my emphasis being on the point that they are not of human form. Gurbani talks about this form, as to state how another, more intelligent creation, who we deem to be gods to be in the same boat as us and being nothing if with the energy of Akal purakh waheguru.
  10. WJKK WJKF wow, it's amazing how different climate conditions in different countries change the appearance of its people so much...especially looking at the pics of the Iranian Sikhs.
  11. WJKK WJKF sangat ji, please all listen to this dharmic geet, you to jagsaw Singh, if I can drag you away from your Christmas celebrations for just a few minutes lol....
  12. WJKK WJKF Veer ji, I found your post very inspiring and written passionately. I also love the ideology of us having only one union, the union with Akal purakh waheguru as it states it so beautifully in sheikh farids saloks.
  13. WJKK WJKFVeer ji, I understand your point, however the sahibzada were not married to death, this is a methaphorical way of looking at the shaheedi of our sahibzada. After all, we are all the bride of Akal purak waheguru and not death. Yes, they did merge back with waheguru which is a celebration in contrast to which method they were martyred by. They were gains and losses at this particular time within the sikh calendar. But we shouldn't forget at which cost we can call ourselves today, Sikhs. We should remember why these mahaan sikh have the title shaheed, through the shedding of physical blood and sacrifice, sometimes being missed by the metaphors. Our sikhi is at the cost of this blood, innocent children, men and women of all ages under the name of the Khalsa panth.
  14. WJKK WJKF,Shiri Guru Granth Sahib ji mahraj tells us that Akal purukh is within all creation and separate to the creation, including the devte/devia...it was mankind which made the devte/ devia avtar. But none of our guru sahiban or SGGS ji have stated that they do not exist?! You limit Akal Parukh waheguru in thinking that waheguru has not took human form, yet all living matter is of wahegurus form and creation, how is this against the thesis of sikhi? Yes, the devte/devtia have their personal flaws and are victims also of all the 5 vices like us, which points out that no creation is perfect, only the creator. However through Naam one can gain mukhti. Through the nirgun and Sargun state of waheguru, the god particle is within all matter. So you celebrate all the Christian calendar in a Christian country? Or just Easter and Xmas? Pity you haven't got mata gujri kaur and the chote sahibzada on your mind, just excitement for you and your family, at this happy jolly time with that happy fella in red....as you keep telling us all! Please upload quotes of gurbani or sikhi ithias/sakhia where sikhi rejects the existence of the devte/devia, we can open another post so as other sikh can post their knowledge on the subject matter.
  15. WJKK WJKF Veer ji, have you came across the ancient alien theory?
  16. WJKK WJKF Yea definitely, it's like some of the tasks just would not happen like how they do on the how in real day today. But I gotta say, I did enjoy it a few years back.
  17. WJKK WJKF I will have to watch it with a different mind set next time. I must be mising something. Alan Sugars Jewish right?
  18. WJKK WJKFI thought the guy last year was pretty good, can't remember his name though. Whats the obvious reason why they wouldn't win? Or have I been watching a total different program lol?
  19. WJKK WJKF Yea that's true. Like that Greek girl from the last series, I don't think I have ever heard any winning contestant do anything special, unlike Dragons Den, what a success story for Levi Roots.
  20. WJKK WJKF I don't find The Apprentice racist at all, however the level of business acumen this series has gone deeply down, kinda childish at times.
  21. WJKK WJKF Bit of a huge assumption based on nationality?
  22. WJKK WJKFNo, you see. That's the whole point, You have made a huge assumption based on your own understanding and environment, which in this case you simply can't because you do not know the real percentage which in your view is 99%, but really it's not. In your locality, you may live in a more ethnic area however I don't and in my area many people celebrate Christmas Religiously. That's why your opinion is fundamentally flawed, as again it is Mann mammatt and against the grain of the rehat maryada. Also, the Shiri Guru Granth Sahib ji mahraj does not state that the devte/devia never existed. It is not a metaphor, it simply means that Akal purakh waheguru is in all creation, even the devte/devia. Again, what you got planned for Easter?
  23. WJKK WJKFYou arogantly respond to peoples posts by insulting their intelligence like how you have just done to Akalifauj on his knowledge, yet you will not give a link to the stats of your "99.99%" of people not celebrating Christmas in a religious way? You missed this answer put numerous times, however I'm waiting for another insulting reply from you, or is it gonna be a "no comment" again because your at the tip of clinching and winning this "argument" lol. You also never answered on your integration within British society and culture of the Pub? Please refer back to my post and give a full response to all my questions. Stats please? I also find it amusing how you, on this site like to shun other people who as yourself, live by their caste and culture and try to fit it in with sikhi. I also like your pick a mix rehat maryada. The very fact that you think that your a walking, historical fact knowing, learning bank for our children is funny. Anyway, what you doing for Easter bro?
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