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  1. I am not talking about lust. I am talking about having a backbone. Yeah, punjabi guys do a lot of messed up things, but at the end of the day they have backbone. They know who they are and where they came from. This gives them some ground to stand on and assess their actions when they get too out of hand. Yet white people have lost this backbone. Their backbone has been lost. Today one might be trying to live as a Sikh, but tomorrow like a switch he can go off the handles and be the complete opposite. I don't disagree with you about a very small minority of Amritdhari boys want bollywood women as their wife. Yet these too have a backbone when it comes to the last ounce of respect. The issues in the punjabi community do exist, but they are at manageable level. White culture has destroyed the very foundation of any person who wants to live a decent life for the past two centuries. They have been zombies for too long and always revolt back to this type of living. They are born and raised as worldly followers. They have no roots. Punjabis have roots. The original poster does not seem genuine about answering questions correctly. It seems as she already made her decision before posting here and was only looking for supporters for her decision. She has gone off on the deep end and will only return when that rock smacks her in the face. I think at the moment she can't be helped and will face reality down the road when it is too late.
  2. You might be mature by age but have a lit to learn when it comes to life and making right choices. This fantasy of everything is greener on the other side of the fence has ruined many punjabi girls lives. 99% of white people have no ground to stand on. They are swayed and act as the world wants them. I dont like you anymore....you are not fun anymore...lets get a divorce. They literally live in the moment and dont care about long term commitments. That little boy toy you have is living in the moment and will get bored of you in time and who know what he will do to leave you. Say by a very slim chance he has the ability to take up good punjabi values. What about his parents. What are they like? Are they moral people according to punjabi and Sikhi culture. Can you leave your kids with his parents? Can they be trusted? When two are married the two side of the family literally have to get along and like each others behaviors and morals. Huge disputes take place and I can see this erupting in a split second. Sorry sister but you are being naive and not looking at the whole picture. White people have very low standards when it comes to what is clean, right, and moral. Majority are like this as they lost their biblical backbone two centuries ago. Punjabis are heading down the same road but aleast for the time being majority are standing on some ground. When people get ugly, old, and boring then white people run for the hill and dont look back. Todays pretty face is tomorrow's used meat.
  3. This fake story is very likely written by a Nanaksari giddar to big up Baba Nand Singh ji and knock down Taksal as a whole. However there are blatant mistakes in this fake story that shows Baba Nand Singh ji was unable to read Gurbani and then accept it.This write up puts words in Baba Nand Singh ji mouth by saying Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji met Akal Purakh by worshipping a stone. Bhagat ji did not meet him by worshipping a stone, but as Gurbani says by Bhagat ji's child like innocence. Baba ji was well learned in Gurbani and would not make this obvious mistake. This is a failed attempt by the Nanaksari cult followers to justify their photo worshiping manmat acts. Trying to put authority without merit around their foolish behavior. Nice try fools with a pen. LOL
  4. Gurbam singh is spreading propaganda. Dont give him any attention. I am guessing no one cares for him in his social circles and now hes trying to gain some attention to be recognized.
  5. I hear what you are saying about the gold on Gurdwaras. It is useless. But many will blindly support it because they have a thing for Nanaksari Baba who like to show off and live in luxury. These sad people use the sangat hard earned money to make themselves look glamorous. If they had even a ounce of respect for Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji they would not put up a special room for their dead long gone Baba and stop puting up photos of there long gone dead baba to be worshipped. These people scare the sangat into donating to feed there guts. They have not worked a day in their life. Bunch of low lifes sucking the poors blood. Be the change you want to be. Donate where money is needed and slap these babas in the face by not giving them a dime. Punj pyare current system is running good.
  6. LOL......3HO are urinating in their white yogi clothing even before a lion has let out a roar. Shape up 3HO, Singhs are getting tyar bar tyar. Won't be long till another awaking takes place. Yogi Bhajan's statues of Sri Chand will fall as they are being destroyed and the Khalsa Panth's Nishan Sahib will fly nice and high. The king cobra's are waiting for direction from their head commander and chief.
  7. Typical response that goes no where. Sant Jarnail Singh ji along with Bhai Amrik Singh ji were not stereo types. Both married and did seva in Punj Pyare. I don't need to provide thousands of examples. I just need the one. But when it comes to sacrifice they go in hiding. Your ignorance was shown in a few words above. Part timers & Grehasti have been a disaster, look at the state of Panth. This is the difference. You treat it is a job. Where others treat it as Satgur Parsad. How ridiculous it is to say the whole Panths state is to be blamed on Punj Pyare lack of attention to their seva. You are better off blaming the fetus for the same problem because you never know he could have been Indira Gandhi in his past life. Get real and stop living in a bubble. Ask them how did they amass their wealth. It should all be taken & attached to Gurdwara assets. This is coming from the person who degraded village people. Nice to see the consistency in your post.....sigh By what you just wrote that means a mona Buddhist monk who practice Sikhi every Monday and Sunday can become a Punj Pyare as on friday he gets drunk and becomes a warrior. Surely you have no gyan, I don't even know why I am talking to a person who insults the hard working labor class as just pendu brainless creatures. What you have is your inability to make the assessment of what Punj Pyare can and cannot do and what it requires to be a part of Punj Pyare. We have a word to describe people like you at work. But I won't use it here as little kids also use this site. It's not a pretty word, but fits perfectly.
  8. Christianity and Hinduism influenced post. Punj Pyare can and did get married in the past. They also live as civilians and fulfill their duty for the Khalsa Panth. Hinduism believes in the separation of what they call bhagti and shakti. The failure is not on the system, but on people unable to live up to the system's high standards of in-cooperating bhagti and shakti to walk the middle path. Old insignificant beliefs of man needs to Thistay unmarried to live a pure life are creeping back into Sikhi because men themselves are unable to live up to the standard of Sikhi. Human instinct kicks in and says the system can't be accomplished, so degrade it and distort it. Give me the number of the fake Sant who told you this useless made up horse manure. This type of thinking and people are out to destroy Sikhi. This whole idea of a process before taking Amrit shows clear ignorance. These same people would ban Bhagat Dhanna Jatt ji from taking Amrit because of his ability to read and write. Same people would disallow a Gursikh who does not have the potential to memorize Bani, but has devoted his/her life to practicing Sikhi out of the door. Punj Pyare that I have spoken to are high jeevan Singhs who understand the different struggles many people face and limits their ability to grow in a certain aspect. Thank Vaheguru we don't have the inexperienced, closet living men as Punj Pyare. They have no experience working with the poor, experienced hardship, struggled through thin and thick to still say....whatever you do is good for me. Their hands are softer than a babies butt. The so called Sant these people follow sit in a room all day and then have the audacity to criticize people who have been busting their backs for 10 to 13 hours at a minimum wage job. Tell these process makers and run aways from regular life to come and spend one day in the real world. We will see how long these Sants can last. None of these fake people can walk in a normal person's shoes. They would be giving up before it even started. They are used to their cushioned life of getting fed by the sangats hands and pocket. Throw these process makers out on the street if they ever come to your town.
  9. Once again the over zealous chelas could not control themselves and had to drive the topic into the gutter. Jagraj Singh took the time to come here and write, but his chelas could not just control themselves for a second. I hope you lot are proud of yourselves. Pat yourself on your back for your accomplishment. These chelas will burn every book that would not agree with their Baba. I'm a dog of Guru Sahib. I barked in the direction i needed too.
  10. I have continue to struggle with this question every time I try to come up with an answer. It's a hard topic to discuss as our current minds do not have the ability to grasp it. The english translations don't make things easier because they mix up words and try to sell them off as the same. Looking at the word nirankar we might come closer to an answer. The current english translate it as formless. If the word is broken down a different picture is painted. Nir - means without and kar - means action. Simply translated as without action. Search deeper and this word translate in my opinion the most accurate as, not bound to rules and actions. Painting the picture of Mool Mantar when it says Onkaar. He is not bound or tied down by rules. He does as is and what will be without any rules issued to him. Sargun: Sar- everything gun - 3 qualities He has the 3 qualites of Sattva (Goodness), Rajas (Passion), and Tamas (Darkness). All three guna make up the worldly actions since the beginning of time. Some make it confusing by saying he takes up all qualities. It's better to separate them in the above three. In these three qualities the 5 elements are also present Nirgun Nir - without gun - 3 qualities He is without the 3 qualities. This is where it becomes tricky because many translate gun as form, saying it means without form, but an accurate translation is quality and maybe attribute. I think this is a huge leap to take all the way to say form. I have never come across a shabad that says he is without pooran jot. All I have come across is, he is pooran jot. Also Gurbani says his form cannot be described. Gurbani says he cannot be described like an object because he has no mark. I think Gurbani is saying this pooran jot cannot be described and this is his ultimate form.
  11. Here is a news article on t. Sher singh for why he wad disbarred from practicing law. http://www.thestar.com/news/ontario/2007/09/12/activist_lawyer_disbarred_for_misconduct.html?app=noRedirect
  12. Singh559 just dug himself a deeper baba mentality hole lol.....you are scared come meet my baba then talk huh come on my baba will take you out with his powers....my baba will squash you...lets do this my baba is ready... I just oiled him up bro...lets go Next one....im a blind person who only listens to my baba and dont read anything else before I open my big mouth....my baba is always right so I dont need to read anything.....my baba my baba my baba Chela are the worst. Basicsofsikhi never went to name calling or baba mentality but his chela could not control himself. He does not want chela. Hes start his sites to teach others to think for themselves and not depend on him. Chela sahib learn from him and get rid of your chela mentality.
  13. http://sikhchic.com/article-detail.php?cat=28&id=5068 The above link is to an article which insults Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji's bana. Read the comments below it. They are just as slanderous. The author name is T. Sher Singh from canada. Here is one of his comments under his article. 12: T. Sher Singh (Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada), May 29, 2014, 4:13 PM. In answer to MKS, #10: I find the picture as a whole to be a caricature of Sikhi. Not the individual parts. The same turban, worn by a Nihang in Punjab, is a beautiful thing. The same chola, worn as a night gown, is a comfortable and regal looking garment. The kattaar displayed in a museum is awesome. The sandals, when worn in conjunction with matching attire on a warm day, is relaxing ... and sexy! And so on and so forth. But to have a bunch of individuals strutting around our gurdwaras and children's camps dressed up and behaving like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while at the same time spoofing Sikh spirituality and values ... that is what I find difficult to swallow. Nothing wrong with what they do, as long as they keep the silliness -- as we all do -- within the confines demarcated by the privacy of a bathroom with the mirror as your sole witness. Pretend you're Elvis, if you will, with a soap-microphone in your hand, and gyrate your pelvis shamelessly. Or dress up like Liberace. Even be the brave Banda Singh Bahadar. But, please do find a day and a time and a place assigned to Holi-like revelery to get silly. We call it Halloween in North America. It's called Guy Fawkes Night elsewhere. I trust you get my drift ..
  14. This right here is Baba mentality. I just cant stand this mentality.....dont question my baba.....he dropped out of the sky and landed on a gold plated chair. Everyone can and do make mistakes. Basicsofsikhi is not claiming to be anyone's Baba or have baba status with the red light on his car....move out of the way ambulance there is a ghost crisis at my dera. Relax, take a deep breath. This is a discussion. Point to one insult or misguided post I have put up about basicsofsikhi or 3ho. There are no thorns on your seat. You can sit peacfully on your chair.
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