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  1. Some old saroop of dasam bani I heard have mahala 10 hand written some says patshahi 10 you can forward your question to sant jagjeet Singh harkhowal he will clear your doubts
  2. As for Jesus, he is mentioned in Bhai Gurdas Ji's Varan a few times, one line I found was the following goeil vaasaa chaar dhin naao dhharaaein eesae moosae|| May be some one has named himself after Christ or Moses, but in this world all are to stay for a few days.
  3. What's the proof that he ate meat? It dosent say anything about meat in bible plus they belive he was son of God if there God don't say anything about meat or consider eating meat is paap why you care
  4. Why there's no mention of Jesus in 24 Avtar ? Was in not one of the Avtar? When the christanity call him almight God
  5. It can't be the same bhagat ji Maybe someone can explain in detail who guru ji talking about
  6. Nihang dharm Singh is lying then he always says in his interview they promise guru ji they wi become GurSikhs don't know
  7. 70% love marriages turning into a divorce in California We live in a society where marriage has lost it's value. 70 percent of marriages are ending in divorce. Why? Because the purpose of marriage is not understood. Furthermore, people have little support in the journey of their soul and little support in their community
  8. There are lots of amritdhari don't even follow the rehit if you can't follow it why taking Amrit from 5 pyare??? Rehit Vich kutreit kyu karde hoo I know personally some people Okie I'm going to say it my chachi she took khande Di pahul long time ago she dosent get up until 9 she hardly do nitnem would you guys call her Sighni is she following the rehit , one of my cousin dated amritdhari girl even though he's clean shave she still dated him so who's wrong there??? You know what her reaction was god dosent stop you for loving anyone there are countless Singh singhniya who's doing big time kureit You can not stop anyone no matter how much you explain
  9. Why they have to tilk di shastar??? Do the Shastar really need blood of animal??? Animal blood satisfy Shastar I thought satguru guru Gobind Singh ji took sword to protect innocent people against zulam (gau gareeb de rakheya karni)? If the sword really need blood nihang Singh should kill modi or some other criminals instead of innocent animals
  10. Why you guys bragging about meat When we eat honey , is it ours rightful ? I think it belongs to bees . The cow's milk we drink is supposed to be for calf . How many million microbes do we eat when we eat curd ( dahi ) ? I think this vegetarianism is brahmanical nonsense from my point of view
  11. Half lemon 3 tea spoon organic coconut oil Massage your head gently leave it for 2 hours then wash it with amla shampoo to have healthy hair You can wash your hair how ever u want back in the days people use to wash it with lassi or dahi
  12. Just eat leave everything to akalpurkh u be Okie
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