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  1. I read somewhere that she has briefly mentioned operation shanti in her book. can someone past that or past a link
  2. No, this is not the shabad I'm looking for.
  3. Sri Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Sri Waheguru ji ki fateh I'm looking for this shabad, I think it's written by Sri Guru Arjun dev ji, which speaks about a balanced mind and life. It says that if we are very happy then we get very sad, if we laugh a lot then we cry a lot, we should not eat alot and sleep alot, We should not get very exited etc Can someone please help?
  4. Did ram-rahim apologise or did our jathedars upfrontly pardon him?
  5. But I'm sure thousands of Sikh youths all over the world would be reading these articles and that might discourage them away from Sikhi. That's why it is necessary to debunk such dawah givers.
  6. You have committed Tu quoque, Ad hominen, red herring, contextomy and selective observation logical fallacies. I have clearly stated that I'm not talking about Sikh girls in general but only those girls who were born in a Sikh family but have a bad attitude towards Sardars. And, I have also clearly mentioned that the reason I mentioned My chacha's interfaith marriage and girls from other faiths proposing me was to show that Sardars are no less than other boys in terms of attractiveness, a good life partner, Looks, raw charisma etc and to compare the attitude of those girls who were born in a Sikh family but have a bad attitude for Sardars vis-à-vis the attitude of girls from other faiths towerds Sardars. So Sikh boys don't have to nag themselves for such girls. Now, Show me evidence where Guru Gobind Singh ji said to not to marry a Muslim women even though by rule, she would be a Sikh after marriage and what about Maharaja Runjit Singh's Hindu wives or are you of the view that Sikhs can marry Hindus but not Muslims. The question whether a Sikh boy can marry a non-Sikh girl should be a different thread, not here.
  7. Your are deviating from the original content,theme and the context of this thread. Its a logical fallacy known as red herring. The subject of discussion is "Sikh girls going out with Muslims" and I'm talking in that context. The discussion whether a non-Sikh girl would convert after marriage and become a good Sikh or whether a Sikh girl would turn out to be good Sikh should be a different thread. But since you have asked me this question, my answer would be that there is no assurance whatsoever that a Girl from a Sikh family would turn out to be a good Sikh or a non-Sikh girl would convert and become a Good Sikh, Unless you know her very well.
  8. Bro.. read my last post again. when did I Say that all Sikhs girls should be rejected. Don't you understand the meaning of the word 'context?' Again, for the third time, I do not know how to make it more simple for you, My post was regarding those girls who were born in a Sikh family but have a foul attitude for Sardars, not all Sikh girls. Are we on the same page? Now, I would like to marry a Sikh girl, if I like her and She likes me. The reason I mentioned the fact that girls from other faiths have proposed me was to show that we should not nag because of Sikh girls who look down upon Sikh boys. Will you marry a girl who looks down upon you or will you marry a girl who appreciates you? Tell me why should we annoy ourselves because of those girls who are born in a Sikh family but wants to marry a monna, a Hindu or a Muslim. By mentioning the fact that the girls from other Faiths shows interest in Sardars, I wanted to compare the attitude of those girls who were born in a Sikh family but look down upon Sardars vis-a-vis the attitude of girls from other faiths for Sardars. And, How did I make Sikh girls turn off from Sikh men? And you wrote "...phokat karam wale men like you that turn our girls off from sikh men ...instead of blaming others for the situation why don't you look at what you sound and act like ...where did you hear it was desirable for SIkh men to behave like you? I'm interested since you have no sharam.." You have committed a logical fallacy known as Ad Hominem. And since when did calling others with names like 'phukat karam wale men' and 'hypocrites' considered desirable behaviour for Sikhs?
  9. As i said earlier, you are taking me out of context. I was talking about girls who are born in a Sikh family but have a bad attitude towards Sardars, not those girls who are really proud to be a Sikh and would love to marry a Sardar. The fact that a Sikh girl would be able to teach Sikhi to her children better than a non-Sikh girl is a different topic. The thread is 'Sikh girls going out with Muslims' and it's in that context I wrote that we should not bother ourselves because of such girls and that there are girls that appreciate Sikh boys even though they themselves are not Sikhs. And I don't see anything wrong in marrying a non-Sikh girl because she will become a Sikh and will have a kaur after her name, will visit Gurudwara, learn moolmantar, then Japji Sahib and she will progress. And, thank you for correcting me, he's my cousin and quite a good Sikh. And what assurance is there that if I marry a Sikh girl, she would turn out to be a good Sikh. And you wrote"...stop judging others" look who's talking, called anyone besharm lately.
  10. you are taking my post out of context. I wrote about the filthy attitude that some Sikh girls have for Sardars in comparison to non-Sikh girls. Do you remember Tapsee Pannu(born in a Sikh family), a Bollywood actress, saying that she will never marry a Sardar on national media. So why should we nag ourselves for such girls. By the way, my nephew has unshorn hair.
  11. obviously I'm talking about girls born in Sikh families but with a foul attitude towads Sardars. Haven't you heard them saying that they want a monna. And, when did I say we should flirt? My post was in the context of this thread.
  12. well, why think so negative. I know two Sardars who are married to Muslim women. One is my chacha and the other is a training officer in my office. Any which way, how does that matter? I really don't have taste for Sikh Girls. They have irritating nasalised voice and on top of that thier filthy attitude. I was in a relation with a jatt-Sikh girl and oh God, that was a nightmare(calling it a nightmare because of lack of words to describe the the scale of magnitude of her Psychoness) I have always had good response from non-Sikh girls including our American clients. Non-Sikh girls admire my turban, my beard and I have got few propasals for relationship but after that stupid relationship, I just feel that I should stay single for a while. Not all girls are like that, this is just my personal experiance. If a Silk girls wants to marry a non-Sikh, let her go. Who cares, are they the only girls on earth? No. Craving for girls will only give them an upper hand (that is something psychological) Chill and remember, that there are many fish in the Ocean.
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