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  1. Also, the sangat population is to be noticed! Compare the sangat count to todays
  2. Preeet


    Is this a joke lol.
  3. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh ji Is being a Lawyer truly sachi kamayi di kirat that a gurmukh can do? I wouldn't think it is sachi.. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh
  4. Yeah, imagine if people did a shraddh ceremony for feeding pandit jis in the langar hall lol, a lot of people would make a huge fuss but when it comes to iftaar, idk why a lot of them dont make a fuss! Its embarrassing.
  5. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh ji No problem, Singh ji! The huge Mandir above quoted is a Sri Vaishnav Mandir in Delhi though! Its Sri Akshardham Tirath. I wanted to go there myself, sadly I didnt have enough time while in Delhi. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ki fateh
  6. Sikh Temple in Nepal Desh, notice the Dwarpala Art.
  7. Attention as in intimacy. Immagine how offended shed feel.. say if 3 years later she finds out. Considering she is showing you bad attitude before marriage. Usually girls are at least always nice beforehand, and if she is causing you pain then why go through the trouble. Marriage isnt for everyone. Both of you do not want this, so stop before you disrespect sri anand karaj by getting a divorce or else youd have to give that lekha too.
  8. If youre not going to, then youre going to feel exactly how you are right now. If you want proof, then just look at your karmic consequences youre facing right now (not of being gay, but the karma out of chalaak sianpan ranjish saazish dokha). Just tell her over the phone. If you are going to be loyal towards her, then why make a topic? This is coming from a girl, we dont want to marry gays, unless specifically stated by a girl. Would you rather have her get a divorce and have a hard time finding a rishta afterwards, or just closing it now? I mean what would you do if you found out your daughters husband was gay, and he gave her no proper attention and she became hurt for the rest of her life? If youre not attracted to girls, they are like your sisters, how can you marry your sister.
  9. Tell her the truth, the world doesnt revolve around you. It is simply unethical, and paapi to keep that a secret from her. You are making your karmas worse by doing a saazish towards her. If you think you will get a life of sukh while ruining someones life, then you are mistaken. This IS ruining her life, she DESERVES love in all aspects, ask her yourself if you dont believe me. Her family has already suffered enough, they dont need another drama. Im sure if you tell them that youre a gay person theyd break the rishta themselves. This truly is kaliyug.
  10. I consider it as your emphasis since you believe in it. It would be hard to say what Sri Krishna ji's emphasis is cuz neither of us are him. Thank you for the reference regarding dasyus. Exactly what I thought. He's a Vedic God, and I agree that all forms came from Sri Parabrahman ji. I was emphasizing his attribute since his avatar kept being mentioned.
  11. & your emphasis is fairly respectable right? The vedas were most likely distributed in Punjab region, but they came from Sri Brahma Devta ji. A jaat is a group of people, likewise a tribe/status. Can you give me a reference please, where it says Dasyus were enemies? Dasyus literally mean servant of whomever. Sri Vishnu Devta ji is a Vedic god, his hukam is always Vedic. So what if hindus follow the bhakti route now, they still respect their veda jis. The hare krsna mantra is for them, similar to bhakti jaap. So how is paying respects to their vedic god defying vedism. Just like how our duty is to do naam simran, but we pay our respects to heros of current generation sikhs as well.
  12. His emphasis blah blah blah. You know that most of us all have different interpretations of the gita ji or even sri gurbani ji according to our own avastha? So does the veda ji say theres no caste system? Or do they say simply not mention caste? Honestly speaking, I dont believe in the caste system either, but tribes are real. Remember that Sri Vishnu ji IS a vedic god, he is part of their trinity, he IS of importance to them now, HIS hukam is VEDIC hukam.
  13. Its so obvious that Sri Krishna ji came in dwapur yuga, and the veda ji is from sat yug. How can it be possible to write about future avatars in the veda jis when they are before dwapur yug? Its humorous when someone wants to be respected while laughing at others.
  14. I dont think so! Since Sri Guru Sahib ji as been to sumeru pahari where the spiritual beings are, and so its most likely in south asia. Also Sri Shiva devta ji's own abode Kailash is in South Asia, and from the north/south/east/west there are other spiritual beings living close to it.
  15. There is no superiority, but the Khatri kuls of our Sri Guru Sahib jis is the highest!!!! Ranks dont even matter, like someone says, there might be caste, but the hierarchy system is wrong. Personally speaking, I can see diffs in the faces of people from my caste, and aroras.. I think Jats are scythian.
  16. Maybe I should rephrase the word caste, as tribe lol.
  17. But Punjabi Sikhs are a mixture of different caste communities?? So obviously thered be similarities between those caste genetics? Unless you want them to mention their gotra and caste?
  18. Sikh Punjabi? Why not just say Punjabis in general lol, religion isnt a genetic.
  19. I think theyre just attached to their aboriginal Gods. They dont have abrahamic videshi symbols in their homes, but the ones of their ancestors.. If that makes sense? Even ancestor worship is extremely popular there. You should see the ketth areas, some have massive ancestor temples and some just have small ones. Its not that theyve accepted hindu dharam, its that theyve never let it go fully.
  20. I feel like theyre badnaming us in a way. I have a bhaiya aunty from andhra pradesh that was surprised when she found out my entire family is vegetarian + alcohol free.. Since outsiders have the bollywood/music perception about Punjabi songs showing off how they like sharab. Theyre making sardars look odd when they wear a turban and sing weird songs. I mean has anyone ever seen someone other dharmic swarups singing stupid songs? No!
  21. I think that means 'Baa', Ive written a post about it before, Ill quote it here: "vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh I dont know what baa is called in english, but in doabi bhasha its called baa.. Its side effects are: numb arms+legs/balance problems/head pain/drool/breathing problems/& more.. The way to 'fix' it is to eat a spoon´╗┐ of kali mirch, and the way you know you have baa is if the kali mirch doesnt taste spicy.. I think I heard this sickness starts if we eat too many sweet things, and not enough hot things (hot as in it causes heat, garam like coconuts, kali mirch, ginger, grapes).. So maybe when we eat the kali mirch it burns away the bad element. Be careful when eating the kali mirch though´╗┐! Make sure to not get it into the lungs. Please forgive me for any mistakes vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh"
  22. Same here. My pind is near Banga city lol. I was surprised because most Punjabi city areas are hindu, but the rural population there in doaba is also majority hindu. & yeah, its not surprising that hindus follow Sri guru sahib ji in punjab! When I went to malwa region, I probably only saw like 3 mandirs there, while in doaba a lot of pinds have mandirs & have god images on the pind gates. Someone said that theres probably more hindus in the world that visit gurdwara jis (which kinda makes sense cuz hindu population is big). I mean if the average hindus who adore our sri guru sahib jis hear some of these hinduphobes, it wouldnt feel really good hanna!
  23. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh, ji Even some self proclaimed 'Sikh' politicians have betrayed us for money, its really odd. Im from doab, and nobody is hinduphobic there. Almost every Sikh home I visited in doab had a picture of Sri Krishna ji or Sri Sherawali ji, so that says a lot about the relations. Likewise, Ive never met or heard of ANY Punjabi hindu in my life who doesnt admire our Sri Guru Sahib jis vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh
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