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  1. dont even start this new jhamela veerjee license is not a right it is a grant the governments who so ever the gov may be might say it is a priviledge but it isnt and if u license it then there will be new issue of how much what size, how many kirpans can one bear ask your self are these the kirpans that guru sahib ji gave us this might be a new way take away of what is left of our kirpans today this is what guru sahib ji gave us Teero, Tufango, Bado Raam Jango, Dhamakhdhaar Aniaar, Kamand Kodaa, Panj Shaster Parvaan. A spear, rifle, pistol, bow and arrow and a golaa; these five weapons ar
  2. come on what else did we expect from diljit who for movie promotions keeps stubled dhari are we fool or what didnt u take a look at the promo videos in which he says "nale ena nu vi ta pata lage ki jado KISAN hathyar chak da ya ta ki hunda " now was this an issue of a kisan or the panth by just saying that kisan word he has anhilliated the sole purpose of the whole movement in the movie and moved the whole agenda of the movie to police harassing common individuals the problem is that be it pendu or sheri urban people in punjab are so blind that they rather call them selves jatt jatt jatt than
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