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  1. This video will help https://youtu.be/PpmN1L0cKCw
  2. Though this is really wisdom at its purest its sometimes not enough and needs dissection, So ill try break it down further, everyday is a battle vs the mind its easier to do what the mind wants us to do, just follow the flow but once we fall in to bad habits it takes twice the effort sometimes to break away, and when we understand it was a mistake it leads to depression and sadness and we start thinking why are things so bad for me, why have I been cursed, i dont want to be like this and so on.. So my advice is have a good little sit down and go over everything in your mind over the pluses and negatives and come to a grown up decision about which path you want to take 1 Guru's way which is by far the most golden form of love and logical thinking 2 or the day to day chaos of what the mind yearns
  3. What you had sounds very similar to what millions of people report every year, its called sleep paralysis ive had it where i would here a female wispering in to my ear while my whole body was paralyzed, its not demons or spirits, with the little information we have we make up things up thinking we might be able to explain it. Heres some information sleep paralysis. http://www.buzzfeed.com/carolinekee/sleep-paralysis-is-scary-af#.veY4kP5lP . As for Op i think you need to convince her to get medical attention do it in the way you can, you already are and its a smart way, saying if its true then a simple check up from the doctor wont stop what she is experiencing. Though science intrinsically can not give your mother the answer if it is a spiritual experience, my advice is to reach out to Bhai Amolak singh jee from Sidney the kirtani he has a practical jevan and has spent many months with Gurmukhs at Prubh milne ka choa Moga and spent 2 week with Bhai Ajeet singh jee here in the Uk doing 18 hour plus simran and learning more about the Spiritual Marag, he may be able to guide you in a better manner than us people who dont know any thing about particle jeven gurbani tells us to follow.
  4. Singh lol how are your mates getting hold of coke so easy, thats a bad crowd indeed who can get coke on call I remember my high school days where most of my mates used to smoke skunk, they knew i was a singh so never asked or ever smoked around me, i had a set of good friends in-between the smokers who were Sikh but were the typical cut hair drinker/partiers types, but always looked at me and were like Jas dont you ever do this you're a pug wala it will look bad. Guru kirpa i never felt tempted to try a spliff or a drink, but if i didnt have any other sangat outside this group im sure over time the thoughts would have started creeping in. I think my best advice is to slowly distance your self from bad sangat, and if you can just tell them black and white you are in mad dept coz of this and feel depressed coz of the drug use. The issue here is addiction and you need control of mind to do so. If your punjabi is good listen to this, when i was watching reminded me to send you this. Sikhi is very easy to kaama its all about discipline, is all about Agaarta (control of mind) with this control of thought we are freed from Maya, but can only do so threw teachings of Bani and Meditation (simran) which is the tool to control thoughts, the more simran the easier to control your actions become.
  5. How old are you like 10, offending every gay person buy using homophobic language is how you express your outrage. Black person does something wrong "your logic" F this N8gger for xyz White person does something that upsets you "F this Cracker" Yup thats what Sikhism teaches hate and intolerance dummy
  6. Where are the mods people using words like Poof, battyboy, GanddU this is strait homophobia and shouldnt be tolerated
  7. Ardass is done from the heart, read the Bani's of the Bhagats on what they asked for before they had met Guru or Akaal purak its from here we'll understand what Ardas is, and as for pardarats like a child or "god im about to go for a job please let me get it" or please let me pass a exam, god doesnt bother him self with these ardasa, he has left the running of the Universe to Kaal and everything within it, there is Bani which talks about the fool who comes in from of Guru and closes his eyes and starts asking for worldly good, Guru shaibs goes on to say there is only 1 thing which the Guru house offers is Naam. And its this Naam of which and sustains the universe, so your choice a new car, better grades, a promotion or something which Guru shiab says you should thrive to reach. I know there will be some who will be like "well so i cant ask for worldly goods or a better life?" to those people yes you can but know its not Guru jee you are asking but his sevak, I cant find the shabad maybe someone can help, "Thakur Shord Dasi Ko Sevia Munmuk und igiana" Is it not better to be in the circle of the sikhs who follow thhir ghar baisahu har jan piaarae || Sit in the house of ones own self, O beloved servant of the Lord (Thhir Ghar is another name of Dasam Duaar) sathigur thumarae kaaj savaarae ||1|| rehaao || The True Guru shall resolve all your affairs
  8. Sa1nam

    I Need Advice

    Thats quite a admission benji not many people are so open about their short comings, reminds me off a talk Guys spiers a Value investor gave where talked (ill link because i think we can get knowledge and wisdom from all walks of life) about after graduating Oxford and talking business at Harvard he felt the world owed him a large salary, and the worldly things that came with it. As a investment banker he worked at a firm which has less than savory attitude to morals, he goes on to say he suffered envy, jealousy at other people who were more successful and were doing better. What Gurbani says about these thoughts are they are brought on by Kaal, which controls the Punj choor which is apart of the 3 guuns Guru Amar Das jee talks about in Anand shiab, where the wold is a sleep in Tria Gun, Rajo, Tamo, Sato, thrai gun keeaa pasaaraa || He formed the expanse of the entire universe from the three gunas, the three qualities thrai gun aap sirajian maaeiaa mohu vadhhaaeiaa || He Himself formed the three gunas, the three qualities; He increased the attachment to Maya. thrai gun maaeiaa khael bhar bhar dhhovee|| The Maya with her three gunas (qualities - rajas, tamas and sattv) plays her games and sometimes fills the man (with hopes and desires) and at another time empties him totally frustrating his plans. There is no quick fix benji of stopping these thoughts, it will take time and effort but Guru Jee has given us the tools to combat these three guns and ultimately conquer Maya, like a previous post i made, a minimum amount of Simran a day as a Sikh should be no less that 2 hours 40 miniutes, though depending on your hunger for gur-sikhi jevan and how long you maybe currently doing simran/bani, it may sound daunting, i would suggest if it seems like to much start with 40 mins in the morning 40 mins in the eve, and build it up. Secondly its good you are aware of the thought in your mind, be aware of them and target the thoughts you think in the short term you can try to work on which arnt so heavy, then move to the next over a while months you will see progress threw the simran and actively combating thoughts you will see real progress.
  9. @Guest heres a Audio of Sant Bhupinder Singh Je he goes in to detail on where gurbani talks about minimum amount of Simran we should every day. Bhai Gurdas Jee has gone in to details of Sikhi jeevan if you are looking to do some research of your own. The tenets of Sikhism are based around control of the mind, which covers all possible issues we could ever face.
  10. At Op i gave you the the method of being able to control the issue, theres no quick fix. time and effort has to be put in.
  11. Op has made a very vague generalization of the decline in relgion so much so that a simple google search shows that there are more Christians alive now, then the whole world population 115 years ago.
  12. 2 hours and 40 minuets of simran a day will cure your issues. How to do Simran when saying Vahe breath in and breath out saying Guru. I would suggest a hour in the morning and the other hour 40 in the evening before going to sleep Heres a video on you can do it along with
  13. what he did was wrong regardless of the reason, we cant take the law in to our own hands, as we all have a different level of intelligence and morality, what might be wrong to me may be fine to another person.
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