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  1. everyone here knows it's time to call time on the old politics and create a new one - but its going to take suffering, and blood and most punjabis haven't accepted that but this incident is opening some of their eyes - inquilab zindabad
  2. because they did not go to the family's aid immediately or even locate the cowering and frightened wife and child in the hotel grounds when they couldn't find her in the room , despite her calls from there. Initial noises which woke them was around 2 am and Amritpal was killed around three am, what do you reckon five star hotel standard of care????
  3. honestly the paying of taxes should be stopped as we all know money only ever goes out of punjab , never returns in proportion
  4. the amount of water that can be potentially behind the dam can flood half of Punjab , no warnings were given to create the most deaths and losses , best scenario now it that Waheguru stresses all the dams so much that they fail and we have our water back out of the control of centre.
  5. i saw a picture of paperwork relating to order to open gates for so many hours per day , can't remember the channel but here's an article about it: https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/chandigarh/in-punjab-blamegame-over-bhakra-water-intensifies-5929303/
  6. SOPW , Ecosikh and all the sikh NGOs are doing their best to help , AKJ singhs and Akal Takht panj piarey also in the pinds doing sewa . This was not a natural disaster , but a calculated act by the home minister to release water from Bhakra Dam knowing full well the devastation it would cause . Bascially they can store enough water behind the dam to flood half of Punjab's land mass. They withhold water we are parched , they flood us and our lands are ruined the two states of river water are extreme on purpose to torture us.
  7. my motto - you live , you learn... my training taught me if you stop learning to adapt to life you decline and die
  8. yep my husband started jujitsu/ninjitsu in his forties and is doing well , where there is effort there's a reward- go for it
  9. Amritpal Singh and Bandhna Kaur ...love jumping to conclusions I was on my phone so couldn't open the news website , the details of the attack and the fact Bandhna waited four hours before finding out what had happened to her husband . The false narratve that Amritpal Singh had taken a steak knife to Bullman was spun by the incompetent and uncaring hotel staff to try and justify themselves not getting involved.
  10. didn't want to mispell her name and was trying to seperate the actors in the scene. Basically the hotel security left them hanging in the face of the onslaught of this drunken ape ...and Singh did his best to protect his own , the shame of it was that was their last night there before returning home.
  11. well all pictures of the arrested man have him untouched , and the Kaur said basically he broke down a door between the two rooms balconies to gain access to their room , there was no mention of injuries on the white dude despite him being nakedc when rampaging after the couple phoned reception to complain about his bellowing and banging on the balcony door. wife did not say kirpan was used just punches and kicking back and forth.
  12. if the article in the news is read you will realise the attacker was a white Norwegian by the surname of Bullman , the Singh fought with this guy who was a trained martial artist whilst he told his wife to pick up the two year old and run. Bullman was intent on attacking her too.
  13. if you know that you don't eat fish then why would you buy chips cooked in the same oil as fish ? Apart from turning your blood sludgy for hours it also makes you deficient in minerals and vitamins to process them through your system, is that really following Guru ji's advice to avoid eating things which increase vikars and ill health? If you know that the chips are not ever cooked with the fish/burger/saveloy oil then that is a matter for your conscience whether you want to trust the owners .
  14. whose agenda does it serve to sideline Deepa and the other sewadars of sikh youth uk?? GOI - no mention of Jaggi will remain WMP - valuable scalps to present 'traditional' sikh organisations - can let diaspora fall back to sleep We may not like the thuggish soch but truth is if they even encourage a handful of youth to look up history, sikhi etc it may be a positive thing.
  15. Isn't Chandi Chiratar such a positivity filled charitar, showing her constancy, braveness, her strength tempered with humility as she asks Akal Purakh's help?
  16. He did give rehit , it is bujjar kurehit to do fornication and adultery . It is not permissible to get revenge by raping like others , he said we are designed to be the paragon of Manhood/womanhood high character Guru Teg Bahadur ji also said apart from your dharam patni , all rest of world is sister, mother, grandmother, daughter . But the truth is despite discipline of rehits given , some singhs still strayed even Guru ji had to prevent a singh from committing adultery with a prostitute the sakhi is written up. So there was a need of these cautions.
  17. As my betters have told me , never join/hold faith with a human personality just Gurbani as humans are falliable but Guru ji is perfect. If you want simran sangat then just have that in mind however if you see hear antigurbani goings on in the gurdwara then yes for sure sangat should act together to get answers . Power is with sangat .
  18. When I saw my sons were approaching the age of physical maturity I considered it my duty to ensure that they did not fall for the users and abusers of the kalyugi world , just as I will do for my daughter . All of them will be cautioned against the different soch of other cultures as compared to gurmat . If I tell them vaguely about stuff then they will get stuck when girls will approach them or other guys try to influence them to act in an antigurmat manner and are more likely to believe their peers rather than their folks . Guru Gobind Singh ji is speaking plainly about the true crassness of human behaviour in absence of gurmat , the main story is about a dirty old man King who marries someone his son's age because of lust, greed and ahankar, the infidelity of the woman's mind because she is forced to marry such an old man and her murderous intent because of her anger at her ego being hurt by a virtuous son's refusal. All players barring the son and the minister are corrupted... The minister is wise because he can see the truth of the situation and is trying to change the mind of the King through cautionary tales . Dasam Granth banian were complete BEFORE Khalsa Sajna diwas so do not be in doubt about authenicity , also Guru Tej Bahadur ji had given advice to a pre-ten year old Gobind Rai on kaam also , this kind of victorian prudishness is not part of sikhi , we see the reality and learn to live in our world following our path..
  19. Who got picked up by the WMP because of the whole Jaggi issue recently, because there was an issue highlighted by jaggi's lawyer that the GOI wanted to link them to funding terrorism and Jaggi
  20. What is going on ? Seems thread is just an excuse to do chuglian ... As for barficulture piece , if family were concerned about their member they could have asked questions prior to booking etc , just like normal people do if they want their guests to join in and enjoy the day . Yes there are some places which have to play catch up to accessibility requirements but it takes time and effort of whole sangat .
  21. When my Dad would go for raul duty he would do the necessary and then bathe and put his chola in a bag to change in gurdwara sahib to make sure it stayed clean , never experienced an emergency in all the years he did duty . Please ask paati Singhs where the ishnan parbandh is just in case if you are having issues .
  22. Which book is this because it could be any author's work , besides you have not provided the supposedly translated gurbani text
  23. I reckon the speed between cause and effect increases as our load is lightened , so those who have done bhagti immensely burn off the old stuff and are left with the more recent things until we zero out and get into positive position
  24. Bro I would say something, then shout if ignored then physically restrained them, then think about fighting not get a gun and start shooting atraight off without doing the other stuff. Your links are not working properly for some reason.
  25. If he goes he can get arrested like those police officers whowent for jollys after doing torture . They would be caught out by another country's laws.
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