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  1. hmm OK from english observations and actually identifiable sikh bibian they wear jooda at dasam dwaar as taught by Guru ji (hukamnama says not wear plaits or open hair, to keep hair covered). Whereas the dancing girls and the ones in the cart wearing their hair similarly like traditional hindu women (compare against southern indian hair fashions with guth and flower adornments)
  2. try doing wider research the so-called benefits of the carnivore /paleo diets are temporary states and it is not sustainable for the planet's current population you would need 16 planet earths to support that number of animals . Free roaming ? in India that would be what , cattle only , because usually goats and sheep belong to nomadic people even in cities situations . Heme iron is poisonous as it elevates the iron levels too much and increases risks of heart attack and strokes . From plants the body takes what it needs only
  3. that's what they said about Russia and Trump , sometimes they don't care its that blatant when they manipulate stuff . https://es-ireland.com/2017/05/18/5g-radiation-dangers-11-reasons-to-be-concerned/ https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/we-have-no-reason-to-believe-5g-is-safe/
  4. There is still jot in Gurdwara Ber Sahib and I think in most gurdwarey I've been , My Nani used to do jot as well in House Gurdwara never seen people saying this is hindu mat . Even Nani ji would keep jaal da kumbh next to akhand path , later I read that this is old school mat.
  5. yep we are back in the 1970s again, oh joy , not.
  6. the race relations act in UK protects the jews and sikhs as races ... and the definiton I gave is the one in the new US census . Sikhs are one race as Guru ji defined us , one varna , one race - human chill dude.
  7. chickens look the same in american factory farms too but a lot fatter due to antibiotic abuse , Factory farms are just superbug factories
  8. those who have cured it or found highly effective cures for specific types have been hounded , raided , had their offices /practices shut down, even been put in prison under false charges , if not murdered or chased out of the country . 'when healing becomes a crime' excellent reading also can watch documentaries about Dr Burzynski and his experiences on YT. Isn't strange that the top AIDS scientists and doctors who were heading to a conference to discuss latest successful treatments which were succeeding were on the airplane that 'went down' over the Indian/pacific ocean
  9. according to the law a race can be defined as a group of people who either have a shared religion/scripture/culture/script/language or live in a specific geographical or originated from said region , sikhs qualify as a race under both(either or both) regardless of skin colour or ethnicity , so please do not be hateful towards each other , converts share our sikh culture and faith , the punjabi also share our geography and language (hopefully if they still speak it)
  10. delhi sikhs are idiots they are now asking sirsa to demand Chandni Chowk to shaheedi Chowk , I said to them the only reason people remember Chandi Chowk is through the Mahan Shahadat of gursikhs and Guru Sahib , they are too dense to realise that removing the name is also removing the marker of the history .
  11. at that time ALL gurdwaraey used jot for lighting , some punjabis are so dense ... It is more important to have nagara than shank anyhow . Brahmins did their utmost to reinstate their prejudical treatment of folks when they became willing MAHANTS under British raj and also brought murtian of devtey (the ones that were brought into harmandir Sahib ended up in durgiana mandir I heard .) That is why Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh did morcha against the people running harmandir sahib preventing 'low caste ' sikhs from getting degh or giving degh for blessing. then you had Saka Nankana sahib and saka Guru ka Bagh . They've been trying since time of Guru Nanak Dev ji to subvert our panth.
  12. didn't the brahmins enslave the mulnivasis too and use their labour to build their temples too? this is the way of the world . The architecture was not particular to the turks but actually adopted by them from the nation of Persia so what you see in Punjab's reaction is just an appreciation of the artwork and skill of the kaligars but shared history of trade . Shah Jahan married Mumtaz's sister , Mumtaz died in childbirth 14th I think she was his second wife anyhow.
  13. hiv aids was a zoonotic virus from green monkeys' kidneys used to incubate vaccine antibodies for the polio vaccines this is an issue which was known by Dr Salk but he helped covered over the fact of contaminated batches, the ame process carried on , so there was a whole generation exposed to this danger .
  14. initially a couple are essentially strangers so no it is not wrong to ask permission , you wouldn't want your sister to be treated as if her consent is not required would you, else where's the difference between us and the abrahamics and others? If Guru Teg Bahadur ji told his child to cultivate love for his wife do you think constituted not getting to know her as a person first? building trust and care is prior to anything else. Wives and husbands deserve respect and care, they are not belongings
  15. a shaheed singh would respect niam of Akal Purakh and NOT invade another's Nijj Ghar , I doubt seriously that things are what they seem.
  16. didn't this guy marry a girl from radha soami parivaar? they all are cut of the same cloth , ahankaari dramabaaz
  17. they let out the virus to infect people , then announce they have discovered the magic bullet but it comes at a price which panicked people will force the hand of governments to shell out . The people most likely to die are those who are low in antioxidants in their bodies similar to Measles being a vitamin A depleting disease , so the aged, children on junk food diets , poor people i.e. thinning out the herd . Then the vaccine technology ha been perfected to cause autoimmune attack on the gonads (testes and ovaries) which leads to abortion of current pregnancies and permanent sterilization of the fertile generations
  18. it is the model that worked for the Yogi bhajans and Bikrams of the past decades , start building a following under the radar, build own real estate base, mint it whilst ensnaring more on past fake 'humble' performances , then once secure start doing what you want to do , whether sexual abuse of groupies , fraud operations whilst pulling in daswand from local and foreign sangat . These fake people are monetising on the pure sikhi of Sant Isher Singh ji and other mahapurakh and I would hate to be in their boots when they have to answer for it in front of Dharamraj p.s. isn't it what Ranjit did himself , building his own dera and sewadar band for langar , kirtan everything, so essntially a closed shop . Those who are above board gursikhs never meet with single folks especially bibian , only refer to Guru ji's mat for solutions and suggest doing your own ardas after doing sewa with own hands or simran of gurbani, rather than demanding paise/donation for ardas .
  19. they have given the world proof positive that they do not believe in Guru Sahiban's bachan therefore they ARE NOT SIKH in word, thought or action. As Bhai Raghbir Singh Bir explains this is the nishana of a sikh:
  20. bro, sikhs come from all kinds of backgrounds these days and all hues, nations you will not ever hear a sikh criticise you wanting to learn or become closer to Guru ji/Akal Purakh/ Waheguru/ G-D . You would be a true sehajdhari , slow adopter as you are coming from a different background . When I had amrit as a kid a young sikh couple sikh man and his white wife came to be baptised also and everyone was accepting of them The way sikhs are taught to feel about the world is that we are all one family , brothers and sisters under Waheguru ji's care . Yes there will be the occasional buffoons who think they know better but I'm sure you can ignore their comments , take the journey slow , watch Basics of Sikhi YT channel especially the series on Japji Sahib as that is the core precis of the sikh path , the steps to know and experience Waheguru . Good luck and enjoy
  21. wuhan is a manmade virus as is african swine flu , both of which already have patented vaccines ... You are more likely to die of cancer from the water and tainted food crops, a bullet from a baraati, road accident first before a so called zoonotic virus in Punjab.
  22. Or the son could a be a real ish and the parents are trying to keep a lid on his kartoots so others do not suffer , sounds like he's the eldest given the tone of the situation . He sounds entitled and spoilt , the father needs to interject when this kid shouts at his Missus , that is his life partner getting ragged on . Yes kids are a challenge but you still have to set boundaries even now , he has a very small mental age and is acting like a sulky teenager . First refuse to talk about his coupledom until he proves himself as a responsible adult by earning and making a proper future for himself . Perhaps seeing exactly how hard life is to set up and maintain it may cool his heels and the stress of having to look after someone other than himself may make him think twice if he is ready .
  23. and the musley are laughing all the way to the bank whilst we facepalm at the sikhi devoid zone Punjab has become ....fitte muh vase apne loki kehnde koi galat ja chori di kam karde ne oh raat di haneri istmaal karda ne . (Amritvela different aa) Interesting how baraat was turned into an excuse for party prior to the Anand Karaj opposite to most people. Waheguru bless this couple with gurmat instead of the current fathoord
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