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  1. floods in hilly area gurdwara was safe but mosque wasn't
  2. the only cases where this was appropriate was muslim bibiaan being banned from masjid and they asked if they could come to gurdwara (on the way to masjid) then the granthi offered if you want to pray the way you know you can do that in this other part of the building . The other was the masjid was literally underwater. Muslims know that they are offending us if they do their namaz in hazoori , that's why when they came to Amritsar to thank sikhs for helping the Kashmiri kids get home they prayed on road outside not inside parikarma
  3. parchaar of Dasmesh Pita ji's bani, solid rememberance of shaheeds (maybe even bring out shaheedi calendar as Sant ji and other gursikhs have pointed out is if we commerated our shaheeds we would remember everyday365 days a year, and not in the abstract way but in detail by giving saka of shaheed and bio profile) close the distance between our grasp of our own history under the four regimes and understanding current affairs of sikhs . Issuing of rehitname regarding our asthaans and how we are meant to respect others but only have faith in sikhi and its way. Maharaj di darbar , his will is foll
  4. well you have seperate rehit for losing kesh than you do for others if lose contact with others you can do ardas after reinstating and carry on but if you lose your kesh by whatever external cause or own will you become a patit and nonsikh until you go before the panj for pesh and tankah kesh therefore is a higher status than the others.
  5. think about it ,all the others are added in service of the sikh's rehit , Akal Purakh sends us with Kesh as part of our Bodies we just have to refrain from going against hukham . kirpaan- to defend self and others kacchera - to maintain decency and chastity kanga- to do sewa of kesh kara - self defence and reminder of duty to Guru ji keshki can be considered the fifth kakkar as it maintains head covering and keeps kanga and kesh clean , signposts your faith, nimrata
  6. being RC is dead easy sin all week , wash and rinse on Sunday and nobody worked out this wasn't a hustle ???
  7. If I believe the words of a western experimenter of faiths (he tried being a member of each faith for a month) it is the instant respect and reverence the dastar gives to a person . He said in his blog that he went from invisible joe bloggs to a smiled at , admired and accepted sardar . It is this respect blessed on us by Guru ji they cannot let go , they neither deserve it nor earn it by their daily actions . I really want sikhs to demand that the police, the army, the navy to ban dastars on any officer who even cuts a single hair on their body , that will put paid to the malignment o
  8. I would make sure that its the correct link as many times before people have run scammy pages on gofund me when people were concerned about others in need .
  9. the boy's name was Ashmeet singh not rishmeet ....what's up with that
  10. I would say as Sant Singh Maskeen has explained , the stubbornness of mankind to get ready to hear the message and act on it needed time and time destroys all impermanent things including the human body , the bodies changed but the same jot and message was taken through the centuries and into the future with Aad Jugad Satguru Granth Sahib ji
  11. they use saas gras and use hebrew names for Akal Purakh like Elohim , interestingly they have concept of akhri pahar of night where the seeker is supposed to be in active battle against evil by being awake and praying
  12. what you consider Gospel truth is Not the complete unedited truth that Jesus taught his followers , it leaves naam out why?? the Orthodox church believes in naam , but Catholic and its offshoots call it an sin to jap naam .
  13. and judging from comments made by his neighbours and friends he was a good son as he worked and helped his Mum, it is so sad he was called back so quick
  14. main concern of our gursikhs is the character or nature of the family and the prospectives , in the old system in Punjab people of each pind knew the families and thus could verify truth of claimed nature /sikhi in the prospectives family and themselves so the vichola would approach his/her counterpart in that village to ask . Maybe the anonymous vichola could play similar part as often parents may be straight arrows but their son/daughters dodgy or vice versa . I mean peer group would know better a person's behaviour as illustrated by previous discussions This would be handy for divorced
  15. read Gurusant's book quite a few years ago and he was witness to the Yogi ji offering to give service in killing Sant ji . and also the very telling line that 1984 was a brown sikh problem not a white sikh one according to Yogi ji.
  16. don't know if I can agree totally with the female bashing here , I have known many bibian who were more devout than their men and their attitude and bhagti lead to Guru ji opening up their mens eyes to sikhi and amrit jeevan. The problem is now bibian can choose to remove themselves from destructive unsikh households (frankly what the H did the parents do , by not making sure it was a good household??) because the previous stigma of divorce is considered much less and sufferable than not being able to live their life in a sikh way.
  17. jewish people have matchmakers both in orthodox and liberal circles but of course these days they have loads of 'love' marriages . Most are run ith some sort of kickback either in terms of higher reputation/respect or money.
  18. she doesn't act, she strips down (even in the biopic she did item piece) , she doesn't speak dialogues like a natural human ,she does histronics melodramitcally , Bollywood is a cesspool of kanj4rp4na. She needs education since she not even 10th standard pass in education because she ran away from home , it shows . She doesn't deserve a padma shri unless Modi is rewarding her for services rendered .
  19. true that's what I meant being patit was the biggest taboo , all the photos taken by gorey from mid 1800s to 1920s showed all sikhs with heads covered , men and boys with dastars and bibian with chunnis , shawl, bagh etc first major change of amrit sanskar was the universal wearing of dastar after amrit of abhilakhees at Akal Takht the 'temporary ' relaxation of requirement for bibian was done by Gurmukh Singh 'musafir' hile he was jathedar . My Mum said she remembers bibian from pind when she was little wearing small dastars . (remember this is before AKJ was established)
  20. Bhai Sahib all manjis were authorised to administer charan pahul to new sikhs and later other gursewaks/gurparcharaks including nihang dals administered pahul... I think that the British interference has created the wrong impression , what made amrit sanchar difficult was loss of gurdwara control and hunting down of akalis and antisikh laws by British .
  21. but then ALL sikhs were amritdhari by definition either taking charan pahul or khande di pahul
  22. yes you can have a gurdwara without Guru Granth Sahib ji as existed before where Shastar were placeholder for Guruji/Akal Purakh in Darbar , but back then Gursikhs were super educated in dharam granths and many had Gurbani Kant including whole of Guru Granth Sahib . So Guru Panth were the literal bodies in which Guru ji Resided
  23. sikh said we have no problem with muslims coming to do namaz in gurdwara muslims also said we have no problem to do namaz there (despite the reporter pointing out there are mosques nearby) however when muslims were asked would it be ok for sikhs to come to masjid and do their prayers they said our religion doesn't allow that when it came to eating langar or prashad at the gurdwara ,the muslims actually said that would be haram for them to eat it , given that it is made of nonharam veg and dal and grains they are talking out of their As as there no restriction quran wise. s
  24. Zohrawar Singh Palit was only 11 years old when he attained shaheedi at Chamkaur Sahib , however sikhiwiki is giving misinformation trying to claim Ajit Singh palit was shaheed at same place ...honestly how is this not getting noticed ?
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