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  1. 2 minutes ago, puzzled said:

    Will we have another wave in the UK?   When is this gnna end!    

    I severely doubt it because numbers were dropping before the jabs and since the fatalities have kept dropping despite not everyone getting jabbed , today was lowest cases and deaths since sept 2020

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  2. 3 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

    The double mutation? Apparently Panjab and Delhi mainly have the Kent variant, but soon I suspect the double mutated variant will spread northwards?  

    Plus all the foolery of letting people gather in masses like at the Ganges lately?

    as far as I know it is straight up UK variant in the north but Chinese variant in the south which has mutated because of repeated rallies and hindu festivals in the hundreds of thousands , guess mantras and gau muthra are any kind of protection . It makes sense that south has different variant because so many were employed in china and returned at first lockdown and it is madness but there are still planes going to and from India to USA

    KUMBH mela happened in the past seven days and that has annual attendence in the amount of 1 million easy on top of locals.

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  3. 15 hours ago, imhosingh said:

    Questions to ask...

    1) why is a respiratory coronavirus (c19, spreads the same way as flu or cold which are other coronaviruses) spreading in temperatures above 35c (it's unheard of...in places like Europe coronavirus numbers drop seasonally once you get over 10c). Why is a winter/autumn virus spreading in the middle of summer in India? It is unheard of with this type of virus.

    2) who is being affected? In other countries when they started jabbing, then miraculously the c19 cases/deaths went up. Look at the charts , even in the UK the deaths were doing down until Dec 12th (when the UK govt started rolling out the jab and then miraculously doubled testing from 300k tests a day to 700k a day ..more tests...more false positives ..especially at 45 cycles of the PCR test) go check of ONS dashboard for the testing numbers. India ramped up it's jab rollout in March. The best example of this statistical manipulation  is Mongolia ..look at their death chart...or any country for that matter..look at when they rolled out the jab..and the uptick in deaths in the 2nd wave(given that they focused on the vulnerable first). If someone can be recorded as a c19 death within 28 days of a test..then why not record deaths from the jab within 28 days?

    3) these variants...are they really that different. They are at most 0.3 percent different from the original Wuhan strain..they should really be called 'same-ients'. (Look at Dr Mike yeadon's analysis..he should know about it as he was the president of Pfizer's respiratory unit). If the variants are so 'different'.why aren't they classified as c21?

    4) why are you trusting the politicians and media now to tell you the 'truth'? These are the same manipulators who made out the country stopped for Phil's funeral, everyone clapped for the NHS , that Tony Blair told the truth about Iraq, that kisaans are terrorists ... Why do you believe what you are told?

    there have been reports of men becoming sterile after the jabs or women having ovarian failure , interesting how Israel is giving advise to their young population if female take pfizer and if male take Janssen and USA is saying the exact opposite . There has been over 60 cases of Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscles) in fit healthy men younger than 30 after pfizer jabs (there were cases in young soldiers).  Now vaccine passports mean if you haven't had the jabs that were administered/approved in a certain region you will be barred fSo anyone on AZ will not be able to travel in europe or USA/Canada which is such BS - this is to maximise the damage done to our bodies by multiple vaccines .Nobody has studied crossreactions , surely if you had a jab that should be good enough

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  4. 1 hour ago, puzzled said:

    Does anyone's family believe in baba Balak Nath? Both my families do! I've been to his shrine once, it's high up in the mountains in Himachal Pradesh.

    What do you think of baba Balak Nath? Hes quite a popular deity in Punjab.

    Does any Sikh literature mention him? Or has a sant brahm gyani spoken about him ? 

    since he follows Nath sampardya  Guru Nanak Dev ji already had charcha with Gorakh Nath so it is all irrelevant to us since they had to be corrected by Guru ji .



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  5. 3 hours ago, puzzled said:

    What happened during the partition was horrific, the worst in humans came out. People became animals. 

    Men were raping dead bodies. If torturing the women alive wasnt enough, they had to violate the dead bodies. 

    Its mad how communities so closely tied to each other turned into monsters over night, full of hate.

    A few years later Pakistanis did the same to their Muslim Bengali brothers and sisters. 

    Shaitaana da kaum that's the only name for it

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  6. On 4/14/2021 at 9:05 PM, Redoptics said:

    Well if this was any other religion or about blacks, everyone would be in a uproar 




    this is not a new thing , kirtan on amazon was restricted as it was listed as explicit . I reported the problem and was told to report every single incident on catalogue . I search every single incidence of kirtan on their catalogue where this mislabelling occurred and got every record corrected . Need to do the same with these GOI compliant Aholes

  7. On 4/6/2021 at 6:09 PM, jassa said:

    Keep it where a Christian would keep it.

    most treat their bibles like ordinary books , but true believers would have a clean place seperate from other books

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  8. On 8/5/2020 at 10:05 PM, jassa said:

    Guru Hargobind sahib's suche moti kundals (white pearl ear rings) are still kept at toshe khana of harimander sahib along with 100s of Gurus personal items. Kundals of Guru Har Rai are still with Ram Rai's descendants.

    Ram Rai was sent away by Guru ji in his youth never seen again , I doubt that he packed Guru ji's jewllery  be careful of such claims as we have been told to stay away from dhirmaliays, Ram raiyas along with nakli nirankaris and naamdharis



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  9. 23 hours ago, shastarSingh said:

    Nihang chakarwarti fauj can use bit of alcohol to get some relaxation, sleep and rest but Nihang Dharam Singh is promoting alcohol for every sikh.

    Anyone knows his background and what he is up to?


    I heard he was told to do pesh at Akal Takht because of his galat parchaar - Compare against gurbani what it says about sharab , and  history says what was our  downfall  adopting the ayash habits of other communities .

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  10. 5 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:

    I use to adore these types of theories when I was younger. But if you stop to analyse the implications behind them and tally them up with Sikh philosophy not only per Gurbani but ancillary writings, they do a lot of damage for thinking Sikhs. You can impress and shut-up an unthinking pendu with pretty much anything, but try that with someone even a little more considerate and you're opening up Pandora's Box.

    well if you read sikh philosophy it is said that santlok have options to choose to be reborn to do sewa or stay in darbar , this is in line with the indivisibility of Har and Harjan .

  11. 1 hour ago, intrigued said:

    If I could play devil's advocate for a moment:

    • Why only males in the panj piare, if it was predestined? Could it not have been women as well if it was not Sikhs that already had extreme love of Guru Sahib Ji (enough to give their lives)
    • Did the bhagats know what was going to happen since they all had gian? Does that mean that there was no other Sikh who in 1 life, had enough pyar of Guru Sahib Ji (enough to give their lives)


    For me, the reason that "the panj piare always have to be males, because the first 5 piare were" was not really sufficient. Here's another explanation that I really like:

    When one takes amrit, it is a spiritual rebirth. Guru Gobind Singh Ji becomes your spiritual father and Mata Sahib Kaur becomes the spiritual mother. Since females give the physical birth, males give the spiritual birth.


    Bhul Chuk Maaf 🙏

    What I have heard is to embody the Guru in that special time and place , the panj must be rehityaan gursikhs of the calibre that they have never had to do pesh , or slipped in their nitnem and amritvela ever as the asthaan has to be sucha for the job (hirdaae) . Men because it represents Akal Roop as the only male  principle amongst us. Until a sant of high avasta and khalsa panth decides otherwise it will stay so.

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  12. Sheikh Farid sakargunj was the author of the Bani we read in Guru ji , the tradition in his group was the leader next to take the kursi of the Wali was renamed Farid ji too . So yes Farid ji met Guru ji but not the original although one knows 'sabh Gobind hai Sabh Gobind hai' and 'Har Harjan dohay ikk hai , bib bichar kach nahin...'

    I have heard that original panj piare were bhagats reborn to take amrit specifically and do sewa of panth.

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