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  1. the numbers don't make sense if you do a tally of number claimed airlifted against remainder counted at gurdwara Sahib my guess is there is around 650 people
  2. and only 20 sikhs on board .... shows where their loyalties lie 20/129 on a 747 which can easily transport more
  3. could be , judging by the bakwas happening in their backyards on their watch
  4. been to methian di Gurdwara so many times it was literally bringing sikh ithihaasic pictures to life .... Dad's village is near Macchibugara so literally next to areas of ghalugara
  5. and here was me thinking it was his pokeball holders , remember gotta catch'em all
  6. maybe its be cause I came from Malwa on nanake side and I understand that this is a different outlook than Doabia , my nanake are more sikhi minded even if some are monay but my dadake are more like doabia in outlook . I've spent more time with my nanke and pardnanake so maybe it colours my outlook in terms of there being many good jatts of sikhi values . My dadke is very small becaus e Dadaji was an orphan before partition and only had an older sister , he was someone who came from nothing and by sheer will made something of his life and served his community as a teacher, kirtaniya as well as
  7. I come from such people and have seen the saintly and the animalistic within families so could never say one way or the other as a general rule , you have to judge by case to case.
  8. we have sakhian from the time of Guru Sahiban where Jatts of the Brar /Sidhu clan fought for Him but then demanded golak for that , not all but a majority that branch of the clan was accursed by their karams and became the source of panth dushts and dokhis , the others who served Guru ji with Nishkam mann were blessed by their karams and became the ancestors of Sant ji and his like. Jatts have always had a reputation for being volatile (can read that to be emotionally driven, idealistic OR chanchal mat/fickle , aggressive, egotistic) it's just two sides of same coin.
  9. We are talking about films spanning nearly eighty years and the blokes chatting well this has been going on since I was a child and They were in the elder category then so atleast a history spanning to prepartition. If women dudn't have each others backs society would fail to continue, stop with fantasy that only men have cohesiveness
  10. I'm one of those foreign born and raised but thankfully the sikh stoicism was driven into my heart by folks and our history else I doubt I would have lasted as long as I have in the face of open hostility .
  11. prlease .... men gossip and B mor e than women about each other , just go any village chowk , gardens etc , you have never seen punjabi movies(and real life) where not just one male but his whole line maintain a vairi for some long forgotten slight over multiple genrations. I've seen the so called friends from enemies its a myth.
  12. errr honestly if you know the Sakhi of the brahmins and Hill rajas refusing Amrit because of having to share bata with non brahmins and Guru ji's words on the matter , you would know that Guru ji would never broker a special status for former anythings because - KUL NASH, VARAAN NASH, DHARAM NASH
  13. Chaupa Singh's origins was surprise surprise brahmin ...and he was often corrected by Guru ji for his bias , my guess is he took advantadge of his position of hazoori sikh to 'add' later his own thoughts about brahmins sikhs to the rehitnama.
  14. because the hyper sensitive infantilisation of humans has been going on for some decades now , the current generation is full of learned helplessness and excuses - simple tasks are majr mountains and many are taught that their feeling are super important and need to be heard ALL THE TIME . That's why the level of entitlement is approaching the zenith in society. No one wants to put in the effort/work to deserve the results they'd rather rip off others who have done the work like parents/siblings cos they are owed since they are 'Family' except when it's their turn to support then they disapp
  15. you only live this iteration once but pay for it many times ...stay safe out there
  16. it's a human thing because women do it too
  17. why assume they will be able to cope better in crowded overpriced London , move them to northern areas /cities
  18. it also eliminates a nation of people bigger than the Jewish people to nothing , we are the ones being hated on because of our look, our culture, our way of life not talibanis and al quaida those guys are in far away lands else cleanshaven sleepers who do all the haram things .
  19. correction USA compelled pakistan govt to release pakistani talibanis as part of the prep for negioations in Afghanistan
  20. you may be surprised but in UK the regular people can tell the difference now , just need to propagate our image , rescreen previously made shows etc . Of course Aholes will not care but that would be true anywhere
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