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  1. it is not just the opinion of one academic but many plus many environmentalits in Africa, India and anywhere else these schemes have been rolled out sorry you haven't got the ability to follow the money and understand the greed and meglomania of such individuals as Gates, Ambani, Adani, Rothschilds , Rockefellers, Schwab, Soros etc etc it's a few people who want ALL the SAY , OVER land, water food and raw resources The rothschilds played both sides of the world wars to make mucha mucha dinheiro morals have nothing to do with it , its just business to them
  2. seems you misread the quote slightly she is reiterating that to equate us to terrorist wont be tolerated , [terrorism being the government's speciality action] she also distances us from the comrades and liberal agendas as sikhi is different in aim (deg teg fateh)
  3. I've seen her say that they call us khalistani terrorists but we are not ...need to be careful as the IT cells are good at instigating pangey between our people by pretending to be one of us .
  4. yes I am in my fifties but I have thinking like this in my thirties but the grip of these corrupt people was stronger in my then times .
  5. it's criminal how the crusties are sidelining the youth who actually will have to deal with the outcome of their actions , The most shameful thing was the total abdication of responsibility for the welfare of farmers who got kidnapped and women that got kidnapped by police and tortured in stations and jails. I think the phrase 'ussi youth da teke nahin leha , ohna di rehaie da .'
  6. I am taking it because my sister has a thyroid condition on top of diabetes which puts her in high risk of hospitalisation if she gets covid , similarly my mother is a severely suffering rheumtoid arthritis person who has type 2 diabetes , I also have clients who are worried about it . So in the tradition of old masters of homeopathy I decided to take the plunge myself before telling anyone to take something i went with OAZ one as it is the one being more commonly offered to our peeps and is the one I think gives clear feedback whether your body is reacting and learning from . I would not trus
  7. given the number of countries suddenly turning up their noses at a vaccine developed using old tech as opposed to the two mRNA ones , PCR test confirmed throughout all stages , developed in a non-Gates controlled outlet and source being suddenly rejected after orders placed makes me more confident of the Oxford -Astrazenca vaccine , I have decided to take this vaccine before allowing anyone in my home or circle , I do get occasional joint pain , this flared up to the max in the first 24 hours after the first dose including backpain and headache so my educated guess is people with inflammato
  8. bro Guru Nanak Dev ji gave first nitnem of japji Sahib and mul mantra stop arguing please
  9. well so far China has built an outpost inside LOC and the silk road motorway project is moving forward when this completes then it will be easy for China to attack deep into India, pakistan, iran, turkey and into Europe . Modi will goad then surrender territory to China and then call for boycott of china goods whilst giving multi-million contracts to China's CCP party . Osho was right India is a nation of cowards and two faced people. This is the reward for attacking Harmandir Sahib, killing sant lok and making Gursikhs miserable - destruction by Akal Purakh.
  10. addiction is the symptom of extreme loneliness and disconnect... self-hatred rears its head and the person annihilates themselves through the weapon of choice , they are starved of connection, understanding and love . Your cousins really had the dregs as mothers I would have kicked out the Mums and kept the daughters because at least they had a chance of becoming worthwhile humans.
  11. well of course we did not need to waste money on this study as this common knowledge that's why hospital bedding, clothing is always collected in biohazard marked bags and run through boil/high temperature washes . the staff that do have to launder their uniforms are given clear instructions on what should be done . Even the ordinary folks were instructed on how to launder washable masks to kill off the viruses /bacteria . In the old days before dousing everything with anti-bac sprays people used to just use hot water and soap , bleach for the extremely dirty/risky things it is a simple probl
  12. probaly the same for deaths from pneumonia too ...people are hospitalised with flu/pneumonia but they breathe in viral particulates and the PCR test are cycled highand therefore falsely attributed deaths to Covid 19. Monkeying around with numbers to scare the oppressed masses
  13. I would suggest that listening or reading Dr Vandana Shiva's work on environmental issues in India and food /water security is a must for sikhs as it cuts straight to the heart of what is detroying Punjab's fertility and health not to mention future . https://climateandcapitalism.com/2011/06/08/vandana-shiva-the-great-land-grab-indias-war-on-farmers/ https://williambowles.info/2021/02/05/bill-gates-and-neo-feudalism-a-closer-look-at-farmer-bill/ important point for Indians 'Gates funds Diversity Seek (DivSeek), a global project he launched in 2015 to map the genomes and genome sequ
  14. the luddites were protecting their individual familiy's existence and bread against the cheaper imported cotton of India and the mechanised looms . They knew that it was the loot of farmers just like themselves from elsewhere that propped up the millowners business and the millowners also were demanding their children to work the dangerous machinery . It is always the poor that get exploited to feed the rich's greed
  15. maybe it is just rubbing them up the wrong way because her being an outsider IS being a better sikh than they themselves i.e. it holds up the mirror to their faults . Don't take it the wrong way stay on your intended path and Waheguru ji will help you , don't let naysayers rob your family of peace of mind . I myself have been along your path so know it can get tough ignoring the backbiting but you have to to suceed, they gave us months and we just had our silver wedding anniversary , four kids all brought up in sikhi , it's doable just be a strong and communicative couple . Stay in chardikala
  16. a decent talk and I agree we need to stop listening to those who wish us to think small
  17. well what does it take to be a khalsa ? rehit, study of all granths and faiths but full faith in our own, learn as many languages and cultures as possible , be educated and aware of the world, ecologically conscious and protective of the voiceless environment, learn herbal and ayurvedic medicine , shastar vidhiya, learn to play an instrument to accompany kirtan (learn raag) , learn rajniti of others and be strategic thinkers and that is a basic skill set . If we had huge groups of such people , how could we not suceed? if people are worried about a country on principles of halemi raj rat
  18. Guru ji has sent his children out across the face of this planet and being his children we have spread his good image and effects on local communities , if we can get our good people to join the panth and encourage the bad to rethink and recommit or go , net result will always be positive . Look at the current farmer's protest although it is affecting all faiths it is only Guru ji's chardikala spirit and teachings that have gotten it off the ground and into the world's eyes . We will have Khalsa Raaj but IF AND ONLY IF we become Khalsa proper and keep Guru ji's standards not our own (we are la
  19. funny since they got trashed in the elections in all seats contested... guess keyboard warrior campaignig is better than catching chittar garama garam from irate aunties ...
  20. reading studies vaccinated kids are more likely to die before adulthood the more they take , so I would guess those damaged people are about to enter the workforce but they are so damaged their brains cannot cope with normal frustrations and challenges.i.e. they are disable to maintain a career/job interesting vid asking similar questions as us
  21. plenty of healthy young folks have died as well, from the jab and the disease
  22. that is bizarre if you got the disease the vaccine will not do anything it's too late (kind of like tetanus jab) you ran a big risk as some people have died by overwhelming their immune system as you are introducing two seperate diseases at the same time , I would have fired your doctor . Natural immunity will be stronger and more long lasting than vaccine immunity. Now you have to take second dose on time to get dubious effect.
  23. you mean mainly muslim africa/asia and conservative chinese/thai/vietnamese/indian???/Srilanka
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