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  1. RagaTracks .... you can tune your voice to scales MeetKalakar... have loads of beginner vocal exercises to strengthen voice female leader of lesson more classical desi raag
  2. Oh Waheguru ...you made me laugh ...I don't know of any specifically but if you start with those I'll try and find some more things that will help will building up your voice
  3. you can learn via youtube ...try Satnam singh khalsa channel Manmohan SIngh channel they show shabad on the keyboard then demonstrate it ... hope this helps
  4. jeh ko kale kale tharapde han tussi ohna nu samaja nah sakde ke agey ki karna chahida ? sikh de farz bhul gahe tussi? Jeh eh avdi galati man sakde te advice lehna chounde ke Sikhi di ladd phir kime laggia tuvadi ki harj? what has a white racist icon got to do with this ?
  5. NANGS is the term you are looking for nakhali nihangs are Nangs e.g. Nidhar Singh whose wonderful works include stating that we sikhs are part of sanathan dharam i.e. Hindu dharam
  6. Veer ji, I took my twin sons when they were eleven months for my bros wedding in March , weather was cool/ ok so that was not such a problem ... you will need to take all the milk powder , sterlising solution tablets and other feeding stuff from here as there it's unlikely you will find the same brands easily . Plus you will need filtered water for your wife and baby and then boil it. I would store the cooled boiled water in sterile bottles in fridge (an ounce or two less than normal feed) then top up with freshly boiled to make up formula . The main problems will be going and coming if there
  7. Beta, hormones kabbu'ch karla... you aren't meant to be kissing or doing anything with anyone... just learn about you and do your studies, spend time with your friends but you don't have to be in a rush to get involved with anyone else... you don't know you yet. These other girls why do you want to kiss them because you think they are different from the sikh girls ? you are using the same twisted arguments that muslim boys do for going after apni bhaina , betiaan 'because we respect our muslim sisters too much' . You need to cool down and refocus ...you are Guru ji's son ..do you think he w
  8. These guys are even lower than prostitutes ...jitte paise milde othe matha tekkde han ... and they encourage our gullible kids that it's OK ...to do this and drink, and ogle women and trim gurroop ....ehejey nu mu kala karke kothe utthe sher di chakr kudinah chahida
  9. try some of these UK online stores: www.turbansdirect.com www.sikhistore.com failing that www.sardarpagrihouse.com based in Amritsar have every colour and weight available
  10. why on earth would a three year old need a tutor ...maa ABC nahin pardah sakdi? ..naliak maa pio That kuttha principal/teacher i would put in stocks and let the people loose on him see how he likes feeling helpless, he was so tough he had to get someone to hold the boy for him ...that guy I would do the same too
  11. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh, My view is simple , ALL our kids need to be brought up with LOVE and made to feel being a sikh is as natural as breathing ... the only way that is going to happen is you show understanding and PREM to the youths who are going to be the next generation of Sikh parents , especially the girls I think Parents need to know their duties to their kids in terms of passing on Sikhi if they are ill-equipped for the job through life circumstances they should be made aware of programs, video courses available online . Heck, They can sit with the kids and learn
  12. Are you doing this for the image ? I mean I love looking in the mirror and seeing my dastaar but at the same time I know that Guru Gobind SIngh ji blessed me with it as I was willing to follow his commands. I do not eat meat or drink or bring questions against Guru ji's roop by any faults in my dress or behaviour as I am amritdhari. You need to stop trimming your hair and doing your eyebrows for at least 4 weeks as a start towards being sabat 'whole' in your roop. Then start distancing yourself from eating meat and increasing your banis see how that makes you feel ...if you feel better/ capab
  13. Or maybe a whole load of different styles of dastaar so it widen the appeal ... links to good turban tying vids might be helpful to those experimenting (youths and women).
  14. Sarbat Khalsa first item of business to reinstate dal khalsa at Akal Takht and Have Jathedar of Dal as Jathedar of Akal Takht as it was in the Tat Khalsa days
  15. Jime main dooji Bhaine ji nal kite see main tavuno vi u gal kehni ha , Love di chakr'ch pehkeh avdi man di sukh shanti ko behte , Ardas te paat karo ...jeh gal nahin bunee ta phir Waheguru nu na kouseen ...koe gal unhonee nahin hundi sare Waheguru di Hukham anusar chalda . Sanjog nahin te phir sanjog nahin....
  16. Bhaine ji , Waheguru sabh dekhde te teri bhallaie lai sabh karda , ardas te paat karo per je teri gal nahin bunee ta samajo sanjog nahin se ... appe itna kar sakde ha baki Waheguru di haath'ch.
  17. Tussi bahut bhaagaavali ho ...ik Gursikh Maa to kine gursikh nikl de ne ? Eh kurdi tere ghar te parivar vich Waheguru di mehr di nishani ha , kade na ehno galati nal bhoj samajna Waheguru ji ne tanoo bahut hi important sewa ditte hai ik hor Gursikh Maa banouna jo agle pirdi Gursikhan di kadi kar saken. Isno Gurmat di itihass, matta, bani te sewa vich lessons deho , Waheguru di ladd nal la deo.... bus itna karen nal tera vi jeevan safal hoga.
  18. Mate a Muslimah cannot marry outside islam it is forbidden in sharia law , she has an instant fatwa on her just as if she had turned apostate. A friend of the family had to convert to marry his wife (Christian to Muslim) and her family were not strict so I think most families would have a similar expectations.
  19. Nah gadaffi kehnda see ..these western guys are funding jihadists via saudis so they create problems in Africa (majorly untapped resources) and middle east so they can'save ' the people and take the wealth as payment for asissting those countries and rebuilding them ....muah ha ha ha
  20. tahee churdiaan pahe ke bahege jadoo thiaan di laaj bachouna see ....
  21. the English have a lovely phrase for this " If you lie with dogs , expect to wake with fleas" mine is " if you lick boots expect a good solid kick to the head"
  22. hasso nah, ehejey vidvan Rashatarpati 'ch shamil aj kal
  23. Beasts have their asool too, eh ta ohna ton ve gey gozare... Jo kehnde ussi djinn te Shaitan ton bhaj nassde ha ... kion kudh jaalam banke kade ho gaye?
  24. My favourite Asa di vaar recording by Bhai Balbir Singh ji Ragi The tanti saaz deepen the shabad so much Another Panth da rattan kitaniya is Bhai Avtar Singh ji (Delhi wale) I listen to his multi disc collection , GURBANI KIRTAN PARAMPARA in the car , my daughter loves volume 3 especially since I used to play a lot around the time my Father was doing his antim simran abihaas (48 hours non-stop)...the first track was so perfect it was like listening to my father Hum Aadmi hai ik Dammi can listen on www.gurmatveechar.com in their audio collection
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