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  1. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh, To make the sword strong it has to get tempered many times , eh ta Waheguru di mehr aa ke tusi sare TPV vich shamil ho ke, youth di aas vadha dita, ke Sikhi te Gurmat phir Gurudwarey'ch sabh toun ucchi kayal rehega. Haters gonna hate but the times they are a-changing .
  2. I have only tried once a little bit of a risk as I couldn't inspect goods (stretchy type of dastaar material) but since it was for inner dastaar of dumulla was not too bad of a risk. Plus colour replication on screen is hard if you want to sell different shades . Usually you have to think about a couple of things weight of cloth for strength vs. heat trapped in there Summer weight vs winter weight for different styles . I would love to be able to get turban material in narrower width to make it more suitable for smaller/kids heads. Adult widths end up looking way to big then you cut them do
  3. Guru Gobind SIngh ji told us a lot of things : jo sikh apni beti da dhan khaye so thankiya jo sikh dhaaj mange oh mere sikh nahin Sikh apne istri da muh nahin fitkare (abuse her ... let alone hit her) jo kurimaar hone us parivar nal ko sikh rishta nahin dega (historical proof 'pendus' stuck to Guru jis bachan and stopped marriages to two pinds in Punjab (mum told me about it) which had that problem) purane rasam anusar ... you are supposed to accept the girl as is in the char kaparde she is standing in , no symbols of female slavery no earring, nath ... no mehndi .. no vanga . we do not
  4. simple, apni mai bhaine aunty bebe nu kehde iss channel nu boycott karen te apna time Waheguru de simaran 'ch pass karo
  5. Veer ji have you considered becoming closer to Waheguru ji , both of you seem need to get some advice from Gian da sagar, GUru Granth Sahib ji and transform your married life maybe watch the 'basics of sikhi' anand karaj vids together to really understand what marriage is about.
  6. NIrbhau NIrvair--- Khalsa roop think about it Guru Ang Sang samaj ke would you be that aggressive ?...Han ji je rehit di gal ha tan phir piare nal samajo 3 vaari je hale sidde nahin hoe ta, pher chuperd tyar ha not the other way round
  7. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa , Waheguru ji ki Fateh Bhaine ji, Pehli gal do ARDAS , ardas for strength, sabar, bibek, budhi, nimrata all the time sade paley kuch vi nahin hai, sare Waheguru da dita hoa hai. Mool mantra di jap bahut hi strong hai har roz jini vari kar sakhde ho kar layvo , nitnem di abhiaas nahin chadni pa-me kine dukh aaye . Te Sukhmani Sahib di paat karan toun pehli zaroor Guru ji toun madad mangna ke bani di ucharan shudh te shpast hon. Waheguru ji kirpa karen .
  8. wow that's what you took from that ? These idiots are letting a seven year old drive on public roads endangering other innocent people ...jeh tractor car chaloun nal banda BABA ban janda ta phir mere sare pind'ch BABEY de nal bhareya , mere patejey sare chotey umar'ch pio da tractor chalouda se te khetan kam kareda se ...eh koi navin chij nahin a, eh koi pujneek chij nahin .
  9. We will probably never find out so my proposition is this ...if they are going hard to tarnish Khalsa's name , we go harder in showing not just India but the world what Khalsa is doing for the good every last one of us must pick up on this project ... do good to others , show what is Sikhi in action, make people love us for our humanity, if you do this those who spread false propaganda will be ignored as the audience will know from their own experiences we are not like that.
  10. Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh, As I understand the dissection subjects are killed therefore are just the deh for you to deal with ...so I don't see a problem, but if you hirda is telling you not to do it then listen to that feeling . Not everyone wants to be a doctor or biologist. What I would have major problems with is the type of living dissection that happens in Psychology degrees , my sis-in-law did operations on her living rat's brains , this is after she had spent months with that animal feeding and looking after it . Sorry but that level of detachment/cold-heartness say
  11. Excuse me ? The land that the Israeli was 'assigned' was inhabited by many thousands of families who had ties to that land they were simply swept aside much like Our Sikh and Hindu brothers in Punjab . Some career politician draws some lines and destroys and robs innocent people and you feel you should admire the further theft of land by the American and British sponsored usurpers? Being a small minority doesn't mean you become bullies and tyrants because of your self-perceived 'chosen people' status. I would like to know did you congratulate the Indian Govt for stealing Punjabi territory
  12. Ok I understand a bit better you want a stronger community who are visible and recognised for the right reasons. You would like Sikhi from within to be strong. Are there any Gurudwaras doing parchaar or outreach programs to local communities?
  13. No The plane was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpar... flying over Ukraine was a bad decision anyway.
  14. be-rahamia ton raham ? They don't want to learn ...the only medicine is to shame them in the world's eyes then they will show something good.
  15. the milap of punjab culture and khalsa culture: KHALSA-----------------------------------------------Gurmukhi --------------------------------------------------PUNJABIAT bus ...JAGAT Guru gave birth to JAGAT Khalsa
  16. This is the kartoot of British yet again, post second world war they had to house Jewish refugees from all over Europe so they put this 'Jewish homeland ' on the map forget about the people already living on the land for thousands of years. I am surprised at how oppressive the israelis have become after suffering under the oppressive regimes of Europe you would think they would try to get along more and not insist on segregating Muslims into ghettos ...is that what they took away from the Nazis?
  17. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh, Veer ji , you had a lot on your mind ... well what I get from what you said is you are Navy guy, you are Punjabi and Sikh I'm guessing that Navy is not allowing for kesh and dastaar? You feel the Sikhs in your neighbourhood are not representing the image of a Singh but silent apologising for existing type people who cannot speak well for themselves. Since 9/11 you are all under scrutiny,attack and pressure as a community because of misidentity. What do you need exactly ? Yes Guru ji and his sikhs always said Sikhi kamouna auki aa but if we put our
  18. To be fair it was a bit of a set up she had the family who made it clear that they were here purely to take the education and peaceful life here in the UK and take it's fruit back to Somalia but not mix with anyone in a true sense while here. Why Mr Mohammed had a objection to giving out food to the needy was really puzzling as Muslim believe in Zakat helping the needy...the excuses given were lame on his part if he knew it was a sharing of each others cultural background he would have realised Kiran was going to show her life too, including perhaps her home and place of worship. The other mu
  19. Bhaine ji if you did believe then you would trust that Guru knows best for your eternal happiness ...your rehit and your bana keep you to the Godward track and helps you not do as Peter did and deny he was a Christian when Christ died and what the Sikhs did when Guru Teg Bahadur ji gave his shaheedi they too denied their religious identity. A Turban is not just a piece of cloth it is the representation of the love of Guru ji, he held us in such high esteem he placed a crown upon our heads. He trusted us to be his children and bring his house honour just as his biological sons did , to not f
  20. Mate kiton da sardaar Mooli di khet di ? avdi Guru da Bakshia taj sitt ke kud nu Nigurey bhekari saabat kita . I can only guess what kind of girl came with that ... sorry for your loss-es
  21. Everything happens according to the timeless one's will he has created millions upon millions of stars, planets , lifeforms,. perhaps the dinosaurs and plants were needed to create the fossil fuels, and black gold that we plough in the fields ...is it necessary to waste valuable breaths on speculation just live in this breath .
  22. Ik chuperd marke bus karna chahida see but they went on and on ...they should have seen the kids was terrified and remorseful and changed tune by explaining with piare that gulti phir nahin karna . I did happen to see it before the original poster started the thread it made my stomach turn as it was in the same flavour as some shiv sena types beating up two muslim guys for transport cattle in their truck. Khalsa are supposed to be like Guru ji not tyrants ...what's going on?
  23. there are a lot of resources out there Vids which give some base in the faith and its belief : basics of sikhi and sikh2inspire are two good starting channels on youtube as they have a lot of stuff explained in english for sikh current affairs/recent history rajoanaTV on youtube too
  24. Sikhi = ACTION/ Karna Sikh = those who stopped existing as humans busy 'being'...they have transformed into humans busy 'doing'
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