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  1. There is too many of them Punjab spectrum does a good job of exposing the ones on fb
  2. I don't watch any of that crap anyways. About the movie being banned not surprised one bit, truth is always suppressed in India. Movies like Punjab 1984 there was fuss anywhere about banning it. Shows you what type of movie that actually was but our people were jumping up and down like monkeys supporting it.
  3. Hahahaha If that wasn't even remotely true you wouldn't have seen every sikh screaming free rajoana two years ago like they did
  4. Can't wait to see how many clowns say happy Independence Day on the 15th
  5. Wls get a one way ticket and head over to Israel Vada aya
  6. Just go on any FB sikh page which has posted Sant Dhandrianwales reply to sikhs who tie rakhris and many so called sikhs are throwing so much vitriol his way.
  7. Check out this guy HumbleArts on facebook, his work is awesome
  8. Wow! I'm so shocked they dropped this case! (Hope you guys got the sarcasm)
  9. Brother, how many signatures did we get for the 1984 yes its genocide campaign. Where did it all lead to? I already signed this petetion but just being honest. We are to small of a community for anyone to care and thats why we get it from all sides. Another thing is we are not united, once we all become united then something can happen. All you have to do is just hop on to the Sikhs for justice fb page and see how many "sikhs" oppose this petetion.
  10. Basics of Sikhi just did a really nice video on this issue
  11. Petitions aren't going to do anything, let's be serious here. India and the US are trade partners whatever bad blood they had towards modi was gone the minute he was elected PM
  12. Of course, any form of excersize should be applauded
  13. You are right bro but sometimes you got to take the trash out especially when it is really filthy
  14. Genuine questions LOL Not only an i d i o t but a comedian also.
  15. Do you ever quit trolling you pathetic excuse for a human?
  16. Drummer and pletto are the same <banned word filter activated>. At least try not to be blatantly obvious.
  17. Lol what? Would have made sense if I asked the guy for a fight or said that I would beat his <banned word filter activated>. Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit.
  18. Please mods leave it open. It's important to counter these hindutva agents.
  19. Lol. Yeah cause Sant Ji was present in the other 44 gurudware that were simultaneously attacked. Sant Ji was a mutant where he cloned himself. Why were plans to attack made back in 1982 before anyone even moved into the Akal Takht? Why was the Sikh reference library burned to the ground? Avoidable, laughable. Even after the death of hundreds of thousands of Sikhs at the hands of the govt you talk about avoidable. Truly you are a funny guy.
  20. I love ardas, nothing better then a good ten minute stretch after sitting for an hour plus uncomfortable on the floor
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