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  1. No, men are just as bad at choosing partners as women. We are just so big-headed that we never realize that we are wrong. Women will choose a partner that they think will be with them for a long time, to raise children. Why? Because after sex, women will be in a life-threatening scenario for 9 months. You might consider that as being easily manipulated. Men are the ones who have no problem sleeping around. We are just as easily manipulated by women so that we can get sex. So in the end, both genders are equally able to be manipulated.
  2. http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/77344-why-did-god-allow-animal-sacrifice-for-christianity-and-islam-but-not-sikhism/ that one
  3. Women are not as intelligent as men? You lost me there.
  4. Why would you want to kill an innocent, helpless plant to satisfy your tastebuds? You don't need to be a sikh to have compassion? Plants are actually not much simpler than animals. A lot simpler than humans, yes, but not animals. Plants "want" to live just as much as animals.
  5. If the mods will lock this post, then why is the thread about Abrahamic religions and sacrifice allowed? That's about meat as well?
  6. No, I am just a regular Sikh wondering about things. I will take a look at that book, but I've been reading a lot in these forums lately, and most people talk about meat as if it is strictly prohibited, which it is not.
  7. First of all, in 1980 a final ruling was made by the Akal Takht that Sikhs are allowed to eat Jhatka meat. Also, it is written in the Rehat Maryada.
  8. In the Sikh Rehat Maryada, we are allowed to eat meat. Also, it's important to note that in Christianity, animal sacrifice is necessary, not just allowed.
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