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  1. I'm sure all the educated people on this forum are aware that water in some parts of Punjab has become poisonous or carcinogenic. Illiterate people are still drinking and dying. Recently there was a statement issued from AKal that warning pekoe to not eat langar from everywhere And anywhere because it might not be prepared well. I bet any of the contributors (LOL singhs!) and those who think its wrong to go in Punjab and drink water from th0se places even if it's served in langar. Ordinary people don't have a Choice but she has......
  2. There is no need for money or the golak. Instead sangat can do sewa voluntarily. I have seen that gurdwaras can be perfectly managed without golaks as well. All the fight whether it's gurdwara elections or court cases or fights inside the gurdwaras are because GOLAK....ONLY GOLAK.
  3. to all the contributors: please note its a crime to discuss ISIS like this on the forums and providing links to their videos. Directly or indirectly you are propagating their agenda. they are criminals with a strategy. warning: if you continue discussing this you will find someone knocking at your door soon. Enough of this discussion. people who are obsessed with ISIS need to think about some other issues. Admin needs to act on this forum. why is this going on and on? hope sensible people will understand otherwise we don't have shortage of .........
  4. There was huge gathering at rakhar puniya (baba bakalA) and there is a sakhi related to this and guru Nanak ji. Does anyone know why they celebrate rakhar puniyA?
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