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  1. Every peoples in the world have affinity to the place of their origins. For example look at Jews and Israel. We, the punjabi peoples, come from Punjab--our holy land. Our ancestral homeland. The core of our culture and traditions. There are around 120 million Punjabi peoples in the world, majority residing in Punjab and diaspora spread across the world, specially in Canada, United States, and British. Out of 120 million Punjabi peoples, there are around 80 million Punjabi peoples who are Muslims. Around 30 million of Punjabis are Sikhs..and rest are other categories. As sad it is, I must ag
  2. lol, These "JDL" scums will be crushed and demolished by Muslim youths in France etc, if it comes down to it. Exodus of Jews from France is already hitting record numbers.. JDL scum are similar scum to EDL which are similar scum to Muslim gangs. All are problem.
  3. Conquering doesn't mean what you think it means. You can defeat Afghans in a battle...but it is very hard to maintain control over them. They'll keep on fighting and fighting... See Soviet-Afghan war or even U.S in Afghanistan.. I won't invade Afghanistan without any valid reason...It can become a headache
  4. How does Islam came into this? Lord's Resistence Army has murdered thousands in Africa in name of Christianity. I don't see anyone blaming Christianity...
  5. Criminals. Ironically, Sikh criminals have harmed Sikh community trillion times more than Muslim grooming gangs. Moreover, those "Muslim" grooming gangs are just like any other criminal gangs..they groom their own kuriyan too. Criminals don't do crimes by keeping their religion in mind. They only have one thing in mind: Crime Nobody is talking about Inter-marriage. But this useless hate against Muslims is bad. A lot more apniyan marry with Christian boys compared with Muslim boys. But all I see is hate towards Muslims. May be because it is convenient to bash Muslims these days... Ther
  6. Whats with all the hate against Muslims? Muslims and Sikhs are like the closest people out there...specially in the United States, Muslim Punjabs and Sikhs are literally like one community. So everyone needs to calm down. Don't let internet stories, media, and stereotypes blind you.
  7. You are an old member here. You'll know which members use it. So can you tag them etc? I want to know the background of this word...
  8. Sat Sri Akal, So I was just wondering...what is this word actually mean? I have seen my friends using this word "sullay" to refer to Muslims. By "why" use this word for Muslims? Does this have to do with the fact that Muslims are circumcized? Any explanation will be very helpful. I am just curious.
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