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  1. Of course we read it... but do we apply a 1400's thinking or attitude to certain lines in order to fully assimilate the meaning of MAhraj's words?
  2. So you're saying we do need to read gurbani using contextual knowledge? I had no idea Kings had to be qualified by their level of their dharam. So is the answer yes?
  3. You're not addressing the point though. Should Gurbani be read in context. Should we read certain lines like this one through the eyes of somebody in the 1400's?
  4. WJKK WJKF I was reading some gurbani quotes on feminism etc and one quote stuck out: jit jameh raajaan Guru Nanak empowered women by saying "from her kings are born" and previously within this Bhangti Maharaj empowers women through the experience of men, noting that when a man's wife dies he seeks another woman so he is bound to woman. During the times of Guru Nanak these words were revolutionary... but now is it not fair to say that empowering woman through powerful men is somewhat outdated? And therefore should we read GGSJ in the context of when it was written. Bhul Chuk Maaf karo
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