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  1. ADMIN


    Dear Guest guest, You got the definition of Sehajdhari wrong. From various sources: Sehajdhari Sikhs (literally "slow adopter") is a person who has chosen the path of Sikhism, but has not yet become an Amritdhari. A sehajdhari believes in all the tenets of Sikhism and the teachings of the Sikh Gurus but may or may not adorn the five symbols of the Sikh faith.This is not to be confused with the term Mona Sikhs. “A person cannot claim to be a Sehajdhari Sikh by trimming/cutting his/her hair, beard or eyebrows in any manner.” – SGPC Expert Panel Report Sikh Rahit Maryada makes no mention of the term Sehajdhari Sikh. Section 4. (Chapter X). (Article XVI)(i) of the Sikh Rahit Maryada, which is applicable to all Sikhs (including Sahajdharis) makes it mandatory to keep the Kesh of his children intact. Living in consonance with Guru’s Tenets……..A Sikh should, in no way, harbour any antipathy to the hair of the head with which his child is born. He should add the suffix “Singh” to the name of his son. A Sikh should keep the hair of his sons and daughters intact.(p.24) For More detailed answer: Read here. Note: Due to sensitivity nature of this topic, we will not open this thread for public discussion.
  2. Dear Guest Lazy, Khalsa traditions as per our Sikh history is to keep our body as clean as possible. Guru Sahib jee gave Kanga as our kakkar to keep our kesh neat and tidy. As per Khalsa lifestyle traidition is to wake up early Amritvela which is 3 hrs prior to Sunrise. Take bath that includes both body and hair/kesh before doing the Nitnem and Naam Abhyaas. If you are not following the Sikh Khalsa Rehat then you can start washing your hairs more often and comb at least twice a day. As from our old thread 11 years ago - It is compulsory to wash the hair every day when you have your Ishnaan in the morning. Most people use just water on a daily basis, and use shampoo every 4+ days. Some people oil their Kesh every day.
  3. Understand your frustration and how it seems to be uncontrollable for you. Going on moderation back and forth etc.. Maybe time to focus more on posting/replying on positive side rather than spending whole time fighting with others (same goes to other side folks). We wish you chardikala future ahead Akalifauj ji.
  4. Very sad indeed. He was a very person.
  5. After getting 7 reports, we decided to deactivate PureStudent profile.
  6. Glad to see members response. We can go with the route of us maintaining the forum in technicality and financially and having the younger generation to run it. But how do we find such youth member(s) who can run the forum and keep it aligned with panthic standpoint? Any suggestions
  7. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh We think that it is now the time where SikhSangat should be passed down to the young generation who are capable of running it well. We are in thinking stage of passing it down by next year. The founders (2 of us) are now in late 30's and are busy with jobs, family and other social work. We are not like of our old generation type folks who wants to keep control of things forever. We are also willing to handover it to the capable Organization. Of course there will be some conditions such; takeover person/org must have proven good panthic record and 100% partial (ex. not exclusively belonging to one jathabandi etc..), not a missionary of course. Just an idea... What are the views of forum members? No step to be taken without sangat's opinion. Stay in Chardikala S1ngh
  8. ADMIN


    Please keep this thread on topic. Discuss other issues by opening up a new topic post etc etc..
  9. ADMIN


    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheeguru ji ki fateh Social media can be a real distraction and addiction toward its usage does hurt us in a very bad way. Wishing you a chardikala future ahead. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheeguru ji ki fateh
  10. Please respect all regardless of personal opinions on certain things. Please do not put down others but instead lift our community up.
  11. ADMIN


    Please create account. Such posts do not need the user to be anonymous ji. This way - no waiting
  12. That will be great. Let us know what kind of banner or a gurmat based universal message we can replace it with.
  13. Thank you for the wonderful discussion on the forum banner . With outpouring positive support of our sangat on this new banner, we will keep this banner till next Sikh New Year ... jk... I have requested the banner to be replaced asap..
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