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  1. Program will start soon in 15 mins. If any members wants to ask any question please post it here and we will ask it from our speakers: giani sher Singh ambala, dr. Jodh Singh, dr. Harbhajan Singh, s. gurinder Mann, S. GS Lamba
  2. Gurpreet14, making a new ID doesn't usually help, so quit playing games. Atleast try to act your age.
  3. Sewadar


    You are free to post now and we hope that we didn't make mistake in doing this, so keep yourself in right path !
  4. Akal Takht Sahib made standpoint clear not once but few times regarding this issue. Sikh does not hate anyone neither they discriminate against anyone and we all know that. This website stands with Akal Takht Sahib on gurmat and other religious issues.
  5. There has been extensive discussion on this topic in the past. Please run a few searches and you'll have all your answers.
  6. Since there is nothing concrete being discussed here, and it is meant only to poke fun at what other communities believe in, this topic is thus closed. True, Gurbani is against all such superstitions and we as Sikhs should shy away from it. On the same note, mocking beliefs of others on Sikhsangat.com is not permitted. Topic closed.
  7. Congrats to the radio team who planned and launched this community based media program. We are glad to provide them resources and they did a good job on this new startup. If any of our community member got a plan but lack resources should contact us and we will try out best to provide help. Even though none of our admins or moderators are running it but we fully support them in this media initiative. We wish them good luck !
  8. It is working fine on my computer. Can you try different browser. We will change the default color on our next update.
  9. Gurufateh veerjee, it is working fine on my computer. Can you try another browser or perhaps try another computer or mobile phone to see if it is working.
  10. Nahi jee, non-members can't see attachments or posted pictures. They also can't do forum search nor they can see members signatures. Is there anyway we can help.
  11. Gurfateh jeo, All pending accounts have been approved. Sorry for the delay. Welcome to SS !!
  12. It should be working now. We did manage you fix our mail settings. Let us double check this.
  13. Yes, you can upload picture here by using iPhone. Also try our forum gallery: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/gallery/
  14. Now that we have your attention , please read below... After this message has been posted, any post that contains only the URL or link to a website without the actual article pasted will be taken off without any warning. Anyone found to be doing this repeatedly will themselves be responsible for whatever action is taken against them. Hence, we sincerely request members to please paste entire articles with the URL at the beginning or end and not just paste the link and hit Post. Thanks ADMIN
  15. Gurfateh, It is not that we are against your opinions expressed in your topics, replies/posts etc. In fact we encourage and even support most of your opinions and thoughts. The only problem is with the way you express your thoughts or opinion. Granted that other person may not be in full sikhi but it gives no right for others (us) to judge others or say "You are not a Sikh" without even knowing what path other person is going thru. The level of prejudice is too high in us. If you disagree with others or want to express your thoughts or opinions or even when to state facts from books then please "Do it with Nimarta". As most of us all know that we barely moderate our forums with hard hand and likes to give liberty to our members but in the end, it is impossible to please all. Disagree as much as you want but do it with nimarta.
  16. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh Small Benti jee: Video related posts ==> TV CHANNELS | MEDIA WATCH News related posts ==> POLITICS | NEWS | CULTURE Sri Dasam Granth related posts ==> DASAM GRANTH SAHIB | SCRIPTURES Event related posts ==> GLOBAL EVENTS Advance level Sikhi related topics ==> INTELLECTUAL DISCUSSIONS etc. etc. etc. Example: Naamdhari/kukkay related topics is well fit under "politics" sub-forum. *==> Goes to
  17. Death threats are not allowed regardless of who they are.
  18. Is there any difference between above calendar and calendar that is on SGPC.net?
  19. There is a lot of personal insults being thrown around here, packed with challenges to meet face-to-face as well. We will not hesitate to report such matters to law enforcement agencies in your respective countries if you threaten to physically harm any of our members. At the same time, both sides need to avoid humiliating each other every other chance they get and cause such an immature street-fight sort of atmosphere on the forum. Topic locked.
  20. Yes Gurpreet, we deleted that thread because some members were being rude & insensitive to others. The reason we closed that thread was to clear/edit previous replies where some members were mentioning names and again that was being very insensitive. We cleared all replies and decided to give it another chance but then again at the end we got over dozen replies of same crap. We should have never reopened that thread but again we tried to keep our forums open for all sort of viewpoints but we do have to put some limits on extremely negative quality of topics, replies etc.
  21. We had to unwillingly remove posts that carried personal attacks. Members are requested to please post without throwing insults at each other.
  22. Hanji, all visitors and now members will be able to see ads on our forums and probably more in coming weeks. We are trying to raise funds via adverts as we have many projects planned for this year. Projects include iPhone apps, radio station and so on. We need about 7 grand to upgrade this forum into big community website.
  23. Register your account and then post as above topics does not meet the conditions of GUPT forum.
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