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  1. If you listen to Giani jee katha you well get new gyaan from it every time you listen to it, I say that from personal experience. He traveled the world and whilst doing that he changed many lives. He used to stay in Gurdawara sahibs where ever he went except for London where he had family but otherwise he would stay at local Guru ghar as far as I know. I think hes left a khajana and now its up to each person wether they wish to use it or not. Guru Kirpaa.
  2. Nothing new, we have been doing this at my local Gurdwara in London for years. We have 5 odd singhs from Sangat present till gone midnight and after that you have at least 1 singh on duty in darbar and couple maybe outside.
  3. rsingh

    Dry Skin

    Double Base is great cream alternatives include Oilatum which can be bought via NHS or over Counter. Are you from UK? I have some desi med if you want to try it worked a treat on me and we have been giving it our to others with very bad skin conditions. Contact me if needed.
  4. Please Donate: http://www.justgiving.com/SOPWStudy Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa || Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh || Vidhiaa Veechaaree Thaa(n) Paroupakaaree|| Contemplate and reflect upon knowledge, and you will become a benefactor to others. Prisoners Children’s Education Appeal http://www.prisonerwelfare.com/news/sopw-childrens-education/ Over the next two months many schools, colleges and universities will be admitting millions of students across India into their grounds. This is usually a time where families are setting feverishly buying books, uniforms and setting expectations if achievements; however, for many prisoners children, this is a time where they look on at their fellow students with sadness as they simply cannot afford the “luxury” of an education or have to scrimp by with hand-me-downs from others in their families/neighbours. Like most families, the breadwinner of a family is usually the father. In a family where the father is held in prison, many families simply cannot afford the expense of having to send their children to school – good schooling in India is generally not free and when one considers the cost of admissions fees, travelling, food, tuition, books and uniform costs, these all add up to a considerable expense. Instead, students – sometimes out of a sense of “duty” – will forego an education so that what little money the family does have is instead spent on food and basic amenities for the household. SOPW has identified some students who can be considered to be “high fliers” destined for admissions to the top institutes and careers in India but have had to sometimes curtail their studies to a lower standard college or in a few cases simple stop their education and focus on working at a much lower skill / professional level. For a prisoner, their primary concerns are: 1) How and when they will be freed from prison and reunited with their families and, 2) The welfare of their family(main concern around their children) A large percentage of fundraising goes towards securing the welfare of prisoners, fees for their legal representation and working with the prison authorities to provide facilities for all prisoners (e.g. gym equipment at MSJ Nabha). SOPW is keen to alleviate the stress and burden off the prisoners shoulders as it can often be another form of ‘psychological torture’ to be held behind bars hundreds of miles away from your loved ones. However, SOPW finds that after it has taken the above steps it has very little left in terms of funds to pursue the noble cause of educating the next generation. For this we ask for your financial support. SOPW has now taken some initial steps in planning this project. For children up to high school age, we have agreed to take on the following: admissions and any term fees, travelling costs, books / materials costs, tuition fees as well as the costs of purchasing school uniforms. If there are children studying at a tertiary and higher levels i.e. colleges and university, we are keen to pay for student admission / term and exam fees, computers / laptops (depending on their needs i.e. design and engineering students may need higher power computing), as well as for some girls we have come across a need that has a rather distressing background: Talking to some prisoners across India, it has come to the attention of SOPW that some girls (daughters / sisters) have been, due to the long distance they need to travel for education or simply because their fathers’/brothers’ have been imprisoned, assaulted and targeted deliberately. For the prisoners’ who endure this they have often repeated the phrase: “I can bear the torture and distance away from my family but I cannot tolerate for a moment my daughter’s/sister’s honour being compromised”. In such rare cases, we are looking to purchase scooters to provide some protection and flexibility in travel. We have set an initial target of £10,000* to accomplish this project and will update the Sangat (congregation / supporters) on a regular basis as this project progresses. We wish to thank everybody for kindly supporting the work SOPW continues, under YOUR blessings and generosity, to carry out. If you wish to donate to any of the projects or volunteer your time, please visit / email: www.justgiving.com/SOPWStudy and info@prisonerwelfare.com Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa || Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh || SOPW UK * Anything above the £10,000 fund will go into general SOPW fund to help fight for the freedom of prisoners and their continued welfare.
  5. Ban Indian Human Rights Abusers from London 2012 http://www.sikh24.co...2/#.T-gNoitYv6k I havent seen any post here - it would be good if we get everyone sending letters to MP's, see letter below I found in article on: http://www.sikh24.com/2012/06/ban-indian-human-rights-abusers-from-london-2012/#.T-gNoitYv6k Send letter via ww.writetothem.com Dear [MP], With news that the Head of the Syrian Olympic Committee has been refused a visa to travel to London for the 2012 Olympic Games, as he is a member of a regime which is being implicated in carrying out human rights abuses. On the same grounds, the UK is being urged to also deny entry to the Son of the King of Bahrain in addition a leading Russian dissident has called for Britain to prevent senior members of the Russian government suspected of human rights abuses from attending the Olympics. It is for these reasons we see justification to also bring to your attention Indian human rights violators, who have been complicit in the human rights abuses of citizens of India. Mr. Kanwar Pal Singh Gill (KPS Gill) Former Director General of Police of the Indian State of Punjab and former President of the Indian Hockey Federation Mr. KPS Gill was head of the Punjab Police force from 1988 – 1995. Human Rights watch reported that ''Instead of responding within the law, the Punjab police were given free rein to contain the militancy. Thousands of alleged militants, human rights activists, and ordinary Sikhs in Punjab were summarily executed by security forces, based on the merest suspicion or, perhaps, not even that. Most were young men, "disappeared," never to be seen again. Their bodies were then cremated to destroy the evidence.'' During this time a Human rights activist Mr Jaswant Singh Khalra was abducted and was never to be seen again. After a long legal battle, 6 policeman were given life sentences, the key witness in the case testified that Mr.KPS Gill interrogated Khalra several days prior to Khalra's murder. His testimony also indicated that Mr.KPS Gill ordered subordinates to kill Khalra. The attorney of the Khalra family in November 2011 stated that '' Now the High Court must investigate KPS Gill's role in the execution of Jaswant Singh Khalra- three courts have accepted Kuldip Singh's (key witness) testimony as credible''. It is noteworthy that in 1996 Olympics of Atlanta USA, the United States civil aviation industry refused to carry Mr. KPS Gill from New York to his final destination Atlanta Georgia. Jagdish Tytler - former MP of the Indian Government and current President of Judo Federation of India He was the Indian Union Minister of State for Overseas Indian Affairs, a position he resigned from after an Indian official commission of inquiry noted the 'balance of probability' indicated he was responsible for inciting and leading murderous mobs against the Sikh community in Delhi during the 1984 Sikh Pogroms. Tytler in 2009 was refused entry to the UK when he was due to be part of an Indian Delegation to launch the Commonwealth Games baton relay in London. This refusal was again due to Tytlers involvement in the 1984 massacre of Sikhs in Delhi when he was serving as a junior minister. Mr. Sajjan Kumar another former MP of the Indian Government is facing prosecution by India's Central Bureau of Investigation for his role in the 1984 killing of Sikhs in Delhi, he is from the same political party that Jagdish Tylter has loyalties to. Mr. Sumedh Saini a former Senior Superintendent of Police and now serving as Director General of Police of Punjab is also presently facing prosecution for his role in the extrajudicial killings of innocent people of Punjab during his time under Mr. KPS Gill. We welcome your support in refusing entry to the UK of the above mentioned individuals on the grounds of being human rights violators whose entry would upset the Sikh community of the United Kingdom on this glorious sporting schedule. As the Olympics are an international event their presence would indicate an endorsement of their heinous acts by the British Government across the world for both the Sikh and non-Sikh communities who strive for justice. We would like to end this email with the words of Rob Marris former MP of Wolverhampton South West 2001-2010, he stated in his correspondence (which led to the Tytlers refusal to enter Britain) to the then Foreign Secretary David Milliband regarding Jagdish Tytler’s proposed visit to the UK in 2009, ''Many survivors of those harrowing events are now living in the UK; as are the relatives of many victims. It would be unacceptable for someone who had committed such acts to be admitted to the UK, even to visit,'' Yours sincerely, [NAME]
  6. BREAKING: UN: France Turban Ban Violates Human Rights Paris, France (January 12, 2012)–In 2004, a ban on turbans began to effect Sikh children in France–they couldn’t attend public school wearing a turban. Shortly, the ban was more widespread and eventually overtook all facets of government services for young and old alike. Around this time, Baba Ranjeet Singh was told he would have to remove his Turban if he wished to renew his French identity documents. To Sikhs, who helped liberate France in the World Wars, this was completely unacceptable and insulting. UNITED SIKHS, a UN affiliated organisation, took Baba Ranjeet Singh’s case to French Courts and, after losing, finally turned to the United Nations. This week, the UN Human Rights Committee ruled France had not made an acceptable argument for the banning of Sikh Turbans and, as such, France was in violation of Article 18 of the UN Charter on Human Rights. The French Government has been given until this March to respond to the United Nations ruling and the Sikh community hopes they can work together to resolve the ban on Sikh Turbans. Sikh24 will keep you up to date with exclusive updates. http://www.sikh24.co...s-human-rights/
  7. Both TV channels have said they would put message up.... It's still close, please ask you friends and family to VOTE now and all facebook friends. 21:15 GMT - 1 Day 19 Hours left!
  8. Direct link to vote for UNITED SIKHS http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/113483921-united-sikhs-in-service-of-america Currently UNITED SIKHS is number 2!!
  9. New App has been launched by S.H.A.R.E. Charity called Sikhism FAQ.
  10. Sure you can message me. http://www.sikhanswers.com/modern-youth-issues/sikh-attitude-to-mercy-killing/ What is the Sikh attitude to Euthanasia? April 12th, 2010 No Comments Sikhs would not encourage euthanasia as it is God who gives and takes life. ਜਾ ਆਏ ਤਾ ਤਿਨਹਿ ਪਠਾਏ ਚਾਲੇ ਤਿਨੈ ਬੁਲਾਇ ਲਇਆ || “They come when the Lord sends them; when the Lord calls them back, they go.” (Ang 907) Suffering is part of human life and has a place in God’s scheme. Sikhs pray for the grace, strength and courage to endure and accept pain. One should accept what God gives as an expression of the divine will, however if a person is in a permament vegetative state then to stop giving life-prolonging drugs would be considered as acceptable by most. He comes when the Lord sends him; when the Lord calls him back, he goes.
  11. Photo of Bhai Sahib he has three medels: One was for fighting in the Burma campaign, one of the others was for 2nd world war campaign in Europe.
  12. Very sad news, Bhai Sahib was great inspiration.
  13. I understand that this was still passed even though sangat rejected it in the past. Out of protest many of sangaat didn't go?
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