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  1. 2 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

    Who normalises it in movies? I don't think it is generally apnay? Or maybe you know something? 

    Well, it’s not the women who normalise cheating or sleeping with many partners whether it’s in the movies or anywhere else. It’s the men. The poster above took full responsibility when he said, ‘we men’ very arrogantly. Do men have  no shame for normalising such odious behaviour  in societies they live. I was brought-up with decent Victorian values. I don’t come from a household where we were allowed to indulge in such matters, vocally or otherwise, although full freedom was given to us to educate ourselves and travel as much as we wanted before settling down. I can’t understand why people would interpret this kind of behaviour as very western or modern, when it’s neither! Morality has been in decline for a long time now!

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  2. 4 hours ago, harkirat23 said:

    Well, you know, we men are as bad as them. Men don’t only say things to justify it but also work towards it to normalise it by depicting it in movies, dramas, books and  publicising it in highly sensational manner when some famous people commit such kinds of acts behind their spouses or partners! It’s is incredibly disgusting. 

    What do you mean by ‘we men’?Though it’s totally true that you lot are responsible for everything evil we see around us, but to take an arrogant stance such as this is mind boggling! Do you even know how many families suffer due to you men behaving this way? What about the children? What have they done to deserve a broken family? You men really need to wake up and smell the coffee. You still behave like kids!

    Then stop normalising it by depicting it in movies, dramas or  media in general. This is not meant to be a normal behaviour according to sikhism!  Some people are not capable of analysing it properly, they think it’s modern to be cheating or sleeping with multiple partners, especially when they watch it in the movies or elsewhere.

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  3. On 6/4/2020 at 3:44 PM, puzzled said:

    If they have such a strong command/control over their breathing and how they use it to change their body temperature, they must be able to do lots of other things as well then with their body.  

    Absolutely! They possessed many riddis and siddis too. Although they were little bit hesitant at first to display them, but as we got to know them better they were very obliging.  We were told their powers were not that hard to achieve, as long as we were willing to work diligently with our spiritual discipline. But first, we had to surrender our egos and become their disciples, which none of us were willing to do at that point in our lives.  We were too young, too foolish to commit.  We knew they were on a totally different level of awareness to us. Amazing lot. 

  4. On 6/3/2020 at 6:30 PM, puzzled said:

    wth!!  this is crazy!  how do they do that     technically shouldn't a naked human die in that temperature  


    Thank you for posting these videos. This is exactly how they live in below freezing temperatures, without getting sick with hypothermia. They showed us few breathing techniques to keep warm when we stayed with them in Rishikesh in the 90s (2nd time) which worked well. We promised them we’ll revisit them again,  but unfortunately,  it never happened! Once we came back home to HK, we realised how different their world was in comparison to ours’. It was almost like we lived on two different planets! The saadhoos can stay alive up to six months or more without food and water, for they have mastered the techniques to do away with all material comforts. Amazing souls. 

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